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    Power: Break


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    Power: Break

    Post by Mari on Tue Jan 13, 2015 1:16 am


    Power Name: Break
    Power Type: Aura/Offensive
    Power Description: A very destructive power that uses the ability to generate Aura, a luminous radiation that surrounds a person or objects that could alter the emotions and energy levels of oneself and others. Something that many consider the life energy within everything The user is always consumed within their own aura, whether visible by others is for them to decide. They can generate this aura within oneself and manipulate it to aid them in battle.

    Their aura is like a unsheathed weapon, always at the ready for her to use. The users body is almost always consumed within a thin layer of their aura, invisible to the naked eye of course, until concentrated where it takes the appearance of a translucent light.They are able to use their aura in incoherence with their normal attacks, punches, kicks and strikes to deal more damage. (Damage the equivalent to their own rank).

    When applying to techniques, they focus their aura toward a certain area of their body to increase the strength power of their aura for more strengthened attacks. These techniques average from balls of aura to lengthened beams, that shoot from the palms of their hands. The maximum range that any attack can reach is 55 meters from their physical position. (Master Rank Range).

    Mari believing this to be an extension of her own strength rather then an actual power, she hasn't properly advanced with with power other then it's basic utility that is pushing out raw damage. Hopefully in the near future she can push this power and find other applications this power will unfold.

    - This aura is/can be increased and manipulated because of its supreme forceful nature, it places the user above others in a directly combative scale. Being able to manipulate the aura she is able to increase the size of her attacks to catch large amounts of enemies within an area. Use it as a protective measure, coating herself within a thick layer or producing a barrier to protect more then herself.  
    - This power only allows the user to manifest and manipulate the users own aura to their will. They have no ability to manipulate anyone's aura to aid her in increasing her own or restoring her own.
    - Due to it's need to abuse the users own aura it isn't a power that can withstand stretched out battles for to long. As it weakens the user to an extent. (Can't officially kill the player, without say so)

    Fighting Style: Mari doesn't see this as an inner ability she was born with, she sees this strength as her original strength, nothing more. No true sense of style, she uses whatever she can lay her hands on or her hands themselves if their available. No true elegance but just raw power, dished out with every blow. With occurrence of weapons, she blends both her them and her power into each other, as if a vessel to concentrate her power into a different shape.


    Name: All-Might!
    Type: Aura
    Rank: Master
    Description: Consuming the users hands and forearms in pure power, they lift their arms up above their head in the form of an X. Concentrating their full power into each of their fists, they wreck havoc as soon as they strike downward toward the ground. As soon as contact is made, a large rupture consumes the area about the size of an average town in a array of earth shattering quake. This strike is powerful enough to send a shock wave large enough to clear the skies.

    Duration: 1 Post
    Cooldown: 10 Posts

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    Re: Power: Break

    Post by Britannia on Tue Feb 10, 2015 2:57 am

    This is a go, Approved.

    Cost: [1000] Exp for the Master Rank Technique.

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