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    III. Character Guidelines



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    III. Character Guidelines

    Post by Britannia on Mon Apr 14, 2014 1:01 am

    General Guidelines

    • You post your character into the Character Application Section. Nowhere else.

    • Label your app like this: [First Name, Last Name – Faction]

    • If you have posted up a draft and are not finished yet, label it as [WIP] (Work In Progress) in the title.

    • Please name your character something along the lines of the canon universe. European and medieval culture is the way to go. Please nothing too Japanese for example.

    • Choose your faction wisely.

    • You may rp once your character is approved. But until your abilities are not approved, combat is absolutely prohibited. Players caught fighting before ability approval will be punished.

    • After posting your app as a [WIP] you have 2 weeks to finish it. If it hasn't been finished after 14 days, it will be archived.

    • Please use paragraphs when writing your app.

    • After your character is good to go, it will be preapproved at a rank and a number of Exp. After that, you reply with the skills you wish to obtain and then your character will be fully approved and moved.

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    Name : Great Britain
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    Rank Information

    Post by Britannia on Mon Apr 14, 2014 6:47 pm


    In this universe, the strength of characters is placed into a ranking system that looks as shown below. There are 8 ranks with 5 tiers differing in Power. Depending on your character app, you are able to get a higher tier assigned. Characters of higher quality will naturally get higher tiers.

    • Untrained (Civilian) Ranks: These are generally the ranks Civilians retain. Imagine casual humans that have human levels of traits. They don't have Powers nor do they wield magic.

      6-3 – Elizabeth

    • Novice Ranks: These are the ranks for people who have just joined an army. Just started fighting and in the learning phase. These are people who are still just at the start of their potential. Their general Power is just starting to show and they still need a lot of teaching before they can properly use their powers.

      5-5 - Alioni
      5-3 – Hawk

    • Apprentice Ranks: Apprentice ranks are ranks for those characters that have show potential and power IC. Give them time and they could rise to heights. Often young and inexperienced however, their Powers still lack the necessary substance to become truly strong and rise above the heights of humans.

      4-1 - Twigo

    • Experienced Ranks: For those who have strength and experience in combat, being a Knight or Adventurer. Skilled in strength, speed and stamina these people also have high power levels that are recognized and perhaps acknowledged. Powers can become complex and elaborate.

      3-4 – Jericho (former)
      3-3 – Friesia
      3-1 – Ruin; Golgius

    • Expert Ranks: These are the strong Knights of Britannia. They are top-notch warriors with a heap of potential and skill. From prodigies to the most wise soldiers, the Expert Ranks indicate that someone has reached the heights of skill and power. They have the potential to wreck hole towns by themselves. Their Power levels are high and lethal.

      2-2 - Cain
      2-1 – Jericho

    • Master Ranks: The masters of war and combat. Their powers take destructive and complex extent. They can also wield their Powers almost freely, and if using their preferred style of combat, it will likely end in whole cities undergoing destruction.

      1-5 – Griamor
      1-4 – Guila
      1-3 - Arthur Pendragon
      1-2 – Hauser
      1-1 – Threader

    • Legendary Ranks: The most powerful of warriors. These are the people that place their mark in the history of Britannia. They generally have small-city destruction capability. Strength to level mountains, speed to move faster than sound, endurance to fight for days on end. Their Powers are usually without comparison.

      0-5 – Vivian
      0-3 – Diane; Ban; Gowther
      0-2 – Hendricksen; Gilthunder; Helbram (Fairy); Dreyfus
      0-1 – Meliodas; King;

    • Zero (Singularity) Ranks: These people are called Singularities as they are not only the most powerful entities in all of Britannia, but also because they appear so rarely that witnessing one or two per generation is already unnatural. These being's Powers are on an entirely different plane. They have the potential to wreck whole Kingdoms and bring blight to all things crossing their path.

      5-0 – Meliodas (Demon); Hendricksen (Red Demon Form)
      1-0 - Hendricksen (Grey Demon Form)

    • Final Rank: An old myth has once foretold the coming of a being stronger than all else. With Power that is above the gods. A single entity that appears once at the turn of every millennium. But who knows if this is even true? The legend of something that had been dubbed “The Finalist” in old days has become long forgotten throughout the people of Britannia.


    Starting Exp & Ranking Up

    So, now you are probably wondering how you rank up and what you get by starting at a specific rank. Well, you get a certain amount of Exp depending on the rank and tier you are assigned. The Exp is distributed as following:

    • Untrained (Civilian): 150 Exp + 50 Exp per Tier
    • Novice: 300 Exp + 100 Exp per Tier
    • Apprentice: 800 Exp + 200 Exp per Tier
    • Experienced: 2000 Exp + 400 Exp per Tier
    • Expert: 4500 Exp + 600 Exp per Tier
    • Master: 8000 Exp + 800 Exp per Tier
    • Legendary: 14000 Exp + 1000 Exp per Tier

    Now, ranking up functions in two different brackets. Either you rank up your Tier or you rank up your actual rank. Ranking up your Rank will only work if you have maxed out your Tier. You will pay Exp to rank up. Ranking Up will be done in your character. You will ask a staff member to unlock your app, and after this is done you will simply reply with a post saying to what you want your character ranked up. Then your Exp will be deducted and you can change your Character's Rank in your app. Then it will be locked and moved again.

    • Untrained (Civilian) Tiers: 20 Exp per Tier
    • Novice: 300 Exp to Rank Up - 50 Exp per Tier
    • Apprentice: 600 Exp to Rank Up - 100 Exp per Tier
    • Experienced: 1200 Exp to Rank Up - 300 Exp per Tier
    • Expert: 3000 Exp to Rank Up - 500 Exp per Tier
    • Master: 6000 Exp to Rank Up - 1000 Exp per Tier
    • Legendary: 12000 Exp to Rank Up - 2000 Exp per Tier
    • Zero (Singularity): 20000 Exp to Rank Up - 5000 Exp per Tier

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    Name : Great Britain
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    Alignment Information

    Post by Britannia on Mon Apr 14, 2014 6:49 pm

    Alignment Chart

    In this site's apps, we roughly assess characters based on their traits and behavior and assign an alignment from the 9 basic alignments to them. This doesn't limit your character in any way, develop him as you want. But to kind of have a guideline on where your character's personality is headed and to summarize him a bit when describing, this is a neat little opportunity to do so.

    • Lawful Good: A lawful good character is committed to oppose evil through and through. He despises any form of evil and acts righteous and just without any evil intentions. He wants the world to bloom with good. Hating to see evil go by unpunished, they are just and honest.

      This alignment is often associated with honor and compassion. This alignment may be associated with restriction and absolutism.

      Examples: Threader

    • Neutral Good: Neutral Good character's do good regardless of intention. Wherever they walk they try to spread peace and justice. Though they don't pay attention to balance and order as much as a lawful good character would. They generally try to do what's best for everyone, regardless of what's fair and what's not.

      This alignment is often associated with purity. This alignment may be associated with mediocrity, lack of conviction and judgement.

      Examples: Hauser

    • Chaotic Good: A chaotic good character acts as his conscience directs him with little regard for what others expect of him. He makes his own way, but he's kind and benevolent. He believes in good and right but has little use for laws and regulations. He hates it when people try to intimidate others and tell them what to do. He follows his own moral compass, which, although good, may not agree with that of the general population.

      This alignment is often associated with a good heart and a free spirit. This alignment may be associated with disruption, revolution and recklessness.

      Examples: Meliodas

    • Lawful Neutral: A lawful neutral character is for order before anything. He substitutes standards and fairness over anything. This may be in form of a personal moral code or an organized government. Standing objectively before anything, a lawful neutral character abides to the order of the world more than anything and always tries to stay balanced.

      This alignment is often associated with balance and reliability. This alignment may be associated with restriction and lack of sincerity

      Examples: Staff (with that I mean me. DEAL WITH IT *sunglasses*).... Griamor

    • True Neutral: A true neutral character acts upon ideas completely based on own opinion and world view. He substitutes neither good nor evil and doesn't lean towards any side especially strong to have a significance. Such a character would usually feel that good is better than evil as it is easier for the person, but doesn't attempt to uphold any sort of good in a universal way.

      This alignment is often associated natural actions, objectiveness and behavior without prejudice or compulsion. This alignment may be associated with a lack of conviction and apathy.

      Examples: Margaret

    • Chaotic Neutral: A chaotic neutral character acts on impulse. Ultimately, he is a complete individualist and values his own freedom above all else, yet wouldn't work to protect the liberty of others. He challenges the mainstream and the conform things in life, always trying to go his own way and not follow groups, ideals, moral concepts or red threads. Despite that, their behavior is not completely random as it always follows the line of going the opposite way.

      This alignment is often associated with true freedom and self-direction. This alignment may be associated with chaos, disruption and disharmony.

      Examples: Ban

    • Lawful Evil: A lawful evil character takes what he wants without care for others within the confines of his own personal ideals. With great care for tradition and loyalty but little regard for freedom or dignity he plays by the rules without compassion. Usually comfortable in a hierarchy he strives to rule, but would settle with taking orders. He condemns others based on their family, religion and rank.

      This alignment is often associated with methodical, intentional and successful evil. This alignment may be associated with dedication and honor.

      Examples: Hendricksen

    • Neutral Evil: A neutral evil takes power when the opportunity arises and does evil as far as he can get away with it. Without compassion or regard for laws and methodics, a neutral evil character takes what he can and settles for the best possible situation. Out for himself with independence that makes him the worst possible team player. Usually upholding evil for the evil of themselves, yet not dedicated to a love of conflict or a restless root of evil.

      This alignment is often associated with dishonor and pure evil. This alignment may be associated with straightforwardness and advancement.

      Examples: Dreyfus

    • Chaotic Evil: A chaotic evil character follows his destructive and negative impulses. Arbitrary violence and negativity usually dictate this person's behavior and completely chaotic moral compass. Such a character doesn't necessarily commit evil for the purpose of evil, but if he does so he is much more dangerous. Usually chaotic evil characters can only be subdued by force. If they see the slightest opportunity, they will take it and expand their lust for destruction.

      This alignment is often associated with destruction, randomization and arbitrary evil. This alignment may be associated with ultimate freedom and reckless self-interest.

      Examples: Helbram

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    Name : Great Britain
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    Title : Island
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    Character Template

    Post by Britannia on Mon Apr 14, 2014 7:05 pm

    [center][b][u][size=24][font=Trebuchet]General Information[/font][/size][/u][/b][/center]

    [b]Race:[/b] (Check Race Information for more detail)





    [b]Height:[/b] (in m)
    [b]Weight:[/b] (in kg)
    [b]Eye Color:[/b]
    [b]Hair color/style:[/b]

    [b]Overall Appearance:[/b]

    [b]Face Claim:[/b] [character name] - (Anime/Manga)






    [b]Overall Personality:[/b]


    [b]RP Sample:[/b]


    Template Information:

    General Information

    Race: (Check Race Information for more detail)

    Name: (First Name Last Name)
    Sex: (Male or female? Or other?)
    Gender: (optional - Does your character identify as male, female or neither?)
    Age: (Pay attention to the age ranges mentioned in the race info in the universe guidelines)
    Sexuality: (Straight, Gay, Bi or None?)
    Birthday: (The date on which you were born. Day/Month -in that order- only.)

    Relationships: (optional - Are you single or in a relationship? Are you divorced or maybe even married? Children, family, friends?)

    Faction: (Check Faction Information for more information.)
    Title: (Check Plot and Titles section for more information.)
    Rank: (Check Rank Guidelines for more information.)
    Alignment: (Check Alignment Information for more detail.)


    Height: (in m)
    Weight: (in kg)
    Eye Color:
    Hair color/style:
    Extra: (optional - Is your character's appearance out of the ordinary in any way?)

    Overall Appearance: (Describe your character's appearance in detail)

    Face Claim: [character name] - (Anime/Manga)


    Likes: (min. 5 likes)

    Dislikes: (min. 5 dislikes)

    Motivation: (What is your character's drive?)

    Fears: (min. 3 fears)

    Overall Personality: (Be very detailed)


    History: (Pinpoint important events and summarize the uneventful years.)
    RP Sample: (optional - May optimize the impression of your app)

    Source: (How did you find this forum?)

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    Re: III. Character Guidelines

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