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    Power: Boom


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    Power: Boom

    Post by Sasakure on Wed Jan 07, 2015 4:05 am


    Power Name: Boom
    Power Type: Physical Blast/Fire, something along the lines of that
    Power Description: Boom, enables its wielder to generate powerful explosions, whose sizes can be controlled and manipulated. Sasakure channels her ability through her legs/leg weapons. With a single kick, she can produce flares from the tip of her weapon, which explode when contact is made. The blast radius or distance the enemy is pushed back is dependent on the technique that is used or how strong she desires the explosions to be(The weakest radius being 8 meters and the strongest still unknown since it hasn't reached its full potential, however currently it is at 30 meters)

    Strengths: One of the great perks of having this power is that she is able to blast away enemies or damage them when they come into close contact with her. Those who lack armor deal much more damage due to the fact that they are exposed. The knockback is dependent on the techniques she uses, and since her power hasn't been unlocked fully, her weakest knockback is 8 meters and from there it may rise.
    Weaknesses: Sadly, if Sasakure were to get in the middle of her crossfire, she may damage herself as well as her allies or close friends that do not proceed with caution or get too close to her explosions. Her biggest weakness is the fact that it is able to be countered entirely by a user with Full Counter, or blocked by an armor or weapon strong enough to endure her explosions. When an explosion is set off, dust and debris will fill the air, causing temporary vision loss until the screen dissipates(1 post).
    Since her attacks are quite large in its entirety, preforming a surprise attack is practically impossible.

    Fighting Style: Since her battle style is portrayed as erratic and violent, she is again brutal with her fighting, mainly using her legs as the main source of her strength. She uses a series of kicks and flips to send explosions out when coming into contact with her weapon and normally shows no mercy or self-control in the midst of battle.


    Name: Budding Seed
    Type: Offensive
    Rank: Experienced
    Description: The user sparks a flare at the tip of their weapon, when a person or a weapon comes into contact with said flare it causes an explosion that has a 12 meter blast. There is a possibility of getting pushed back, however unlikely if the enemy is quite heavy. To an average person, they would die of the extreme pressure from the explosion, then get burned afterwards from the heat.
    The user gets pushed back, however only by a few meters.

    Duration: 1 post
    Cooldown: 3 posts

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    Re: Power: Boom

    Post by FieryNyan on Sat Jan 10, 2015 6:34 am

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    Brit, please deduct 400 for the technique!

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