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    Malin Macleon - Adventurer


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    Malin Macleon - Adventurer

    Post by Davy0 on Tue Dec 16, 2014 7:39 am

    General Information

    Race: Human

    Name: Malin Macleon
    Sex: Sure.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Birthday: 3/24

    Relationships: ---

    Faction: Adventurer
    Title: Mercenary/Wanderer
    Rank: You choose.
    Alignment: Chaotic Good


    Height: 1.73 m
    Weight: 59.87 kg
    Eye Color: Gray
    Hair color/style: Gray; Crew-Cut
    Extra: --

    Overall Appearance:
    So this kid isn't the tallest guy around by any means, and he definitely isn't the darkest. Look at that skin, it's like a shade of white on rice, mixing with a blizzard. Harder to find than a needle in a haystack you say? That's the truth. Along with that he has those dark gray eyes and hair, which looks awesome slicked back and is one of the experiences he likes because it reminds him of his time with Jessica so he keeps it awesome constantly combing it despite not being the most badass fashion guy around.

    So what's next for him but his clothes. Again nothing too flashy, just a black gakuren type shirt with long sleeves, with a red shirt underneath. Some white shorts to clash with that black and red color would make anyone with a great fashion sense wish to slap him into another decade, though the black stripes are a nice touch... Dare them to try, though. Red boots with a white stripe down the middle are his main footwear though these are in tatters, but that's what happens when a guy is constantly traveling around with wear and tear being his middle name. But no worries, he'll try to buy the same pair before I start to roleplay with them. Daddy need's a new pair of shoes, to be sure.

    Face Claim: [Keita Wakui] - (Devil Survivor 2)


    Fighting - It gets the blood going, a good fight can mean the difference between a happy Buster, and a bored one. One's that make his blood boil excitedly are truly the best.

    Adventures - Everyday is a new road to take, and every road has its twists and turns. Narrow straight roads bore him the most so action is always a definite twist to his turn.

    Showing Off - Giving a good show to the people, making people laugh and smile. It's fun.

    Kids - They are just as "childish" as he is.

    People - All shapes and sizes, they interest him too.

    Boredom - A lot of things bore him. Life is too short to be bored.

    Puzzles - They take too long, too much thinking, his brain will explode from all the cranium strains!

    Long Speeches - Hurry it up man, he doesn't have all day. End that "I will rule the world" with a "come and kick my ass" and he'll be happy.

    Oppression - Doesn't know how to spell the word, but he knows the feeling well enough.

    Winter - It freezes his boiling blood, he can't have as many adventures in winter because it's colder and less places can be accessed.

    His Own Hair Being Messy - He uses a comb to keep every hair in place, and gets it cut whenever he thinks it's getting unruly.

    Curiosity - This guy is curious, he wants to see the world for what it is, and not what it isn't. If he can travel the entire world and see every place, he still wouldn't be happy. NEXT STOP! THE GREAT FRONTIER OF SPACE!

    Fights - There are strong people out there, and he's a brawler. Nothing to it.

    Self-Actualization - What's his calling in life? He doesn't know, but he wants to find it and become it. Then find another when that one's done.

    Freedom - He has been given a chance to truly experience the world. Why not take that chance.

    Ice Age - The world being frozen in its tracks and him being the only thing moving. The boredom!

    A truly "Peaceful" world - He wants something to do, if he doesn't have anything to do. Then what doe she do? A question for the ages.

    Spiders - They creep him out. Eight legs, and multiple eyes, in all shapes and sizes. He will genuinely be creeped out in story should someone used arachnids as a weapon.

    Cutting off his limbs - You can't move without limbs. You can't do a damn thing. That's a SCARY thought. Except maybe wobble and shimmy?

    His past - Used to be a dog-like, someone who had done things on command in order to please their master, thus very much like a slave. It was where he got his fighting skills and magical powers in the first place. But the memories, *shiver*.

    Overall Personality:
    This male can be majorly rowdy, he loves a good brawl and hates to be wherever a good brawl can't be as he considers it boring. One could call him hyperactive, as he definitely has a more wild than calm side always looking for the next big thing to do. Enjoying the company of people, he can instantly call someone a friend if he sees that they are good at heart or do such a good thing for others. He can be selfish, not thinking of what others wish above what he wants, which can leave a sour taste in the mouths of teammates and friends alike, rarely showing a sad side unless he is hit very hard emotionally. This guy definitely isn't leader material, showing a great deal of irresponsibility out on the battlefield. He thinks and acts on himself, never thinking of what may happen if he does perform those actions, preferring to take on whatever challenges come to him, head-on and by himself.

    The same can almost be said for leaders of him, he isn't one to completely listen, doesn't like having to sit still and follow plans, and doesn't take many situations seriously making him a pain in the ass to deal with, instead he's usually looking for the best way to tackle situations without needing someone else to fight with him, he's edgy, straight forward and confident in his skills as a fighter, alone. He gets bored easily when things aren't going the way he wishes, and will even talk down to people who bore him, or even do some sort of action to speed up the process instead. He is more likely to have fun then he is to do anything serious, which makes him happy-go-lucky, and somewhat lazy to "work".

    Awkwardly stupid, or again naive, he isn't very good at puzzles though can be a deep thinking when he wishes to be. The added fact that he hates math above all else, as well as strategy in any case makes him the least likely to have a plan when doing something. Thanks to his fighting skills and physical aptitude, he likes to do things quickly, and with lots of "flare" mixed into it. Showing off has become something of a hobby of his, but only when he doesn't think something is serious which shows a deep fun side. He is rarely very serious, not easy to anger, and isn't one to be angered by insults about his person. His lack of intellect and skill at anything else, results in him considering himself only capable of fighting and manual labor.

    His interest in fighting is such that he wishes to be the strongest fighter he can, because he wishes to. He rarely understands relationships above friendships or blood, which means his love life is something of a hassle for those who may be interested. But that doesn't mean he won't protect everyone all the same. Boundless enthusiasm, he doesn't like to sit down and think rationally because life is too short and because of that, whenever he can, he will always go on his next adventure raring and waiting to go. Though not easily angered as told before, don't be an oppressive or manipulative evil bastard to those you consider friends, or else, he will give you a good beating.

    He is pretty good with kids maybe because of his own childishness. He can be an absolute stubborn mess both outside and inside battle. Some even call him hot-blooded when the excitement really gets going as he actually becomes more focused at the peak of a good fight. His instincts are also great, having to fight through all the hardship he has, and learn as he went has made him great at understanding what's going on around him, and the dangers that aren't easily seen around the corner. He can't read very well, nothing more than basic words and sentences as he only learned to talk from observation.


    So this guy is Malin. He has been through a lot in life what with his parents being killed by large beasts and having to deal with the trauma of being an orphan, so what do orphans have to do? They have to survive and thrive on their environment, so he became a thief in order to tip the scales in his favor. Why not be a thief, with all the bullshit going around in those days, with beasts running rampant and rich warriors to steal from, he was oddly content with his life until he saw it.

    The ultimate form of fighting was within his grasp, and the man who had been using it had inspired him. Pugilism, a martial arts from Rome which Malin easily accepted while still young had lead him to, after a long road of hardships, taking on this same man as his master and becoming an apprentice.

    The master wasn't as nice as he seemed, because to teach Malin how to fight, what better way than to constantly put his life on the line. That way, he would learn quickly, his instincts would grow and his strikes would leave no wasted movements. Several deadly off-the-radar tournaments, wilderness treks and death-defying leaps and bounds later the young boy who had sharp reflexes and quick legs gained a fist that could break steel, and legs that could step as gracefully as the wind. Still though, he wasn't a match for the man who taught him that signature style, but that didn't matter because deep inside his soul he wished to be strong knowing that one day he would surpass his master to which the man had agreed.

    During a plague of sorts, that same master died while Malin was in his mid-teens and once more he had to fend for himself. He didn't stop his training, he learned a lot of wilderness survival for his efforts, and also became a mercenary in order to be able to make a living on a daily basis. This happened for two years, and though he was a small runt, his power only grew becoming a skilled and conditioned combatant that took on many challenges, man or beast with his fists.

    So now where does he stand? That's not really known... for with life comes a journey, and his journey hasn't finished yet. And at this crossroads of life, with a thousand roads ahead, a path is there waiting for the young male. He just needs to find it.

    RP Sample:
    "Welcome class, everyone get your textbooks out and remember that today we have a pop-quiz."

    He could hear the sighing of the classroom, they obviously didn't like doing shit like this so why listen to the teachers here. Besides, from eye level the man looks like a scrawny bastard who can't even hold his fists up properly. Let alone fight. The shuffling of papers as they began to move through their things, their bags bumping around repeatedly as the fabrics and leather slid across the floor. Too bad he had no book bag, and a test was out of the question, but he did enter later than his classmates. Still it was a big problem.

    "Also class, we have a new student today..."

    His eyes suddenly perked at the mention, a static in his head going off as if in itself it was a "zip". He smiled widely at this factor, moving to stand from his desk as the teachers arms had pointed towards him. His arms were crossing, moving forward with that smile becoming wider with every step until it became a grin. Suddenly he was at the front of the class staring at all the faces that were watching him.

    "Everyone please welcome him, his name is-"

    He stopped him right there by placing his left arm up and pushing out his index finger. The teacher was on the left of him so that seemed proper, albeit disrespectful for the man himself.

    "Don't introduce me man, don't you know that's rude."

    Ironic in how that act symbolized a lack of respect as well, but the teacher let it slide though as he stepped backwards and crossed his own arms. The young male had undid his, and then arose them into the air as he used his index and middle fingers to perform double peace-signs.

    "Hiya class, how are ya doing, my name is Mac, and I'll be taking over this school with my own hands, one student at a time!"

    That sounded like a Napoleon threat or something, especially since the students themselves started laughing at him. Various voices had spoke during this time as they insulted him. Mac with a shrug and a sigh hadn't been saddened or rustled by such words because he was above such a thing. However the teacher had been watching him with angered eyes and pointed back towards his desk.

    "Sit down, "Mackenzie O'Donnell"!"

    You could see the anger in the teachers eyes. Yet another crazy-ass delinquent to join into the foundations of the school as Mac had growled. Now that was maddening to him, he hated his last name so he went by a different one. But this teacher was now officially getting on his nerves.

    "Yeah, whatever, "Teach"."

    Once more a show of disrespect came. How fun would it be, to have a stand-off with such a man, as the anger showed in his eyes. A rivalry between teacher and student formed. Obedience versus Chaos basically, for as Mac had left the man's side sitting down at his desk, he huffed and laid his head back down. Might as well get some snoring in, why not rest himself...

    About thirty minutes had passed as Mac had slowly done as he set out to. But that was only while he could still sleep, for at some point in those thirty minutes. A forceful strike against the door and everyone's heads shot backwards, a few people even screamed due to the sudden moment of change in atmosphere.

    "What the hell! Why did you do that! What's your name?!"

    The teacher spoke loudly in anger as he started to rush towards the young man who had just vandalized and disrupted class with such a silly question. Mac who had smiled at the build of excitement and the question had stood up without any regret to his actions.

    "That would be me."

    Ignoring his classmates as they took their eyes to him, and the teacher whose mouth was just full of words that he didn't care for. It was this guy now, someone to fight with and whose ass he could surely kick that got him excited. The teacher's eyes had watched the transpiration of this event before moving back behind the class. He wasn't being listened to, wasn't that awful thanks to the nervous air of the classroom? But who cared right now.

    Mac was getting his wish anyway. His eyes went completely to the young man's own crossing his arms once more as a big grin appeared on his face.

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    Re: Malin Macleon - Adventurer

    Post by Britannia on Sat Jan 03, 2015 8:58 pm

    I like simple guys. And this guy is simple in a really touching way. Way to go ^^

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    Re: Malin Macleon - Adventurer

    Post by Davy0 on Sun Jan 04, 2015 11:36 pm

    Skill Template : [4600 EXP]

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    • [Strength Enhancement] - [Lv 2]
    • [Mapping] - [Lv 2]
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    • [Pain Resistance] - [Lv 2]
    • [Multi-Tasking] - [Lv 1]
    • [Damage Resistance] - [Lv 1]


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    Re: Malin Macleon - Adventurer

    Post by Britannia on Sun Jan 04, 2015 11:48 pm

    The skill purchase rounds off at 4200 Exp. The Beta Bonus applies and lowers the cost to 3780 Exp.

    That leaves you with 920 Exp.

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    Re: Malin Macleon - Adventurer

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