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    Riders of Legend (Viryn Weyr) - semi-canon Pern [IF]



    Riders of Legend (Viryn Weyr) - semi-canon Pern [IF]

    Post by Ika on Sat Dec 13, 2014 7:30 pm

    Thread, meteor showers, and now plague have wiped out all but one weyr on Pern: Viryn Weyr. Unfortunately the plague, which was started by a mysterious gold and her rider that appeared at Fort and then disappeared after recovering, has spread into Viryn. Many have fallen ill. Some have died, some are recovering, but there are still more falling ill. This Goldenhide Plague affects humans and firelizards but so far has not spread to any dragon.

    At the same time a small group of strangers approached Viryn and have been accepted into the Weyr though they are not trusted. They are the remnants of Fort Weyr plus a few rogues and exiles. They, along with Viryn Weyr, comprise the entirety of Pern. Virtually every human and dragon left on Pern, contained in one Weyrhold. The two species are very much on the brink. Strangers with questionable motives, plague, possible return of Thread or more meteor showers-can Viryn Weyr survive? Is Pern doomed?

    * Semi-cannon *
    * Friendly, mature community *
    * No word count *
    * Dragons, whers, and fire lizards *
    * Unique colors and physical/mental mutations *
    * No character limits - the more the merrier! *
    * We love candidates! (And accept a wide age range.) *
    * 'Roulette' character contest going on now *
    * Master crafters available *
    * Gold and Lilac clutches on the horizon! *

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