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    Saki Cross - Adventurer

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    Name : Saki Cross
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    Saki Cross - Adventurer

    Post by Sword'n Shield on Fri Jan 09, 2015 7:54 pm

    Race: Human

    Name: Saki Cross
    Sex: Male
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Sexuality: Straight as a fiddle
    Birthday: 1st May

    Relationships: Single

    Faction: Adventurer
    Title: Wanderer  
    Rank: You choose
    Alignment: Neutral Good


    Height: Last time he checked he was at 1.85 meters
    Weight: Last time he checked he was at 90 kilograms
    Eye Color: Dark Green
    Hair color/style: An "ambitious" perm with the hair sticking out the front of his head, his hair color is a jet black.
    Extra: When looking at a women, there has been sightings that a small love heart can be seen in his eyes.

    Overall Appearance:

    Clothing in this picture is not accurate:

    His shoulder armor:

    Saki appears to look like your typical delinquent, when actually he's trying to dress to impress. His hair is a very well.. "passionate" perm, his jet black hair sticks out in front of him and is combed neatly by Saki. His body is light and carries some muscle though not too much. Covering this body of his is a white dress shirt with the collar always facing upwards and not done properly, around this poorly done collar is a crimson tie. On top of both the shirt and tie is a black, thin coat with vertical white lines located all over the coat and red star on the back of it. The sleeves for the shirt and coat are almost always rolled up. Covering the right shoulder of his is some shoulder armor which is strapped onto him.

    Moving downwards, we can see the black belt which holds up Saki's black baggy trousers which reach down to his long brown boots. Strapped to the belt is a long blade.

    Face Claim: Dandy - (Space Dandy)


    Ladies- Saki is a very passionate lady's man. Whenever he sees an attractive young female, his heart begins cry. The flame which represents his love for females will never die out, only grow stronger as each day passes. He yearns to take a look under every lady's clothing one day.

    Food- Saki enjoys to eat just as much as the next man. The feeling of taking a bite into something delicious and juicy is almost irreplaceable for Saki.

    Exploring- The thought of exploring the world excites Saki, the world is a grand place and Saki has a limited time on it. So he's going to try and use his time effectively and try his best to stumble upon new sights.

    "Cool" Clothing- Saki dresses to impress. He enjoys trying on different clothing and bettering his appearance in any way in hopes of attracting young females.

    Skirts- Skirts are the best things ever created. They're perfect for Saki, he can peek under and he has a crystal clear view of their legs! It's almost perfect!


    Brats- When I say brats, I mean those small annoying children who play all sorts of pranks just to get a good laugh out of it. Saki finds them super annoying.

    Losing a card game- Although this happens often to poor Saki, he still can't get over the feeling of losing a card game.

    Hairstyle getting ruined - Not a big deal but still quite annoying

    Those who harm a lady- Anyone who harms a lady will find themselves in Saki's bad book. Though when he has to absolutely harm a lady, he will. Though he'll never ever forgive himself for doing so.

    Losing those he holds dear- Nearly everyone hates losing a close friend, Saki is one of those people. Losing a close friend is a terrible feeling.


    Ladies- Not only does he like them, they are also a source of motivation for him.

    The Expanding World- Thinking of the ever expanding world always motivates Saki. He wants to behold great sights, sights which will make a grown man like himself cry!


    Growing Old - Growing old scares most people, including poor Saki. Growing old would mean that'd he'd lose his "sexy" charm.

    Dying Single - Ugh. The thought of it sends shivers down Saki's spine

    Being too weak to protect those he loves - Pretty self explanatory, Saki wants to be strong enough to be able to protect those he loves

    Overall Personality:

    Saki Cross is a try hard when it comes to romance. No matter how much he tries to get a female, he's always pushed away and rejected since he's trying way too hard. Though Saki might seem like a perverted creep, he's actually pretty cool once you get to know him properly. He's pretty funny and has some "killer" jokes hidden up his sleeves, well, he at least finds them killer.

    Saki is optimistic and is always looking ahead towards the future, he believes that the future holds something good for everyone and all they have to do is venture out and find it. When he has encountered a problem, he will tackle it with a level headed mind set and will try his best to come to a conclusion which will benefit everyone or at least one set of people.

    Saki, when in battle, will try and find the easy way out. He's not the type to have a raging blood lust or anything. When fighting, he'll usually start acting in a defensive manner and as the battle progresses, he will begin to switch to a more offensive approach.



    Saki was born into a family of travelling merchants. His father and mother traveled across the land dealing and handling different goods. Saki enjoyed accompanying his parents as they traveled since he enjoyed witnessing all the different types of views they came across in their travelling. Once Saki was 9, his father began to teach him the ways of the merchant, how to bargain down prices, where to get the best material, how to navigate etc. Saki wasn't really interested in all this merchant stuff but he tried his best to look excited just so he could please his hard working father.

    Months passed and nothing had really changed. The family were happy and their wealth was slowly growing as time passed. One day, the family decided to settle down for a bit. The father ventured out on a business trip whilst the mother stayed to looked after Saki, the reason the father traveled alone was because the place he was heading was dangerous and he knew full well what the consequences were. However the dealer offered up a large sum of money which he possibly couldn't deny, with that money, he could provide the best care for his family. Unfortunately, news returned that the father had been killed. Saki and his mother were absolutely shocked and they spent the next few months grieving for their lost one.

    Saki was left in his mother's care and that's where he began to develop his strong love for women. Times were peaceful and they had moved on from the past, since they couldn't dwell on it for too long or they'd be wasting their lives. Saki thought back to the business trips he used to go on with his father and mother, the sights he saw were incredible and he wanted to see them again or even discover more beautiful scenery like that. As years passed, Saki began to mature and his perverted ways began to go stronger, this was thanks to the young women that he would often play around or "stalk". His mother noticed this scolded him but that wouldn't erase his strong feelings towards the opposite sex.

    Once Saki was old enough, he decided that he would venture out into the world and discover all those wonderful sights like the ones he and his father saw. He explained his ambition to his mother, who at first declined however after some time of thinking decided to let Saki go. Since she couldn't trap her soon here forever and he was old enough to make decisions by himself. His mother provided him with some of the equipment his father had gathered so that he could protect himself in the world.

    After a tearful goodbye, he set off. So far on his journey, Saki has encountered only a handful of interesting people, one of those people being the one who actually taught him how wield the blade effectively. Saki still isn't the best swordsman, but he's practicing! The reason on why this man had decided to teach a pathetic man such as Saki was because Saki had some similarities to the man's deceased grandson and seeing Saki wield the blade so poorly kind of irritated the man.

    Saki spend days and nights practicing his slashing, piercing, blocking with this man. Once the man felt contempt with Saki's skills, he let him go. Saki offered the man whatever money he had on him however the man declined and requested only one thing.

    "Say, thank you granpda."

    Saki was confused at the man's offer but he did it anyways. It was the least he could do. He waved goodbye to man and resumed his journey across the land.

    RP Sample:


    The scent of booze, sweat and blood oozed from the building Saki was in. He was at around a round table with some cards held in his hands. He looked at them blankly before turning his sight towards the men who sat beside him. These men were much bigger than him, so he doubt that staring a fight would be the best option here. Their eyes were all set on Saki, waiting for him to make a move.

    "C'mon. We ain't got all day." one of the men spat.

    Saki turned back to his cards, they weren't gonna win. All the other cards which were already placed on the table were much higher than his. He was frozen, why was he always the one who last at these kind of games? Why didn't life just cut him some slack? He sighed and and placed his cards on the table causing the men to all smirk and chuckle. He lost, again.

    "Now pay up."

    Saki didn't have any money on him at this very moment so that sentence caused him to panic a bit. He decided to turn to the thing he would always do when he's faced with situations exactly like these ones. Run. He quickly kicked the small round table from the the bottom causing it to flip over, the men slid on their chairs to avoid the table from falling onto them. They were pissed, they turned to look at Saki who had disappeared from his seat.

    He was long gone, he was already outside sprinting down the street. There were too much of them, turning back to fight them would be suicide! Saki smirked at the fact that he had escaped yet again.

    100 games
    100 losses
    0 wins


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    Re: Saki Cross - Adventurer

    Post by FieryNyan on Sun Jan 11, 2015 6:37 am

    Approved as an Experienced Wanderer! (Experienced) Rank, Tier 3-5 with [2.4k] Starter Exp

    All Beta Bonuses apply.

    - All approved characters will receive an additional 15% starting experience (= 360 Exp)
    - All approved characters start with a Holy-Ranked equipment of their choice
    - When first buying skills with Exp, you will receive a 10% cost reduction!

    You may reply with your skill purchase.
    Sword'n Shield

    Name : Saki Cross
    Rank : 3-5
    Title : Wanderer
    EXP : 14452
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    Re: Saki Cross - Adventurer

    Post by Sword'n Shield on Sun Jan 11, 2015 6:17 pm

    Skill Template : 2810

    • Strength Enhancement - Level 2
    • Speed Enhancement - Level 2
    • Damage Recovery - Level 2
    • Pain Resistance - Level 1
    • Stealth - Level 2 (Gonna need that Stealth Wink )
    • Weapon Mastery - Level 1


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    Re: Saki Cross - Adventurer

    Post by Britannia on Sun Jan 11, 2015 9:07 pm

    The cost is [1800] Exp in total, and [1530] after applying the Beta Bonus. That leaves you at [1281] Exp.

    Approved ^^

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    Re: Saki Cross - Adventurer

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