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    Power: Executioner's force


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    Power: Executioner's force

    Post by Alberdeen on Sat Jan 10, 2015 7:24 am


    Power Name: Executioner's force.
    Power Type: Gravitational/Physical
    Power Description: Executioner's force, named after the master of its power, The Horseman of Apocalypse, Alberdeen. The power however, is not actual pressure but Alberdeen manipulating the way that gravity affects his body. This allows him to jump higher than humanly possible, to increase his own weight and fall from the sky with such force that most defenses cannot withstand the blows from his ax, and the ability to lighten or burden whatever he touches with his hands.

    However, Alberdeen has done little to advance and develop his power though recent events have changed his view on doing so.

    Strengths: This power allows for Alberdeen to increase his agility by leaps and bounds, turning his sprint into large bounds of open ground and his jumps into gigantic leaps into the sky. He also has the perk of being able to increase the force of gravity on himself, meaning that he can jump into the sky as light as a feather but then come down like a ten tonne truck and crush whatever he landed on in a mix of impact and ax strike. This power can allow for Alberdeen to become as much as 70% lighter, allowing him to utilize his muscles to complete inhuman feats. On the other side of the spectrum, It allows for him to increase his weight up to ten fold (10x his body weight). While this increased weight may seem like an unbearable burden, years of mastery over his power has allowed him to take on the weight and land with it without any sort of physically debilitating repercussions.

    Weaknesses: This incredible power is not without drawback however, as after extended use (six consecutive posts) Alberdeen feels incredible and crippling fatigue. So much so that for some time (four posts) he is hardly capable of even the most basic of movements.  

    Fighting Style: While not a style in and of itself, this power is absolutely devastating when used in conjunction with Alberdeen's incredible martial prowess and his beloved ax. Incredible combinations are to be found with this style, ranging from high altitude ax drops to throwing his massive ax and increasing the "weight" of it to deliver crushing blows. The style is only as limited as Al's imagination, which is hardly what one would call limited.

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    Re: Power: Executioner's force

    Post by FieryNyan on Sun Jan 11, 2015 10:04 am


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