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    Power: Mental Inebriation

    Harleen Quinzel

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    Power: Mental Inebriation

    Post by Harleen Quinzel on Tue Dec 16, 2014 12:08 am


    Power Name: Mental Inebriation
    Power Type: Mental Manipulation (Illusions)
    Power Description: Harleen has the ability to manipulate the brain signals of those around her. This taints the way their target(s) view the world, or completely changes the world around them, forcing the target(s) to see what Harleen wants to see, and feel what she wants them to feel. Whether it be feeling the physical pain of being caught on fire, or seeing a horrendous massacre of those around you. These visions and feeling can be as innocent as feeling silk, tasting chocolate, seeing a falling star, to feeling bugs under your skin, smelling corpses, and seeing an army of ferocious ghouls. 

    This ability works based on tier. the lower the person tier is in comparison to Harley, the the farther away her powers can reach them. In order to infect someone with her illusions, they must be in range, and must be visible to Harley. In order for Harley to put them under, she must try and sync with the persons nervous system. In order to sync with the nervous system, the person must be standing still. Syncing with a moving target is the same as firing an arrow at a moving target. (Of course, touching the person immediately places them under an illusion, as it acts as a point blank effect). These illusions, of course, do not last forever. Harleen can concentrate, not breaking this concentration for anything. Once this concentration is broken, however, the illusion will start to decay. 

    Strengths: Harleens mental inebriation allows for her to taint the world around a target, or targets, as much as she pleases. Toying with them as much as she pleases. She can influence all five of the senses, making them see, hear, taste, smell, and feel what ever Harleen can think up. Whether it be a fantastical dream come true, or a horrid nightmare come to life. These illusions have no real size restrictions. Harleen can conjure up something as small, and insignificant as an ant, or as large and mighty as a city. The user can have up to 5 people under her illusions at once. 

    Weaknesses: Mental inebriation has a few drawbacks. For starters, some people have the inept ability to detect illusions, or they have trained themselves in being able to detect illusions. This gives them the upper hand, for once they discover it is an illusion, the illusion no longer holds any power. Along with this, Harleen can not get very specific in her illusions. She can not command someone to see dead loved ones, taste their least favorite foods, or even see their greatest fear unless she knows what such a thing is to begin with. She must think up the idea, and plant it into the target(s) mind, manipulating their brain waves. It is like a sort of mental coding that Harleen must create and download into the targets brain. Harleen can only manipulate up to two of the five senses at once. (most commonly using sight and hearing.) Once Harleen gives up concentration, the illusions will start to decay until it is completely gone after 5 posts.

    Fighting Style: Harleen tends to hold this power back until she feels like she needs it. This power Harleen holds terrifies her due to the previous ways she used to use it, ways that ended her up in jail for the slaughtering of holy knights. However, even though she is terrified of this power, it is one of the only offensive things she can do. She tends to limit herself with it, but will use it to over power her opponents. She tends to use it to distract them, making them forget she is even there, and then kills them close ranged. The most common thing of hers is to make the person think they are on fire, for the pain from the fire distracts them even more and causes them to sometimes go into a state of shock.


    -3 Tier40 meters
    -2 Tier30 meters
    -1 Tier25 meters
    Equal Tier20 meters
    +1 Tier15 meters
    +2 Tier10 meters
    +3 Tier5 meters

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    Re: Power: Mental Inebriation

    Post by Britannia on Fri Jan 09, 2015 2:09 am

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