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    Saki power app posts

    Sword'n Shield

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    Re: Saki power app posts

    Post by Sword'n Shield on Tue Jan 13, 2015 7:32 pm

    According to the wiki and this site's canon power list, here's Discrimination's definiton:

    Discriminate: A power capable of describing other people's abitilies, like reading their strengths and weaknesses in a book.

    Anyways, made the edits.^^ (Can always change something back if you want me to Razz ?)

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    Saki power app posts

    Post by FieryNyan on Wed Jan 14, 2015 9:42 am

    Well, I actually hoped that you would actually Roleplay on how you deduce its weakness, but eh(By that, I'm technically giving you the weakness too, but I'd rather see you come up with the weakness.) :/

    You have yet to answer my questions. Do you need to see the power in action, or no? Do you need to concentrate to execute it or just by looking?

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