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    Kingdom of Camelot's Plot & Titles



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    Kingdom of Camelot's Plot & Titles

    Post by Britannia on Mon Apr 14, 2014 11:01 pm

    Kingdom of Camelot's Plot & Titles

    The virile and restless Kingdom of Camelot. It has carried the name of the most chaotic Kingdom throughout the decades. The relatively young Kingdom has simple regulations on its politics. There are very few and it is largely based on the concept of free market and liberty of just about everything. The King of Camelot may be the most peculiar part though. He is not elected nor chosen through ancestral determination. The King of Camelot is the strongest warrior in all of Camelot, decided by a biyearly tournament. And now, an extremely young and passionate king has taken the throne.

    The king that had governed Camelot since its foundation passed away several years ago and since then the Round Table he had introduced as the fairest way of governing had been put into effect. The warriors that had been setting out the King's Tournament every two years had never found a worthy opponent that was strong enough to best one of them. But the recent King's tournament brought forth a winner. A young man that was then put on the throne as the King of Camelot. With determination and passion this king heads towards a brighter future with his people. The young but strong Kingdom on the rise seems to have great things ahead of it. Will the other Kingdom's accept this new king with passionate ideas? Only time will tell.

    Holy Knights of Camelot
    King of Camelot
    Knight of the RoundLot WinsliceKnight of the Round
    Knight of the RoundKnight of the Round
    Knight of the RoundKnight of the Round
    Knight of the RoundKnight of the Round
    Knight of the RoundKnight of the Round
    Knight of the RoundKnight of the Round
    Apprentice Holy Knights: Unlimited

    If you wish to become the King of Camelot, you must pay attention to the requirements. The king must still be relatively young, but not too young. He is deemed to be somewhere between 21 and 30. Also said to be highly intelligent and somewhat reckless and arrogant.

    Or do you want to become a Holy Knight of Camelot? You believe you have what it takes to become one of the leader's of Camelot sitting at the Round Table? The Kingdom's political leaders and wisemen? Very well then! If you believe you have what it takes, you must apply in this thread and request one of the Round Table spots. The app you present will affect the Tier and may affect the Rank you receive in the end.

    • The King of Camelot will receive a Master Rank and Tier.
    • The Holy Knights of the Round Table will receive Experienced to Master Ranks and Tiers.
    • The Apprentice Holy Knights will receive Novice to Experienced Ranks and Tiers

    The Rank and Tier you ultimately get are entirely dependent on your Character Application, in which staff will judge your writing skills and content, and then assign you a Rank and Tier on the higher or lower end of the spectrum of possible Ranks and Tiers. Good luck and may Camelot prevail!

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