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    Mari Windsor


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    Mari Windsor

    Post by Mari on Tue Nov 25, 2014 6:02 pm

    General Information

    Race: Human

    Name: Mari Windsor
    Epithet: God's Vessel
    Sex: Female
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Birthday: August 2nd

    Relationships: Single

    Faction: Kingdom of Liones
    Title: Sin of Pride
    Rank: Experienced
    Alignment: Chaotic Good


    Height: 1.7m (5’7”)
    Weight: 56kg (124lbs)
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair color/style: With long straight edged black hair that’s at a length where the end of her hair reaches her thighs. Her bangs are cut at a soft edge toward the bridge between her eyes, covering her eyebrows. Long straight side bangs that fall from the sides of her face that reach her chest. Her seriousness can be determined by the style her hair is, where she’d pull her hair back into a pony tail, keeping her hair from her face when facing a comrade or enemy she deems worthy enough to see her at her strongest.
    When in a more formal attire she pulls her hair up and to the side so that it covers her face partially, with small strands of hair out of place, held up with a floral comb, with a small decor that has the Liones insignia on it.
    Extra: She wears two hair pins on either side of her head, to keep her back. The same pins she uses when keeping her hair up.
    Her biggest feature are her large eyebrows, they’ve been the start of many fights in her past, but she’s come to adore them as they are.

    Overall Appearance: - Overall Appearance

    Mari is at a fairly normal height, from her knowledge of most human women her age, within the kingdom, standing at an approximate height of five feet and seven inches(1.7m) with a weight of 116lbs(56kg), with soft white skin that resembles the color of snow, that radiates the curvaceous features of her body. She has quite a slim build, excavated through her high metabolism, as well as quite athletic, from her constant training and battles. A thin waist pronounces her slim curves, causing her thighs and posterior seem bigger and a heaving chest that pronounces her feminine proportions. Having quite plum thighs, that are quite on the soft and squishy, slim tight calves caused by training her leg muscles.

    Retaining her mother’s facial features, she resembles her quite well enough that some might think that their sisters, with long straight edged black hair that’s at a length where the end of her hair reaches her thighs. Her eyes seem a bit on the slender side. Her irises are blue. And as her main feature, her large and robust eyebrows.  

    Her choice of attire, follows the “conduct” of the Holy Knights apparel code that consists of mostly armor. When not on duty she dons a chain mail dress, tightened by a leather belt around her waist, with a Lione clothed vest over it. Both the mail and vest reach her thighs. Violet greaves and gauntlets cover her arms and legs. Her gauntlets are claw like, with sharpened ends at the tips of the fingers, with a enlarged bladed edge on the outer sides of the gauntlets that pass her elbows. The greaves are long that reach her thighs heeled on the bottom, with a sharp edge on the heel itself. With the same violet shade.

    Face Claim: [Satsuki Kiryuin] - (Kill la Kill)



    Men: Mari has a yearning passion for men, they are quite brutish and get straight to the point, where their emotions are pretty much open and they'd throw themselves into things without second thought. She does like them in a more sexual sense, but ever since she obtained her strong demeanor, she treats them more or less like slaves, tending to her will. Being a more dominant women both in and out of the bedroom, she likes to feel that she has more control of herself and those around her.

    Respect: To her "Respect" is the same as a currency or economic solution to the population, she deems it more powerful then wealth in all it's variations. Though she isn't one to be the first to show respect, it is those around her that needs to show her respect or obtain her respect by proving themselves to her. Medals, honors, recommendations are things others have put on those they think are great, not her, which is why she wants them to prove themselves to her.

    Power in all forms: She takes pride in her strength and always wants to make it stronger. Finding those who show promise or can make her kneel before them are things she strives for in order to achieve things, such as make them bow before her. She knows that there are different forms of power, whether it's held within one person or a thousand, physical or magical.


    Weaklings: “The weak don’t choose where they die!” Is a quote that has always pushed her to surpass herself for the upcoming challenges in the future. Those who cower or hide when in battle or even as their casual persona are loathed by her. She gives no respect to those who use stealth like procedures, during battle, including trackers, thieves or assassins. Like herself she strides forward without disarray, doesn't hide nor attacks without making sure her enemies know she's there.

    Losing in all forms: For her to lose is like a two sided coin, where on one hand it was complete bullshit luck or she wasn't at her best when the battle occurred. Either way she never truly likes the feeling of losing to another, especially those that aren't worth it or aren't trying to prove something to her. At some point it takes a more comical direction, when losing to things that doesn't even fit to be worth losing or things that don't truly matter, such as being more feminine, cooking abilities or even the length of ones toe nails.  

    Sour Foods: Though it doesn't effect her emotionally, she does like things that make her feel better then most, whereas sour foods doesn't. They make her crinkle and tighten up when they touch her lips that he might curse on the spot as to how sour they really are. Basically she thinks their disgusting and hates it when she's accidentally put something as such in her mouth, without being notified.

    Closed Spaces: She always likes to feel free and never in chains. It's not being a room that bothers her but the idea of being secluded within a small world held down by man themselves, and strives to break through.


    Protecting the New King: The previous king was wise and honorable something she always respected about him, both knew that his coming to end was near, he had her promise to stand beside the new king and walk them on a path to greatness. Such a task given by the king himself pushes her every day to commit to protecting his successor.

    Surpass Gods/Demons: Gods and Demons are the most sung hero's in this day and age, whether they are worshiped for their strength, wisdom or the power of miracles they produce, of course the opposite effect came from demons, but still strong. Gods and Demons are the tip of the ice burg and if they were to be put in the same room, they'd be in a stand off. Mari wants to stand even above those who call themselves Gods and Demons.

    Being Acknowledged as the Strongest: Renown, Famous, Legend, whatever comes to mind when you think "I want to be recognized or remembered!". She's always had a name that gave her such, but at no cost. Because she was born to a renown family wasn't something she, herself could be proud of. She wanted something that makes her her and something that she's done with her own two hands. With her friends and strength by her side, she'd become well known and looked up to within all the lands. With ambition in mind, she'll stride for no other.


    Death: Even she isn't immortal and could die, especially the way she treats battle or fights. And for that she fears the cold embrace of death, as she doesn't want to smile at him when they cross paths but laugh in his face for she continues living.

    An Attack on Liones: Being a kingdom in itself it holds it's own name and in that it's own enemies. She was placed in a position where she must put her life before the kingdom and where she must protect it at all costs. Her loyalty toward the king is quite strong and wouldn't want anything to break her promise.

    Overall Personality:

     An exceedingly loyal personal that it pretty much defines her as a person, her loyalty isn’t won over by cheap tricks or long speeches, pure undeniable strength, whether it be physical, mental or even emotional. She maintains a stern and iron-fisted personality through her rigorous training she had to become a knight, where she learned etiquette and patience, somethings that she hardly ever possesses in public but she learned them nonetheless, uses them when she feels it is appropriate. With a strong sense of ambition she pushes herself and those she knows quite well, to achieve their goals no matter what the cost. Ever since she was a child she wasn't grown to respect much from others, especially adults, as to their renown ability to lie, swindle and back stab others for their own accord, the first person she respected was the king of Liones, for his ability to lead at such a high standard where even she was too fazed to question his commands.

    Her reputation is something very important to her, where to her it can also be a weapon or an armor, in her own crude description. Those that hear her name should either shroud in fear or roar in their favor as she is that 100ton weight that tips the scale of the battle field.
    She is quite talkative and intuitive when she's among her comrades, seeing things from other perspectives, different from her own expands her view of the world, especially when her's was handed to her rather then obtaining it herself. She enjoys the feeling of being surrounded by others, especially when within danger zones or anywhere other then towns or cities. With others there's always something to do. Though there are times where her feelings of remorse or guilt sink through the cracks and cause her to think more about the situation at hand rather then moving forward, sometimes clouding her judgement and actions.

    She is quite arrogant, where she is almost always boasting about something about herself, where it doesn’t even have to be about the conversation, or how the conversation started. What she usually boasts about is her own strength, especially when the topic of the day is about past battles. She rarely becomes jealous of others and their accomplishments, she believes that if she wasn't apart of it then it must of not been that big of a deal, and probably could have been done by anyone that strode through the area.

    She doesn't feel much for the emotion they call love, where it has only effected her once in her life and that was toward the king of Liones. Her respect for him grew into a fully embodied emotion that even she regretted but even she wasn't surprised as to her large respect for him and his strength. But other then that nothing, but she doesn't look down on those who use it's strength, to her it might be her largest weakness personally and is afraid as to what might happen if she lost someone she "loved" to someone.

    ~In Battle~

    She is quite hectic and vigorous when entering the battlefield, as in she likes to go big when she fights any opponent. Most of her attacks aren't even actual techniques, where as she just swings her weapon toward her opponent a few hundred times before calling it an actual attack. She's pretty lively within and even entering battle, as the battlefield is a place where it's always going to need you on your toes. Boastful and attentive like a lions grace in the plains, where her strikes are made swiftly but pack large amounts of strength where her enemies are dumbfounded of who they've confronted.

    She absolutely hates fighting in large groups. She doesn't like having to look after others when a fight is brewed as it could lead to her being attacked when she probably could have had dodged it, if they weren't in the way. Along with it possibly being her kill, some might not even participate until the enemy is near death and take in for the finishing strike. She's acknowledges this trait of hers and came up with the solution as to counter it and that is to make a competition of it. First to kill the enemy wins and there's no holding back, if they get caught in the others attack it's their fault entirely.



    Mari was born in a prestigious house hold within the kingdom of Danafor, her father was a priest in one of the well known cathedrals on the southern part of the kingdom. Her mother was acknowledged as an angel, within their district. They both have high positions within the community, but as Mari found out in her early years, they weren't what they truly seemed.  
    When she was around the age of six, she and her caretaker "Estevan" were patrolling the houses hallways to make sure there weren't any perpetrators  or anywhere where they can enter. Moments in their search Estevan was called leaving Mari alone to continue the objective. She reached the end of the hall way, where her fathers study was and it's door wasn't fully closed, with the light still on. She stuck her head through the door, without making a sound and saw her father standing behind his desk with a large grin on his face. Another two men stood in front of his desk, with a large chest of gold and jewels in his hands before throwing it onto the table. The large thud caused even her to shake a bit. They brought a contract to the table, it seemed that her father and some of the knights were dealing weapons under the table and that's how they've come onto good fortune. Estevan returned shortly pulling away young Mari from the door as quickly and quietly as he could, with a worrisome expression that even she knew that something good was to come of it.

    Within the next month Estevan was removed from duty, Mari was told that he had went into retirement, but whenever she asked other house maids they'd just stutter in fear, with a fake smile. From then on she was a child alone in this house, with no one spend time with, it caused her to think more deeply about life and it's decisions. Causing her to keep herself closed up, and have a homely relationship with her parents like they used to. And soon....her resolve would be kicked again.

    It was late at night, Mari was half asleep in her room, when someone entered without knocking or notifying their entrance. She cowered beneath her sheets before they were flung into the air by some unknown perpetrator. A fat, disgusting man, wearing only his underwear and a loose tie. His mouth watered as he looked down on her with a flustered and hungry expression. Mari consumed in fear pushed herself against her pillows, and tried to push him away but he would take hold of his and hold her down. She could hear her mothers voice coming from down the fall, stuttering in tone, she might have been drunk, Mari tried to cry once again before the man stuck two fingers in her mouth, two large, grotesque fingers that would resemble a pigs foot. She felt like she was hopeless, drowning in a pit of worthlessness if this man were touch her any longer. She wanted come control in her life, she....wanted this large trash in pigs clothing to get the fuck off of her. Pure rage consumed her as a strong aura befell the entire room, the man's consciousness left him as he removed himself from on top of her and dropped to the ground, sitting like a pet down.

    Her mother entered shortly after, bursting with nonsense as to the man and his fetishes, feeling a bit of regret letting the likes of him join her for the night, but more or less jealous of Mari. As well as Mari who was sure that her mother was cheating on her father with....a pig. Her strength possessed her once more and this time was targeted toward her mother, causing her to lose her breathe and drop to the ground. Walking past her mother with a refreshing smirk she decided she nor her father wasn't fit to take the name of Windsor anymore, before the end of the night had the entire house under her command.

    To test her own prowess she decided to shoot for none other than the royals, the people that have looked down upon her even before she was born. She kept an eye out for a large events that held more than ten dozen attendants, if it weren’t a large crowd, she wouldn’t have been satisfied with the outcome, she wants them to understand that she is the one that looks down on them with extreme prejudice. The next event was held in Danafors Cathedral and it caused her to erupt with joy. To test her strength against GODS!

    That night she had to sneak in as a handmaiden, helping out in the background in attempt to make some money. She watched behind the scenes as the royals began to converse with one another as if they had nothing to fear, nothing to worry. It made her scowl at the sight of it, a priest was among them, probably the same person who set up the event or so she assumed. It didn’t matter as to who started the even as she was going to finish it.
    As the priest spoke through his speech, crap about god and how their love and devotion strengthened both them and the great god himself. She strode down the isle, her scowl could be sensed from outside the cathedral itself, with every step she took toward the stage, the priest would stuttered and stood in silence behind the pulpit. As she reach the first few steps, she stood in front of the pulpit before the rest of those who were invited.

    She commanded them as their new ruler, their next god to kneel before her but instead they laughed. Laughed and pointed at her and her attempt to make them do anything let alone kneel to some nobody. The priest behind her was angered at her attempt to play god, kicking her down onto the ground, so that everyone would have a chance to point and laugh, some even started to throw things at her. Anger rose once again through her veins, that she stood there and took what they threw and returned it ten fold. She spoke under her breath, a large aura grew from her and without notice everyone in the room went silent and suddenly struck the floor hard, breaking some of the chairs they stood above, even the priest found himself bent over backwards trying to suppress his NEED to kneel. He continued to spout nonsense as to how she wasn't god and wasn't going to obey her. She looked toward him, as he struggled and told him not to kneel, but to have his entire body strike the ground so hard that bones would break. His will broke as he heard her voice, his body struck the ground hard as he laid flat, blood would flood out of his mouth and nose as a large grin could be seen.

    From there her next objective...was the thrown itself. She left her followers behind, she didn't believe she needed any help especially those who've thrown away their symbol of hope so easily doesn't deserve to serve behind her. There was no planning, no quick plot, she was going to go into that man's thrown room and literally trade places with him, without having to lift a finger. When heading toward the castle gates was a walk in the park, with average guards that fell to her feet, the same went for entering the castle but just because those who heard her command didn't mean everyone in the castle did. The guards that were father away were surprised to say the least and kept their guard up as they called for reinforcements. She smiled as the few guards that she commanded would throw themselves into a guarding position. When suddenly a royal walked through the large hall, munching on a apple as casually as if they were having a tea party, his expression was more or less curious if anything. He looked nothing like the king of Danafor, but suddenly a knight would shout toward him....As the King of Lione.

    Excitement grew from the depths at her soul, as her aura raged forth from her entire person. She walked toward the king himself, her chest puffed out and and her stride filled with pride. As she stood before him, with him looking down on him she told him to kneel. The king didn't flinch and stared at her and her surprised expression. She begun to shout louder and harder toward him as he continued to be unfazed. She shouted toward her guards to make him kneel before Danafor's strongest knights come down, striking them both down without a second thought nor without any struggle. Mari begun to panic. When suddenly she felt a hand on her head, looking back at where the hand came from the king himself. It was as if her small flame was consumed completely by a light that even overpowered the light coming from the flame. She was quickly push and held down by one of the knights, her attention was stuck on the king. He wasn't a follower, he was a leader, a true to the heart leader with more then one hundred thousand followers, she was nothing more then a bug underneath his shoe.

    As she was placed in the dungeon, her mouth and eyes were covered as to her "ability" to bring down weak willed people with just a glare. They followed her name back to her home, filled with people under her command, her family as well as those from the cathedral, with dozens of devotions to her. For such treason and her attempt of stealing the thrown, as well as her potential power if strengthened would deem her unfit to left alive. The king of Liones decided to keep her alive and under his supervision, seeing as he wasn't affected by her ability nor any knight who's strength is great.

    From there he placed her in his team of those who the king thinks of as special. Mari was still pretty young and was quickly put into knight training to increase her strength, some were doubtful as to the Kings actions but when they saw how she both treated and worshiped the King himself, they had second thoughts. A knight with her potential would be vital for their armies. The king treated her like a friend, they'd share laughs and even pull jokes on one another, but the thing she always reminded him was that she was grow enough strength to surpass even him. He would always smile at her ambitious nature and hopes that she'd use it to aid her country.

    RP Sample:

    "Muwahahaha! I finally have it! THE THROWN!" A sudden roar thundered through the large halls of the thrown room and the halls conjoined to it. The guards at each entrance looked at each other with regret before slapping their own face with their hand. A young women, laying back with her legs crossed and consumed in fur and gold trinkets, rose a glass of wine. "A toast!....To me!~ The King of this fine country~" She spoke to her self as she rose her glass in the air, with the wine, splashing outward and striking the ground. With a sudden force striking from behind, she'd trip over her enlarged cape of fur, before falling over dropping the wine over her face. "Who'd DARE!" She roared as she turned around watching an alpaca standing on two feet and adorned a royals attire. He held a hand beside his face as he snickered before spatting in her face and sitting down. Pulling out a blade from within her fur attire, she'd lift it high and proudly before swinging it attentively downward onto the beast.

    The villagers outside the castle walls watched as the walls begun to start cracking, before it would suddenly burst into rubble. The enter backside of the castle was demolished outward. She was left on the highest floor of the castle, with light entering from the destroyed end of the castle and the guards dropped to the ground in fear. One of them continued to shout her name as she begun to feel dazed.

    She started to open her eyes, to a worrisome guard shaking her roughly. "Why do you wake me!?" She asked in anger as she pushed him away. He would point behind her to the open plains of the kingdom. Her eyes widened, as she rushed to the castles edge. Sticking her head out to check the damage and noticed it was the same as within her dream, the castles walls was completely destroyed revealing the interior. She noticed the king himself cowering at the edge gripping it tightly as he looked at how high it was. He looked around before noticing her, and she jumped in surprise, as she watched him grow in anger. She jumped from her position to the ground in one swoop before running for her life, with the king screaming at the top of his lungs.

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    Re: Mari Windsor

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    I can tell what you wanted to convey through the app. I like the character, your faceclaim fits, you nailed the Sin of Pride, you just mayhaps want to double check on grammar and sentence structure xD

    Other than that, good work and congratulations on being the first character on the site!

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    Re: Mari Windsor

    Post by Mari on Mon Dec 01, 2014 2:08 am

    Skill Template : [8050]

    • [Strength Enhancement] - [Lv 3]
    • [Speed Enhancement] - [Lv 3]
    • [Damage Resistance] - [Lv 2]
    • [Pain Resistance] - [Lv 2]
    • [Damage Recovery] - [Lv 2]
    • [Weapon Mastery] - [Lv 2]
    • [Mapping] - [Lv 2]
    • [Illusion Resistance] - [Lv 3]
    • [Battle Readiness] - [Lv 2]
    • [Wizardry] - [Lv 2]
    • [Multitasking] - [Lv 2]


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    Re: Mari Windsor

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    Alriiight, first off you have 8050 Exp to start with. I took the courtesy to edit it in by myself.

    The investment you made rounds off at 7000 Exp. Thanks to the Beta bonus however, you get 10% off that initial purchase. So it only costs you 6300 Exp, leaving you at 1750 Exp.

    I'm not sure that is exactly how you wanted it to turn out. But I'll give it an approved.

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    Re: Mari Windsor

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