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    Criminals' Plot and Titles



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    Criminals' Plot and Titles

    Post by Britannia on Mon Apr 14, 2014 11:02 pm

    Criminals' Plot & Titles

    There are people in Britannia that either follow illegal activities or have commited a crime in their past that they are still branded and prosecuted for. These people are called Criminals. Judged and sought after for various reasons, Criminals roam the country in search of shelter, freedom and sometimes even further indulgence in Criminal activities. A large part of these Criminals are actual evil-doers. Assassins, Thieves and Murderers are all part of this group. Overall, Criminals might just be the most colorful group of people as some people regret their crimes while some still go on to commit them over and over. Criminals have no easy life, as those that are known automatically get banned in the three ruling Kingdoms. Usually not even the Barbarian Tribes of the north have anything left over for them and sell them out in exchange for goods and money.

    Criminals, in this day and age have quite a hard time with the amount of Holy Knights existent. Riches to steal are kept extremely secure under the watch of the protectors of Britannia. Political figures to kill are usually Holy Knights themselves which is why assassins find their jobs to be increasingly difficult, the more the Holy Knights amass their rows. Overall, Holy Knights are ordered to capture all Criminals if they encounter them. They even have the permission to kill if it comes to a confrontation. Thus, some Criminals have taken to hiding their identities and leading burgeois lives inside Kingdoms without anyone knowing their true faces. But on the downside, surrounded by Holy Knights is not the situation a Criminal wants to be in once they are figured out.

    Criminals of Britannia
    Most WantedLex IvrendRogue
    Criminals: Unlimited

    So you purposefully wish to turn the entire Britannia against you? You wish to become a Criminal? Someone who's mere name will instill fear and rage upon the Kingdoms? Someone who will be prosecuted for the rest of his life? Very well then! If you believe you have what it takes, you must apply in this thread if you wish to request a title. The app you present and the Title you requested will affect the Tier and Rank you recieve in the end.

    • The Most Wanted gains a Master Ranked Tier
    • Villains gain Expert Ranked Tiers
    • Rogues gain Experienced Ranked Tiers
    • Common Criminals gain anywhere from Apprentice to Experienced Ranked Tiers

    Depending on your choice, you will get a different Rank. The Tier you ultimately get is entirely dependent on your Character Application, in which staff will judge your writing skills and content, and then assign you a Tier on the higher end of the spectrum of your Title's Rank, or the lower end. Good luck and may the world be in your grasp!

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