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    Canon Power & Equipment Claim!



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    Canon Power & Equipment Claim!

    Post by Britannia on Sun Jan 04, 2015 5:24 pm

    The people that are familiar with the canon will know what this is about. This is the place where you can find a list of claimable canon powers and equipment. These will all be free for taking, but must of course be adapted to rp standards to make it fair and balanced for the entire board.

    This list will not include basic powers such as Cain's fire manipulation and generation called "Blaze, or Hendricksen's Corrosion. Those are single-effect oriented abilities that just about anyone can copy and replicate to the thousands. There will likely be more than one character with a specific elemental orientation. Heads up, you might not be the only fire fist in town.

    *to claim a power you simply apply it as yours regularly with its name in the right spot for staff to understand, have it be subject to potential change and then get it approved through the regular process, respecting the costs mentioned in the lists below. Your name will appear here once you have something canonical approved*

    Claimable Powers

    Break: A power with incredible destructive potential. It builds an aura around the user that enables him to wield a crushing force with supreme agility.
    Cost: Pulverize - 700 Exp; Charge - 1000 Exp; Pierce; 700 Exp; Starstream Breaker Blade - 1500 Exp
    Claimed By: Mari

    Creation: A power exclusive to the Giants' Clan. It allows absolute manipulation of any earthen materials.
    Cost: Sand Whirl - 400 Exp; Heavy Metal - 700 Exp; Mother Catastrophe - 1500 Exp; Ground Gladius - 1000 Exp; Double Hammer - 700 Exp; Rising Meteor - 400 Exp; Rush Rock - 700 Exp
    Claimed By:

    Discriminate: A power capable of describing other people's abitilies, like reading their strengths and weaknesses in a book.
    Cost: N/A
    Claimed By: Saki Cross

    Full Counter: A power that completely counters any and all magical attacks (of equal or below rank); reflecting them back at the enemy with even greater force. However, it is useless against physical attacks.
    Cost: Counter Vanish - 700 Exp; Revenge Counter - 1500 Exp
    Claimed By: Hare

    Invasion: A power that imprisons an opponent within their own memories. It can also be used to invade the mind and manipulate memory.
    Cost: Search Light - 700 Exp; Rewrite Light - 1500 Exp; Nightmare Teller - 1000 Exp; Broadcast - 400 Exp
    Claimed By: Braxton

    Link: A power that creates a magical link between anyone who allies themselves with the user by use of a conjured orb-like object. The user can call forth the powers and abilities of all those in contact with the orb.
    Cost: Blind Follow - 1500 Exp
    Claimed By:

    Location: A power capable of tracking a person, regardless if his/her appearance is unknown. The ultimate anti-stealth tool.
    Cost: N/A
    Claimed By:

    Overpower: A power that lets the user exert a malicious aura to intimidate their enemies  (given they are equal or lower rank), and rendering them unable to strike back for a certain amount of time.
    Cost: N/A
    Claimed By:

    Snatch: An enigmatic power that enables the user to "rob" material objects without direct contact. Further, it allows the user to rob their opponent of their physical abilities, such as strength and speed. The stolen abilities are then added to the users own.
    Cost: Physical Hunt - 1500 Exp; Fox Hunt - 700 Exp; Banishing Kill - 1000 Exp
    Claimed By: Ares (FieryNyan)

    Transparency: A power that makes the user invisible, though it does not erase their presence entirely.
    Cost: N/A
    Claimed By:

    Wall: A power that enables the user to form spherical, defensive barriers around himself or others, as well as objects protecting them from outside harm.
    Cost: Perfect Shell - 700 Exp
    Claimed By: Axel Rover

    Banned Canon Powers

    Vision: A power that enabled King Bartram to see glimpses of future events.

    Death: A power that simply unleashed a fog that kills enemies if they stay inside for too long.

    Claimable Equipment

    Chastiefol: Chastiefol is a Sacred Weapon crafted from the Sacred Tree found in the Fairy Realm
    Cost: Chastiefol - 5000 Exp; Form 2 - 700 Exp; Form 3 - Banned; Form 4 - 1000 Exp; Form 5 (Raining Daggers) - 1000 Exp; Form 7 - 100 Exp; Form 8 - 1500 Exp
    Claimed By:

    Gideon: Gideon is a gigantic warhammer designed for a giant, its head being double-sided with one side being a typical hammer and the other being a warpick. Gideon also includes a pommel on its other end. If a giant wields this weapon, their overall power is exponentially increased and comparatively stronger to people of the same supposed strength.
    Cost: Gideon - 4000 Exp
    Claimed By:

    Enchanted Armor: The Enchanted Armor is full silver body armor with a helm featuring a pair of horns, but with one broken. He is most noticeable for his massive spiked metal shoulder plates. Its overall size is larger than an average human but is comparatively smaller than Giants. The armor is enchanted with an ability to suppress and prevent powers from becoming uncontrollable. Given from the large size of the armor, it grants the boost of the user's current physical strength making the wearer more formidable and dangerous in terms of brute force.
    Cost: Enchanted Armor -  1200 Exp
    Claimed By:

    Twin-Bow Herritt: Herritt appears as a light-based bow that is not carried, but simply summoned by assembling it from thin air. It can shoot projectiles made out of light that carry the abilities of the user's power, but do not bare any initial destructive or similar potential.
    Cost: Herritt - 5000 Exp
    Claimed By:

    Banned Canon Equipment

    Dragon Handle: The Dragon Handle is a core part of the Nanatsu no Taizai storyline, and thus, not claimable.

    Rules after claiming

    Even after claiming a power or a piece of equipment, you will not automatically receive all its powers and all its techniques, and you will need to buy them regularly in your Power/Equipment application.

    Exempt from this are things like Twin-Bow Herrit which are initially already Empowered and have a cost related to its status (Empowered and a Treasure), and do NOT require you to purchase Empowerment or Treasury for the claimed equipment.

    All Powers, Equipment and respective Techniques are subject to discussion within the applications and will often-times be restricted to rank.

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    Re: Canon Power & Equipment Claim!

    Post by FieryNyan on Sun Jan 04, 2015 11:44 pm

    Snatch please Very Happy

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    Re: Canon Power & Equipment Claim!

    Post by Hare on Fri Jan 09, 2015 3:15 am

    Lemme reserve dat Full Counter doe for after my char is approved :3

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    Re: Canon Power & Equipment Claim!

    Post by Mari on Sun Jan 11, 2015 6:01 pm

    I'd like to claim, Break. Please
    Sword'n Shield

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    Re: Canon Power & Equipment Claim!

    Post by Sword'n Shield on Mon Jan 12, 2015 7:11 pm

    Guess I'll be taking Discriminate please

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    Re: Canon Power & Equipment Claim!

    Post by Braxton on Sat Jan 31, 2015 6:05 am

    Lemme reserve invasion doe
    Axel Rover

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    Re: Canon Power & Equipment Claim!

    Post by Axel Rover on Sat Feb 07, 2015 8:50 pm

    I am claiming Wall.


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    Re: Canon Power & Equipment Claim!

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