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    Kingdom of Liones Plot & Titles



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    Kingdom of Liones Plot & Titles

    Post by Britannia on Mon Apr 14, 2014 11:00 pm

    Kingdom of Liones Plot & Titles

    The great Kingdom of Liones. Great, but in distress. The economical center of Britannia has suffered a lot under the rule of the so-called "100 year King". The age old man, gentle and kind to his citizens, even baring a certain kind of wisdom, was lax with the economy of Liones. He died just about a month ago without having born a son or daughter any more. Nor did he have other relatives. His name came from the fact that he had outlived all of his relatives. Now he left behind a debt-ridden kingdom and an empty spot with no one to fill it.

    Now, the entire country faces a desperate power struggle and internal discord. Who will become the next king? What kind of bloodline will be allowed to rule over the strongest economic kingdom? How will the Holy Knights solve this problem? Whom will the citizens of Liones allow to succeed the king? The future is open, and full of political insecurities and power struggle. The stage is open for the true nature of all Holy Knights to surface. Will there be intrigue? Or will there be unity? Will there arise conflict? Or will the country stay peaceful? Will Liones fall apart or can it be held together by the Holy Knights? The future is wide open for an array of possibilities. The Seven Deadly Sins, the Great Holy Knights, their Cardinals, Diamonds and Platinums, the citizens and the throne. The new era of Liones is beginning.

    Holy Knights of Liones
    Next Generation Holy Knights: Unlimited
    Apprentice Holy Knights: Unlimited

    So you want to be a Holy Knight of Liones? You believe you have what it takes to be one of the Kingdom's strongest combatants? The Kingdom's scholars, magicians, warriors, wisemen, advisors and army?Very well then! If you believe you have what it takes to be one of the Holy Knights of Liones, you must apply in this thread and request one of the Holy Knight Titles. The Titles will affect the Rank you receive in the end.

    • The Great Holy Knight will receive a Master Rank Tier.
    • The Cardinal Holy Knights will receive Expert to Master Ranked Tiers.
    • The Diamond Holy Knights will receive Expert Ranked Tiers.
    • The Platinum Holy Knights will receive Experienced Ranked Tiers.
    • The Next Generation Holy Knights will receive Apprentice to Experienced Ranked Tiers.
    • The Apprentice Holy Knights will receive Novice to Apprentice Ranked Tiers.

    Depending on your choice, you will get a different Rank. The Tier you ultimately get is entirely dependent on your Character Application, in which staff will judge your writing skills and then assign you a Tier on the higher end of the spectrum of your Title's Rank, or the lower end. Good luck and may Liones prevail!

    Seven Deadly Sins of Liones
    EnvyColton AshtrayBearMurder
    GreedSeri IresRamTheft
    SlothHarleen QuinzelGoatFreeloading
    GluttonyRaine GrayWolfMurder
    PrideMari WindsorLionBlasphemy

    The Seven Deadly Sins are a special squad of Holy Knights that stand under DIRECT command of the king. They obey him and he gives them orders. Their rank has the same importance within the Holy Knights as Cardinal Ranked Knights. They are the king's guards and Liones' patrons. The flagship of the Holy Knights of great importance. They still stand under the Great Holy Knight in the chain of command.

    • The Seven Deadly Sins receive Experienced to Master Ranks and Tiers.

    Every one of the Deadly Sins has a mysterious and gruesome past that bares what others would see as a grave crime. At some point in their life, each and every sin was condoned as a vile, filthy criminal of Britannia not worthy to reside in the country. But the past king, who has a relationship with every one of the sins, hand-picked them from prisons, streets and the world beyond civilization to redeem their names and status. Each Sin has an animal associated with them that must be alluded to in the app.

    The Seven Deadly Sins also have a Captain. The strongest of them and the leader of all of the operations. To become the Captain Sin, you must imbue the story into your app. Depending on the quality you might be approved or denied. Good luck ~

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