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    Goats Sin of Sloth: Harley Quin

    Harleen Quinzel

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    Goats Sin of Sloth: Harley Quin

    Post by Harleen Quinzel on Sat Dec 13, 2014 11:29 pm

    General Information

    Race: Fairy

    Birth Name: Aloura Quinzel 
    Identified Name: Harleen Quinzel
    Epithet: Harley Quin
    Sex: Female
    Gender: Female
    Age: Three Hundred Fifty-Five Years old
    Sexuality: Pan-Sexual
    Birthday: January Fifteenth 

    Relationships: Single

    Faction: Kingdom of Liones 
    Title: Goats Sin of Sloth
    Rank: Experienced 
    Alignment: Chaotic Good


    Apparent Age: Mid Teens, 13-15 years old. 
    Height: 1.5 m (4'9")
    Weight: 38.65 kg (85 pounds)
    Eye Color: Emerald Green eyes with odd, rectangular pupils. 
    Hair color/style: Neutral Violet hair, cut short, no longer then her shoulder blades. Not wanting to deal with hair, finding it as something that will only get in her way, she likes to keep it short, and a bit messy. Strands of hair are left to fend for themselves as she almost never brushes it, leaving small violet strands twisted and turned in all sorts of directions unless she has washed recently, and even then, it will get tangled up in an hour or so, not that anyone would be able to tell due to the hat which is always on the crown of her head. 
    ~ Harley's signature hat. She will go almost no where without it, and will always turn back around to grab it if it falls off her head. It is a light purplish-pink  color with a thick, frill trim which goes about a foot from the base. Sown into the top of the hat, facing outwards where merry is facing, is a large, dark redish purple closed eye. The hat has symmetrical ribbons on both side, the same color as the eye. This symbol can also be found on the shoulders of her light purplish-pink jacket, matching her hat perfectly.
    ~ A light piece of purplish pink cloth is wrapped around her wrist, tied there by a reddish purple string. This cloth covered up a large bite mark on her arm from when she was a child. 

    Overall Appearance:
    It would be hard to believe that Miss Quinzel is a fairy of all things, unless she told and manged to prove it to you. Standing at an astounding 1.5 meters tall, much taller then the average fairy, it is easy to see how her appearance could vex some people. Of course, her pointed ears, pale, peach skin, and slim, almost ageless figure is enough for some people to be convinced by. Almost no fat can be found on Harley. Not because she doesn't eat, which she doesn't, but because she is simply always active. Even though it is uncustomary for most fairy, Harley prefers to walk rather then float. Always being active, her wrists, ankles, hips, even her chest size is considerably thin. she has a weak jaw line, along with fairly large, emerald green eyes with strange, rectangular pupils and violet, triangular markings in the corner of each of her eyes. 

    As for attire, Harley tends to keep it casual. Having the appearance of a teenage girl, looking no older then thirteen, she likes to dress as if she truly is. Usually, Harley can be seen wearing a black mid drift shirt, and a white undershirt beneath that stopping just a few centimeters below it. As for bottoms, she wears a light purplish pink skirt, the same color as her hat, with redish purple lines going down the front to match the closed eye insignia on her hat as well, with a black belt to hold them up. 

    Topping off this attire, Harley wears a long, purplish pink, collared overcoat which trails along behind her, splitting at the end of her back and forming two coil like structured to follow her around. On the shoulders of the jackets short sleeves, is the same, reddish purple insignia of closed eyes. She wears long, thick white and black stripped socks which come up to a few centimeters above her knee which send to go over Harleys black shoes. These black shoes have a light pink insignia of the closed eyes on the toe of the shoe.

    Face Claim: [Merry Nightmare] - (Dream Eater Merry)


    ~ Sleep
    ~ Candy
    ~ Large animals
    ~ Short People
    ~ Power
    ~ Respect
    ~ Hallucinogens (Drugs)
    ~ Annoying People/Getting on their nerves
    ~ Pranking people

    ~ Being Woken Up
    ~ Large amounts of activity
    ~ Downers
    ~ Sour/Bitter things
    ~ Insects
    ~ Boring People
    ~ Being Disrespected
    ~ Sex
    ~ Romance
    ~ Giants
    ~ Tall Humans

    ~ The most prevalent motivation in Harley Quins Life, her main reason for getting up in the morning, is to one day find out about her mother. She wants to go to where her mother would be, and not only take revenge on the giant, but see if her mother is alive, or dead. She wants nothing more then to hear that beast of a man scream as she toys with his mind, just like he had been doing with  her mother. Hopefully the beast is not dead, because if he is, then all giants in that area will face the torment she has already planned. 
    ~ Despite the fear that comes with it, Harley wants to get more powerful. She wants to make people bow before her, like she deserves. And although the power within her terrifies her, it excited her as well.
    ~ Even though She will never admit this, Harley longs for the day she can return home. To her real home. She knows that after what she did, knowing that they know what she can do, and after they saw what Quin forced them to see, that they will probably never take her back. She hopes that by working with the army, being a Sin, that she can redeem herself. Being excepted back into the congregation with open arms. 
    ~ Death. The eternal slumber. Although Harley will never put her life in harms way just to die, it calls to her. Longing for her to arrive at its door steps. Suffering from crippling depression, her life has gone down hill. Every time she feels the cold, hard ground of rock bottom, it shatters, forcing her to fall further into to void. She would like nothing less then to lever have to worry about it again. 

    ~ The number one fear which constantly moves through out Harleys mind, is thinking that he mother still lives. She knows that most likely, she does. And she can't stand that thought. If her mother is alive then she is certainly being tortured beyond belief, played with like a little doll in the hands of a cruel giant. 
    ~ Harley is obsessed with the idea that she will lose control. She can't stand it. Every time she trains, or gets more powerful, she fears for the day that it goes to far, the day that she puts innocent lives in jeopardy again, or even worse, start to like, start to crave putting others lives in harms way.
    ~ Due to being put in a coma by an unknown, poisonous entity, she is horribly terrified of almost any insect, reptile, and arachnid. If there is even a chance that it could be poisonous, she will not be able to touch it. She will typically run away, or depending on how big and/or powerful the creature is, be frozen in fear from the thoughts of being put in a coma. 

    Overall Personality: The poor, faded soul none as Harley has been drained. Physically, she is a powerhouse. Her body being pumped with magical energy which would send some insane, but make those like Harley into a state of dreadful bliss. Her mind, however, is a bottle of torment which none should lay foot in. A mind beaten by the past, and corroded by the events which took its course around Harley's life. A course which crippled her almost to the point beyond repair. Almost.

    On the outside, Harley is... strange. She is a chatter box, always letting the first thing to pop into her head strike out from her mouth. Any questions asked will be answered, whether it was posed to Harley or not. She has a strong sense of self defiance in her body, motivating her to ignore the rules and do her own thing, a thing which used to consist of pranking strangers, but now consists of solitude, and napping. If she is not around friends, she is a recluse. Hidding in the corner away from those around her, hoping she is not tempted to lose control, something that has happened quite a lot. Because of this loss of control, a horrid sense of depression from her mothers absence, and in-statement as a Sin of Liones, her entire being has been riddled with depression.

    Despite this depression, her self esteem runs high. Due to her fear of losing control she knows how powerful she is, and how powerful she could be. She knows she is above most in terms of power, and hates being talked down to when people know nothing about the situation. These people, the people who know nothing, annoy her beyond belief. The people who think they know what is best, the people who talk down to Harley, these are the people who Harley is worried about going off on, and hurting. The people who accept that she is above them are the people she loves the most. The people who treat her like a goddess, or even the people who treat her like the foul demon she is. 

    Due to this fear of loosing control, Harley has a very interesting way to approach a fight. A very boring way. Due to being a fairy, she knows where she is at in terms of physical strength. She wouldn't dare go into a fist fight with someone, but she also wouldn't go in magic drawn. Harley tries to avoid fighting at all possible, trying to talk someone out of fighting her, or getting involved with someone else's fight. If she sees a fight starting to form, an unnecessary fight, she will step in and attempt to calm both parties down. It is when the person is persistent to the point where it is evident that they will not leave her alone, that Harley lets loose.  The term "Holding back" Hold no meaning with Harley. She will go full force, taking them out, holding back just enough so that she doesn't kill them, and even that is hard for her to do. 


    History: Aloura was born in a very... secular group of fairies. They believed that fairies were the one thing keeping the earth alive, and that they were the one true resource. Harley now a days would be the first to tell you that they were an extremely stuck up group of fairies. She hated life there. There was such a strong work load put on everyone there, and Aloura hated it. She wasn't the same as other fairies. She was much... lazier. not quite sloth-like however. She loved to play, always fooling around and causing trouble. Her mother tried everything, a reward system to get her to work, a very strict punishment system, and everything in between. Nothing seemed to work for pour little Harleen. Of course, nothing seemed to work until she fell ill one fatal day. 

    Aloura was only 65 years old, for a fairy, that isn't a very long time. She was practically still a toddler, if not till considered an infant. Ignoring her work and studies, she went into the forest to nap. It was then she was attacked. A horrible, venomous creature, found Aloura, taking a bite out of her neck. 

    She was found shortly after by a fellow wanderer, a human none the less. The entire congregation, despite their lack of feelings for Aloura, came together to figure out what was wrong with her. They tried healing her, but it appeared that no magic seemed to work on her. It was not a natural venom, in fact, they discovered it was a curse. Aloura was fading fast, and as the years went by no one could figure out just what had happened to her, or how much time could be had before her untimely death. The stranger who brought her there, the human, came by to visit her. Check up on her. 

    It was a few years later, when the traveler was in his mid twenties and Aloura was now the age of 84, that an elder from a near by village made the journey to see her. The elder was nearing 6000 years old, almost unheard of for a fairy! But she knew it all, and knew just what could help with this affliction bought upon poor Aloura. 

    After being told, there were almost no volunteers other then Alouras mother, and a few other males who lived in the congregation. It would be a horrid journey. All the way to giants territory, where a sacred garden was kept. A rare species of flower lived in that garden. Of course, the garden was heavily guarded, and would be difficult and almost suicide to try and penetrate. The human volunteered to go. He almost wouldn't let Alouras mother come with him, but she was not only persistent, but a powerful mage. 

    The two took off, and went on a journey, a journey that was thought by all to be a failure. 

    Years past, ten to be exact, before the man returned, alone. Alouras state hadn't fluctuated at all, and he came back just in time. The elder had fallen ill, and all signs pointed that she would die any day now. The elder had just enough strength to form the potion, and feed it to Aloura. Dying the very moment the potion was absorbed into her body. Her pupils turned rectangular, and triangular shaped images were formed onto the skin beneath her eyes. A power radiated over her body, a power that came from absorbing not only the power given to her by the plants potion, but absorbing the magical essence left behind by the elder. 

    A month after, she awoke. Now being almost one hundred years old, she was given the news. It came as a shock to her, being told that she had been sleeping in a coma for decades now. Of course, this shock was not nearly as big as the one which forced her to cry, the news that her mother had given up her life in order to save her. And not given it up in the way Aloura hoped. Her mother was now a slave. A play thing for a cruel, corrupt giant who only allowed them entry for the life of Aloura's mother. Horrified, a strong hatred for giants formed. 

    Aloura became a recluse. Locked away in her room, only talking to Hunter, the man who rescued her. She was horrified, crying herself to sleep night after wretched night. It would be easier to let go of her mother if she knew she was dead, it was the fact that her mother was somewhere, being tormented, that caused Aloura to cringe. Thinking about it, however, did not make Aloura angry, it made her sad, depressed. It motivated her to do absolutely nothing.  

    50 years later, when Aloura was 145, Hunter died. She had fallen in love with him. He was the one thing that gave her hope, the one thing that made her smile. The one thing that motivated her to leave her room and work. She cried for days, and knowing she would never see hunter again, nor would she ever see her mother, broke her. 

    For the next one hundred years Aloura would stay there, doing nothing. Leaving her room only to eat, hoping for evidence that her mother was dead, no longer being tormented. Eventually, the congregation had to put their foot down. They could understand her grief, but the fact that this girl, now nearing age of 250, was taking their food, shelter, resources, and not reciprocating any of it. 

    They called her down for a trial, and told her what was going to happen. She would either get to work, or Aloura would have to leave. She was nervous, scared even. Yelling at them about how absurd their accusations were, and quickly falling into a panic. It was then it happened. it took over one hundred and fifty years, but the magical power stored inside her finally manifested. Everyone began to scream as she looked around, confused. They were all seeing something she wasn't. They screamed out words of monsters and villians, but everything looked the same to Aloura. People ran into walls, lost and confused. 

    They were seeing illusions. It took a few seconds but when Aloura finally calmed herself down, the screaming stopped. People looked at her, fear striking her eyes and looking into her very being. A demon they called her. She was sentenced to exile, and Aloura, being terrified of herself, left without a second thought. 

    From that point on wards, Aloura Quinzel was no longer Aloura Quinzel. She was furious as all, and she would be willing to prove just that. She began using her magic on others, strangers none the less. Tricking them into seeing false senses of reality, terrifying them. She gave herself the name Harley Quinzel, she loved the Name Harley, and it sounded nothing like the name of a fairy. Quinzel, however, she kept. It was still the name name as her mother, and the only attachment she had to her. 

    As Harley grew in power, she began to do unlawful things. Thievery mostly. The occasional fight or con. She began to get a bounty, using her illusion magic to make heists and get people off her tail. She was given the name "Harley Quin". Being a practical joker she was treated as if she were a clown, something meant to entertain people. Harley didn't mind, she found it quite flattering actually. That is, until the day she turned herself in. 

    At the age of 300, Harley had lost control while trying to keep the Holy Knights off of her track. Forcing an illusion so strong onto a group of knights, that they all committed suicide that moment, fearing for their life and not wanting to die the gruesome death that they all thought they would. she turned herself in for the murder of a knight. 

    At the age of 354, the king of Liones came to visit her. He had heard of her... gift. Wanting to see it for himself, the kind put her in an arena. Facing off against 100 of the worlds dirtiest, most horrid criminals, all of which were on death row, the kind proposed a suggestion. Who ever killed Harley Quin would be freed from prison with a full pardon. Harley almost didn't fight back. Almost. She took the beating. Cuts covered her body along with bruises, and fractured bones. It was when a criminal charged towards her, blade raised high, that an image of her mother appeared in her head. She had to find her. A strong, malevolent aura formed across her body, and the man shrieked in fear. 

    She had to find out if her mother was alive, and if so, take her back from that cruel man who took her! Taking the dagger, Harley began to murder. Criminal after criminal screamed in pain as Illusions turned to reality, blades running through bodies, real pain caused by the illusions. Body after body struck the ground, all of them dead with holes in their skulls and necks. The blood spilled onto the ground, coiling around Harley as she fell to her knees, horrified by her own actions yet smiling from shock, laughing towards the sky as she king walked down towards her. 

    They had a winner in the arena, and they had a new Sin of Liones. 

    The Goats Sin of Sloth.
    RP Sample: It was not something easy to comprehend. A man kneeled before Harley, his eyes facing parallel to the ground as his face refused to look up. Hordes of people stood around the two figured, vexed by the display that had just fallen down into the middle of Liones. "Walter Lucas Whitman," The young girl spoke, the air around her body feeling tens as she floated in to the sky, now hovering meters into the air. "You have been charged with the murder of Charlotte Elizabeth Witman, Maxwell Harrison, and Elizabeth Lucas Witman." 

    Tears could be seen fall from the mans lifeless eyes as microscopic sobs were placed into the ears of the surrounding people. "You are also charged with avoiding arrest, and attempting to take out a sin of the king." The girl lifted up her hand, a gold dagger being  seen with in. As the girl let go, the dagger floated above her hand. 

    Members of the congregating people below gasped in both fear and anticipation, watching as the girl pointed towards the ground, right beneath the man beneath her. "Do you have any last words." She spoke. The man said nothing. His mouth was filled with words but his doubts, worries, and fears held them in. The dagger raised high in the air as the girl snapped her fingers, watching it charge down, and strike the man.  

    A river of blood flowed from his body as she landed back on the ground, her eyes dead from what she had put the man through. A horrid illusion, the only way she could think of to stop the man from fleeing the scene, an illusion of his dead wife, Charlotte, and their young son and daughter. Before Harley had gotten rid of the illusion the man was already on his knees, crying, unaware of what was going on. 

    Turning around, Harley looked not at the body, but towards the horrified faced of the men and women around her. "I Am sorry you all had to witness that..." She spoke, looking to the side at a women who was frivolous with tears, cuts covering her left arm. The young women who Mister Whitmas had kept as a hostage, the reason why Harley had to kill him. Letting him live would have only endangered the lives of others, and as much as Harley hated killing, the good of the people came first. 

    Source: Lot Winslice

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    Re: Goats Sin of Sloth: Harley Quin

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    Okay, Here goes nothing.

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    Re: Goats Sin of Sloth: Harley Quin

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    Alright, neat character app. Hope you get a bit more into depth and development IC. The writing on the app is still a bit... weak? Not meant to sound that negative, but I can't find a better word xD I look forward to seeing you duke it out with her.

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    Harleen Quinzel

    Name : Harleen Quinzel
    Rank : 3-1
    Title : Goat's Sin of Sloth
    EXP : 17245
    Posts : 29
    Age : 21

    Re: Goats Sin of Sloth: Harley Quin

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    Skill Template : [4600]

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    • [Illusion Resistance] - [Lv 2]
    • [Human Transformation] - [Lv 1]

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