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    Kingdom of Danafor's Plot & Titles



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    Kingdom of Danafor's Plot & Titles

    Post by Britannia on Mon Apr 14, 2014 11:01 pm

    Kingdom of Danafor Plot & Titles

    The beautiful Kingdom of Danafor. It has carried the name of the visually most stunning Kingdom in Britannia for ages. This title however, has been sullied by a war with the barbarians of the north. 3 years ago, the theocratic government of Danafor had a religious war with the invading barbarians of the north. It was primarily the fact that the polytheistic pantheon of the barbarians started to spread in bourgeois areas of Danafor. Thus, the usually kind and accepting Danafor attempted to rid the danger of a religion that insulted the beliefs of the Danaforians to such an extent. The methods of the barbarians were brutish and their religion extremely violent. It escalated into a war that made the barbarians flee into the vast northern planes and left Danafor destroyed and demoralized.

    The post-war era is in full bloom. The pantheistic belief system of the Danaforians is keeping them strong and the Temple of Danafor strong. The academic center of Britannia lies with a capital that has suffered great amounts of blight and many civilian and military casualties. Right now the Kingdom must quickly rejoice and construct their Kingdom anew. A new era is dawning in Danafor. With the Paladin Holy Knight leading the country there should be nothing to fear, but the future is always uncertain. Dangers are lurking left and right, nobody can say that the weakened Kingdom will not become a target of strong warriors that wish to plunder the Kingdom.

    Holy Knights of Danafor
    PaladinBishopRelius Clover
    Paragon Holy Knights: Unlimited

    So you want to become a Holy Knight of Danafor? You believe you have what it takes to become one of the leader's of Danafor? The Kingdom's priests and most highly regarded scholars of the country? Very well then! If you believe you have what it takes, you must apply in this thread and request one of the Holy Knight Titles. The Title you apply for and the app you present will affect the Rank and Tier you receive in the end.

    • The Paladin Holy Knight will receive a Master Rank and Tier.
    • The Templar Holy Knights will receive Expert Ranks and Tiers.
    • The Bishop Holy Knights will receive Experienced Ranks and Tiers.
    • The Paragon Holy Knights will receive Novice to Experienced Ranks and Tiers.

    Depending on your choice, you will get a different Rank. The Tier you ultimately get is entirely dependent on your Character Application, in which staff will judge your writing skills and then assign you a Tier on the higher end of the spectrum of your Title's Rank, or the lower end. Good luck and may Danafor prevail!

    The Harbringers of the Apocalypse
    Aspect of DeathCharacterColorKnown For
    PunishmentAlberdeenGrayBarbarian General Slayer

    The four Harbringers are the final frontier of Danafor. They are dubbed the strongest and most skilled warrior group of the country, at least on par with the Seven Deadly Sins of Liones. They are generally handpicked by the Paladin Holy Knight and King himself. If Danafor has to resort to this group of people, then it really is in deep trouble. They were the ones that ended the war against the Barbarians and brought peace to the capital.

    • The Four Harbringers of the Apocalypse receive Expert to Master Ranks and Tiers.

    Each one of the Harbringers has performed some kind of amazing feature that has made them known not only throughout Danafor but throughout Britannia. An action during a war or a fight that was so baffling that it accredited him a title, an aspect of death. These people have defeated their enemies in such gruesome and effective ways that the Barbarians were the first in a long line of enemies Danafor has made over the years to actually attack the academic center of Britannia. Every Harbringer has a color that represents them and must be alluded to in the app.

    The Harbringers also have a Captain. The strongest of them and the leader of all of the operations. To become the Captain Harbringer, you must imbue the story into your app. Depending on the quality you might be approved or denied. Good luck ~

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