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    Adventurers' Plot & Titles



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    Adventurers' Plot & Titles

    Post by Britannia on Mon Apr 14, 2014 11:01 pm

    Adventurers' Plot & Titles

    The Adventurers of Britannia are the people that are not bound by citizenship or affiliation with kingdoms. They roam freely throughout the world and go where their hearts carry them. Usually free-spirited and courageous  Adventurers go on to explore and embrace the nature and all the different cultures. To be an Adventurer requires an open mind and effort to tolerate and accept those different than yourself. Additionally, it requires a lot of skill as Adventurers rarely have homes in Kingdoms or cities. And even then, they often have to stay out of home and spend nights in the wilderness.

    The reputation of Adventurers in Britannia has never been better. They are seen as kind mercenaries that go about their way spreading passion and love all around. Adventurers are the people that don't wait until the danger comes to them, but they go out into the world and try to find it. Be it Dragons, Demons, Ents or Titans: Adventurers are also reknown for slaying wild beasts. At times, an Adventurer will even find himself to be known as a Monster Hunter throughout Britannia. For Adventurers counts: The braver your story, the more famous it will be!

    Adventurers of Britannia
    LegendAresWandererSaki Cross
    ExplorerAxel RoverWanderer
    WandererSasakure AlmaWanderer
    Scavengers (Adventurers): Unlimited

    So you wish to become an Adventurer of Britannia? Someone who's name will echo throughout the future and back into the past? Someone who won't be tied down to Kingdoms? Very well then! If you believe you have what it takes, you must apply in this thread if you wish to request a title. The app you present and the Title you requested will affect the Tier and Rank you recieve in the end.

    • The Legend will gain a Master Ranked Tier
    • Explorers will gain an Expert Ranked Tier
    • Wanderers will gain an Experienced Ranked Tier
    • Scavengers will gain Novice to Experienced Ranked Tiers

    Depending on your choice, you will get a different Rank. The Tier you ultimately get is entirely dependent on your Character Application, in which staff will judge your writing skills and content, and then assign you a Tier on the higher end of the spectrum of your Title's Rank, or the lower end. Good luck and may you find Adventure!

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