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    Colton Ashtray Bear Sin of Envy


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    Colton Ashtray Bear Sin of Envy

    Post by Hare on Wed Jan 07, 2015 5:42 pm

    General Information

    Race: Fairy

    Name: Colton Ashtray
    Sex: Male
    Gender: Male
    Age: 520 years old
    Sexuality: Hetero
    Birthday: October 6
    Nickname: Green Hare


    Father: Jerry Ashtray
    Mother: Sarah Ashtray
    Niece: Yet to be named

    Faction: Kingdom of Liones
    Title: Bear Sin of Envy
    Rank: Expert
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


    Height: 152.4cm
    Weight: 13kg
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair color/style: He has short green hair that is somewhat neat somewhat messy with a small spike of it pointing out at the base of his head. The hair shines in the sun and is silky smooth from the care he has given it all these years. The back of his hair curves upward at the end.
    Extra: N/A

    Overall Appearance: Colton wears a custom made long sleeved chain shirt for his size with a golden necklace with 5 small chimes on it. He then wears a black scarf That is ripped along the edges and ends. He wears the legs of a armor colored gold (also custom made for size. with pockets). He has yellow rubber bands around his wrist on both hands tightening the chain shirt in that area. His skin perfectly tone. Green hair that shines in the sun. Pearly white teeth that seem to shine in the dark. He has no facial hair except for eyebrows. He also has a small body build.

    Face Claim: Beyblade - Kenta Yumiya


    Black Bunnies: he grew up with them and he has gotten use to them and have started to like them.

    Coffee: The source of him staying up and doing what he wants to do. He also likes it because it taste good.

    Woman: Don't have to explain.

    Making others feel loved: Being a king this is one of the many things he enjoys. He doesn't like to see people sad.

    Candy: He loves candy especially sour candy. It always fun to taste that is more sour than others.


    Apple Juice: Its just something he doesn't like he would rather have an apple than apple juice. It just something weird to him.

    People who don't like/hate bunnies: Since the time he grew up with them he has liked them. He has them all over his attire. But f someone disrespects them or he sees someone eating rabbit he would probably kill them for it.

    People who can't accept individuals: As a knight he is prepared to accept a lot of people into his kingdom. Some good some bad. But he hates people who cant accept others.

    People who make fun of Camelot/Camelot people: He hates people who makes fun of Camelot much less the people there. Yes Camelot is not the most peaceful place but the people there do not deserve to me made fun of.

    Luck: Luck has been bad on Colton since he was young. He has had many incidents related to him that caused great pain.


    Be a good Uncle to his adopted niece: His greatest sin was he let the person he loved die from his envy. So as payment he wants to take care of is adopted niece.


    The death of his people: He hates to see his people die. So he tries his hardest in battle to not let that happen.

    The downfall of Camelot: He loves Camelot. He would hate to see it turn to ruin.

    Death of all bunnies: He has liked bunnies ever since one helped him. And when he sees one dying it hurts him to see his friends to die. He hates it and he has had some dreams were all bunnies are dead. Which is when he wakes up he can't return to sleep.

    Overall Personality: Coniko is a rational and impartial individual who enjoys intellectual pursuits and prizes independence. He is known for his strategic thinking skills, self-confidence and leadership abilities. He is what you could all an assertive type of person. On the other hand Coniko seems to be very laid-back and easygoing, which is strange considering this behavior is in direct contrast with his line of work.

    He takes everything lightly regardless of the severity of the moment. In surprising, perilous and unexpected situations, he is apparently never shocked and even when a bandit threw a bomb at him, he seemed to be focused only on calling his subordinate. He even asked the offenders where his subordinate was.

    He is also completely calm and cool-headed, even in tense situations. He speaks in a politely sarcastic manner and is very mocking towards his enemies. He often taunts and belittles his foes in and out of battle. Unfortunately for his kingdom, he can be quite absent-minded and irresponsible

    If nothing else, Coniko appears to be more lax than than his subordinates, such as when a bandit escaped from Prison, he completely dropped the matter, his attitude regarding it being that of a carefree reaction.

    However, he has shown his ruthlessness. While he never has expressed any sympathy for or against the philosophy of Absolute Justice, Coniko's careless behavior shows very little mercy towards his enemies, particularly traitors whom he has targeted. Often comments that some of the abilities of his opponents are quite frightening. One instance was after he witnessed the abilities of an opponent. He referred to them as scary, although he was otherwise unfazed by them.


    The sound of chirping could be heard but the sound of a baby crying quickly overtook it. It was a somewhat warm evening when the fairy who would soon be named Colton was wrapped in blankets. His crying dying down to a mellow weep here and there. His soft small hands soft it would make a goddess cry. Morning came and Colton was finally able to see the light. the sun, the grass the fresh air. Looked amazing but at the moment Colton had no idea what these things were or what they were capable of. First off he had to learn. And where do you learn? School! Colton started homeschooling with an open mind. He wanted to learn many things, but like any normal kid got bored of it and fast.

    His mother had to put rewards for it. He did good and of course he got good grades for the rewards. After 22 years of age and homeschooling his mother decided that it was time for him to begin self study. He had enough knowledge to do so. He studied by himself for years. He would sometimes hear yelling or large blasts but he guessed it was just other fairies working. After 100 years of study(the most boring time yet most beneficial) he would become a guardian for the forest. With his earned knowledge he would help keep bandits out. He loved the forest and its beauty. He didn’t want t see it get hurt. But he hated being bored more. There was this one bandit that was not lie the rest. She seemed not to be a bandit  but just wanted a place to stay.

    Colton would would soon become friends with her and learn many things. She had many books with her. Some about stealth but mostly about mapping. Colton would start to read these books over and over grabbing any bit of knowledge it gave him. With reading these wonderful books Colton started to see his surroundings better. He would test this new knowledge by her hiding and he would track her down. She seemed quite skilled at what she was doing. but with her tracking and the help of the books. he would soon be able to track her down and find her.

    The woman thanked thanked Colton for all the fun he had with her. She left but left 1 book behind. the ultimate mapping book. It was a very large book with thousands of pages. Why didn’t she show him this before? the book was filled with amazing facts and knowledge after taking 10 years to completely the book into his mind Colton would then be relieved of his guardian post and was allowed to leave. His first order of business was to find the woman. Even if she was dead. He said his goodbyes to his friends and family and was in his way. He tracked her down into the human realm where he found the Kingdom Of Liones. He had continued to track his first human friend down to a house on a cliff. When he knocked on the door a man opened up.

    Um hello im looking for Margret

    O Margret? Shes here


    The man called out to her. She ran up and kissed the man. This shocked Colton. He then knew at that moment he was in love with her. But he was too late to confess.

    You are a very lucky guy. A very very lucky guy. I can go as far to say I envy you.

    Margret spoke up

    Long time no see


    Come in! Come in!

    Colton floated in as the man spoke

    You are a fairy right?


    I heard you guys live for a very long time

    5000 years

    Whoa! Hey how about for everything you did for Margret you can stay with us.


    YEAH! Its going to be so much fun with you with you around

    Colton liked the idea of  staying with Margret but he was still envious of the man. He had to girl he loved. He would spend years building up that envy until it broke when he heard Margret was pregnant. He went into a rage and killed Margret’s husband. Colton was filled with regret, Margret hated him and he was now in jail. He would spend years in jail. He knew Margret’s child must of been atlest 9 by now. But then bandits showed up and started to burn apart of town. The part where Margret stayed in. Colton broke out of jail and flew to where Margret stayed. Only to arrive to see Margret killed before his eyes. The bandit then went for her child but Colton rushed in and decapitated him. Colton hugged the girl as she cried out


    Colton filled with raged disposed of the rest of the bandits and stopped the fire. The people thanked the fairy and the king knew what to do. He made Colton the Bear Sin of Envy. Seeing how his crimes were caused by envy. A worthy title for Colton’s sin. He had only 1 goal in life.  and that was to see Margret’s child grow up and have a good life. What she would do with it isn’t any of Colton’s business. But he let his loved one die over envy and that is his sin.

    Colton enjoys the day by watching he new adopted niece play in the field and by training beside her. Of course she is already taller than him. He was a fairy. But he was still a Sin. He was pardoned from his crimes but being a Sin people know he has done a crime. Colton also doesn't want his niece to know he killed her father. If she found out about that it would crush her. Colton personally teaches her everything he knows. Often having class on mondays and fridays.

    He often thinks what would've happened to him if he wasn't pardoned by the king he wouldn't be able to see his niece. He wouldn't be able to teach her. He wouldn't be able to see her grow. He hated the thought of that. He needed to pay his sin. The sin of envy is very strong. and heavy but it gets lighter everyday he spends with his niece. Again he wants to pay the debt he owes. The debt of envy. Letting the one person he loved in his life die and that again is his sin.

    RP Sample:

    The light broke and Coniko spent another day doing nothing. But what could he do he didn't need to work. Hes done with school. What could he do to pass the time. On an empty thought he woke that girl up and asked for her name. She said Allison. They both decided to separate . But something was different Allison was way calmer than before. The reason for this Coniko had no idea.

    He let her take a shower and leave. Coniko checked around the door and saw it was all clear. He locked the door and saw it was a bit chilly outside. But it was something he didn't need to change his attire for. He walked to his favorite coffee shop and bought a cup of coffe. He then walked over to the park and decided to walk through it again. It was earler so nobody was there and it was quiet.

    He walked past his usual spot and say a blowing light in a bush. He wasn't anyone to fiddle with the supernatural but he had nothing better to do. He parted the bush and there it was. An egg. It was an abnormally large egg but an egg is an egg. And who knows this could be the time passer he wanted. So he finished his cup of coffe threw it away and carried the egg home. He went to bring some warm towels he just dried to see if the egg would hatched. After he returned the egg was split in to but with nothing inside. He looked left and right but nothing out of the ordinary.

    Then something landed on his head it did frighten him but the creature didn't seem hostile it actually seemed friendly. There was also on big problem. It didn't have a mouth. So how was it going to communicate? Well it did look like a jellyfish. Coniko sits down and introduces himself.

    "Hi im Coniko Hezoki. Nice to meet you."

    The creature decided to hop on Coniko's head an go to sleep. He didn't know what it was but he was sure if the government got a hold of it it would be hurt. Coniko didn't want to call it an it. But he had no idea weither it was a boy or girl. So he would just call it a boy because he allways wanted a liitle brother.

    It was in the afternone when he woke up. He was still on Coniko's head and rolled off onto his lap. He turned around and started watching t.v . Sence the little guy like it he kept it on. It also was easy seeing how he didn't need to eat or poop. So taking care of this guy would be a piece of take. Coniko sometimes saw people with weird pets but they looked totally diffrent from this one. He wanted to find out if this guy was one of them and if he was they should have information about him. He picked him up and put him on his head.

    He walked over to the place where he saw people with weird looking creatures. They looked like highschool kids and they didn't look to busy. So Coniko walked over there and the kids already knew the business when they saw the creature on his head.

    "O so you got a Digimon too?"

    "A Digi what" Coniko said

    "A Digimon" the other one said

    "and that looks like a Kuramon."

    "Yeah it is"

    "good you guys seem to know what it is. Can you give me more information on it?"

    Coniko grabbed a box and sat on it as they explained all they know about Digimon, Digivolution and the Digivice

    After they explained it all they all agreed to start training with Coniko because hes a beginner and needs all the training he could get. But first he would need his Digivice. Coniko ran home with Kuramon in his hands and went immediately to the egg. And there it was a small device. He guessed it was the Digivice becuase it couldn't be anything else. He looked over at Kuramon

    "Well Kuramon you are my time passer. Now while that may sound mean I just want to have fun with you."

    Kuramon seemed happy when he jumped and rolled to Coniko


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    Re: Colton Ashtray Bear Sin of Envy

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    Your History is full of.... weird stuff again o-o Fairy school....

    But I guess I can approve this.

    Pre-approved at [Experienced] Rank, Tier [3-5] at 2400 Exp.

    All Beta Bonuses apply.

    - All approved characters will receive an additional 15% starting experience (= 360 Exp)
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    - When first buying skills with Exp, you will receive a 10% cost reduction!

    You may reply with your skill purchase.

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    Title : Bear's Sin of Envy
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    Re: Colton Ashtray Bear Sin of Envy

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    Skill Template : 3494

    • [Speed] - [Level 2]
    • [Wizardry] - [Level 4]
    • [Weapon Mastery] - [Level 2]
    • [Stealth] - [Level 2]
    • [Mapping] - [Level 2]
    • [Multitasking] - [Level 2]


    Name : Great Britain
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    Re: Colton Ashtray Bear Sin of Envy

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    The purchase rounds off at [2500] Exp, [2250] after applying the Beta Bonus. That leaves you at [1244] Exp.

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    Re: Colton Ashtray Bear Sin of Envy

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