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    Power: Wall

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    Power: Wall

    Post by Axel Rover on Fri Jan 30, 2015 2:31 am


    Power Name: Wall
    Power Type: Defensive
    Power Description: Wall enables Axel to form spherical, defensive barriers that can defend himself (and those he chooses to defend from attacks that could potentially harm them, with a technique). In order to use this power, Axel focuses on one thing, which is protection, so if he is completely bloodlusted, only caring for the defeat of his enemies, it simply won't work. After a barrier is formed however, he doesn't have to keep soley focusing on protection. Once the power is activated, a dark-purple sphere surrounds Axel, with him being the center. At the beginning it is barely big enough for him to fit in it, but he has the ability to expand it up to a 30 meter radius. No matter how big it gets, Axel is always in the center, so a sphere that is 30 meters in radius would put him 30 meters high in the sky. Of course, he can turn, twist and do basic body movements, but he will be suspended in the center until the barrier is broken in one spot or he deactivates it himeself. As the barrier expands, the ground below also moves, succesfully creating a crater. The larger the barrier gets however, the more stamina is taken out of Axel, so if he keeps a maximally large barrier up for multiple minutes, he will become exhausted and won't be able to move as fast as he could, sometimes even being reduced to half his movement speed. In some cases, if he pushes himself, he won't be able to walk at all, or he might even feint. Also, it is noted that instead of protecting his whole body, Axel can choose to place small spherical barriers around his hands, feet, or head, so that way he can still move around and fight while defending himself by using those small barriers as a shield.

    Axel can protect others with his barrier, but first he needs to touch them with any part of his body, and focus on protecting himself and everyone his body is touching. Each person MUST be touching his body in any way for them to become protected. After that, the barrier activates, making each person Axel focused on float to the center, while everyone not touching his hands will be pushed back. Though being able to protect multiple people is very helpful, for each person that is protected, more and more stamina will be taken out of Axel, and faster than if it was just him inside of it.

    In order to break these 'walls' physically with hits, kicks or weapons, a person must be the same rank as Axel, and have level 3 strength. If they are a rank higher, level 2 strength, and if they are 2 or more ranks higher, level 1 strength, and these physical attacks must be in the multiples(at least a dozen), so no one can simply destroy it with one or two hits. Also, anyone strong enough to break the barriers with physical strength can also lift and move them, though it would take a great deal of stamina out of them. In order to break them with an ability, the ability itself has to be the same rank as Axel or higher, and multiple attacks must be used on it. For techniques, it must be either 2 experienced techniques that will break it, 1 expert tech will break it, or Any master or legendary techs will break it and phase through it with full damage to Axel if he gets hit.

    Axel developed this ability a few nights after his best friend Zeppeli died. Due to his rough childhood and the fact that all of his family members died, including Zeppeli, he did not want to just stand by and watch anyone else die who didn't deserve the fate, so his will to protect caused this power to form inside of him, and he has been training to perfect it. After 2 years, he feels that it is now good enough to protect the innocent people of Britannia, and himself.

    Strengths: Because of this power, Axel is defended by a pretty good amount of attacks, and even if it breaks, only the strongest of attacks can actually hit the barrier and then Axel in a row. otherwise, it would just break the barrier, allowing him to continue rushing towards the opponent as if nothing ever happened. also, These barriers can be used to separate people during a fight or for other purposes. Axel would simply place himself in between the two and activate a large barrier.

    Weaknesses: While Axel's wall power is good for defending him and those he wishes to protect, once it is active, without the technique to work around it, he becomes immobile, having to stay suspended in the middle of the barrier until it is broken or he deactivates it. This really limits him in terms of mixing offense with defense. While there are ways to make the barrier a bit offensive, if they don't work, then in most cases the enemy would most likely wait until Axel deactivates, and then attack.

    Fighting Style: Usually, during a battle Axel would rely on his speed to dodge his enemy's attacks, but in some cases, the enemy may be too fast or their attacks may be too wide, forcing him to activate his barrier if he can in time. At that point, he would then deactivate it right after the attack lands, and if it breaks the barrier then it just makes it easier for him to counter, if it didn't phase through it and hit him. Also, Axel likes to use his barriers offensively, jumping above enemies and then activating one, crushing them if they do not move, and if they are weaker than Axel, they will stay down due to not being able to get the really heavy barrier off of them, either falling unconscious or maybe even dying, since the barrier might even close off all paths of oxygen under it.


    Name: Person Encasement
    Type: Defensive, Offensive
    Rank: Experienced
    Description: This technique allows Axel to encase himself or one other person in a barrier that shapes to his or the person's body shape, and it even encases every strand of their hair, making it so that they are as defended as when Axel activates a regular barrier for himself or others, while also being able to attack like they regularly do. If he uses it on another person, they must stay 20 meters close to him however, or the barrier will quickly dissipate. During the encasement, a person cannot use any powers that directly come out of their body or hair.

    Duration: 3 Posts
    Cooldown: 6 Posts

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    Re: Power: Wall

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    Yyyyyep, seems fine for now. [400] Exp for the Technique.

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