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    Power: Discriminate

    Sword'n Shield

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    Power: Discriminate

    Post by Sword'n Shield on Mon Jan 12, 2015 7:40 pm


    Power Name: Discriminate
    Power Type: Mental (Is that a type..?)
    Power Description: A power capable of describing other people's power, like explaining how their power works  by just looking at them. It's as if they are reading the person's ability out of a book. The power's range can extend to up to 25 meters and the user will have to look at the person before he's able to "read" the person's power. It won't take long for the user to gather the information (up to 3 seconds) though the user will have to keep his eyes on the person during these 3 seconds if we wants to successfully gather the info.

    Strengths: The user is able to learn of the person's power by looking at him, giving him a chance to find a weakness in that person's power.
    Although the user is actually granted knowledge of the power, this does not mean he can avoid the ability. He will first have to figure out how to use this information as an advantage. This ability does not provide any physical help in the battle so it relies on the user to carry out the action.

    Fighting Style:
    Saki, when engaged in a battle, will first start off in defensive manner. While he is focusing on defending, he will try and read the opponent's abilities and plot on a way to stop the foe on his or her tracks. Once the information is in his head, he will gradually begin to switch into an offensive manner and use the information he has just gathered to his advantage.

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    Re: Power: Discriminate

    Post by FieryNyan on Thu Jan 15, 2015 8:47 am


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