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    Sasakure Alma - Adventurer


    Name : Sasakure Alma
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    Sasakure Alma - Adventurer

    Post by Sasakure on Mon Dec 29, 2014 11:41 pm

    General Information

    Race: Human

    Name: Sasakure Alma
    Sex: Female
    Gender: Female
    Age: Mid-20's
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Birthday: 09/09

    Relationships: None that she knows of, Sasakure can be quite forgetful at times.

    Faction: Adventurer
    Title: Wanderer
    Rank: Experienced
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


    Height: 1.6m
    Weight: (in kg)
    Eye Color: 45.35kg
    Hair color/style: Her hair is rather long and messy, it spirals down in wavy curls and covers her rump. The color of her hair is somewhat like an ombre, from purple at the top of her head going to to a light blonde.
    Extra: Her eyes give quite a glow, almost catlike when she is staring at something intently.

    Overall Appearance:
    Sasakure is a fairy short girl with a curvy figure. Her looks are what some consider to be pretty, maybe even beautiful since she hones features that resemble that of a porcelain doll. She has long colorful hair and a pair of golden eyes which appear to penetrate the soul of those who gaze upon them. Her expressions are usually quite happy, so a frown from her is rather rare especially when she is neutral. The young woman is often mistaken as a teenager due to her younger looking appearance.
    Her skin is a pale cream, which is odd since she has been out and about the world.
    Her attire consists of dresses, usually those that stop at her knees or a little shorter since she takes quite a liking to frilly things and lace.

    Face Claim: Hijiri Byakuren - Touhou


    + Peppermint: The flavor agrees with her tongue, it reminds her of winter.
    + Flowers: She has an immense liking to flowers, especially foreign ones.
    + Ruins: Things that were once there and now left untouched by man... Sasakure enjoys stumbling upon such findings.
    + Macabre: Surprisingly enough, she enjoys horror and things of the like.
    + Lace, Dresses, etc.: She has quite a feminine touch to her.

    - Heat: It can get a little stuffy in her clothing since she what she wears isn't usually light.
    - Bitter tasting food: There is nothing she loathes more than having to taste things like Coffee, foods or drinks that are bitter do not settle well in her stomach.
    - Passive Aggression: Those who are aggressive by nature clash with her happy nature, she tends to stay away from people like that.
    - Those who run from a fight: She finds this to be a sign of weakness and will be more than happy to get rid of such trash.

    + Curiosity: Her curiosity drives her to see crevices that have been hidden from the human eye for centuries. Sasakure wants to see everything there is to life and what it means to be alive before she passes on to the next life.

    - Death: Overall, dying is not something that she desires. Though she does kill, she does not want to be killed. Sasakure still has much to see of the world and would much rather keep it that way for as long as possible.
    - Insects: Those disgusting creepy-crawlies. Now she doesn't mind butterflies or moths, but cockroaches and beetles terrify her. The only time she will ever come into contact with a bug is when it is underneath her shoe.

    Overall Personality: Clumsy and ditzy is what one would say when first speaking with Sasakure. She appears awfully kind, in fact no one would really expect her to be an adventurer in the first place. Her often smiling and cheerful nature masks something very sinister underneath, however we will get more into that later. Not only is she clumsy, she is also forgetful. She remembers very little, and the memories she actually has are the profiles of those who manage to get on her bad side. The young woman appears to be well mannered and speaks in a formal tone. She tends to overuse the sound 'ara', which has no meaning to it but is used nonetheless.

    Once you make her an ally or an acquaintance of sorts, prepare to hone a pet name since Sasakure seems to have a little nickname for anyone who manages to befriend her. She is much more cheerful and talkative with those she is comfortable around and not to mention quite motherly as well. The ombre haired woman is rather willing to aid her allies in battle, or take any means necessary in providing their safety when faced with a dangerous situation.

    When one manages to anger her in any fashion, they are immediately faced with great peril and distress. Sasakure still acts cheerful although her often bubbly behavior and nonchalance towards the feelings of others often makes her sociopathic, and playfully enjoys violence to a sadistic degree. With her surface scratched, she finds it hard to control her violent urges and goes all out with her kills, brutally destroying anything in her path or torturing the said target that had upset her. Thankfully, it is very hard to anger her, and the only way to do so if you attack her or be the enemy of one of her allies.

    In a way, Sasakure makes a good ally, and in another way she makes a dangerous enemy to have. Her pretty face is rather deceptive and those who usually fall for her kind facade tend to push aside the fact that she has the blood of a murderer inside of her.


    History: Her life was once peaceful and serene... Sasakure had lived in the mountains with her parents, whom were alchemists of sorts. Their home was surrounded by a field of mountain flowers and all throughout her life she had watched her parents make various concoctions out of the herbs that grew in the mountain range. Life was currently good at the moment, it was great in fact since they were away from destruction and greed that plagued the land.

    However, happiness does not last for long, and what would a good story be without conflict?

    It was a dark night, Sasakure had recalled. She was 10, maybe younger than that. Her mother had just finished brewing tea to help with the recovery of a head cold her petite daughter had caught and her father was at her bed side, watching as she had relaxed in bed. There was a light knocking at the door... Since they had lived so secluded, this struck the family's interest. Her father rose from his chair and quickly left her room, leaving her mother to sit at Sasakure's bedside. The atmosphere was tense, even Sasakure knew and she was just but a child at the time.


    The sound of something colliding with the hardwood floor echoed throughout the household, causing the both of the women to grow still and quiet. "Mother..." The ombre haired girl whispered as she looked up at the pale faced woman, "What's happening?" Sasakure had an immediate urge to sob, however her mother clasped her hand over her mouth and kept her still. She could feel tears running down her face as a low creaking came from the hallway. What had sounded like the footsteps of one, grew into the footsteps of many. From different corners of the house there were bandits, looting and examining the items that had rested on shelves and counters.

    A hand was placed on the doorknob that lead to the child's room and when the door had flung in the two stared into the face of musky looking men, all wreaking of booze and dirt. Lowly bandits they were, no morals whatsoever, and to make things worse they were drunk, most of them at least. There were too many to count for the child and as they entered the room they stripped her mother away from her and raped the poor housewife. By the end of the night her parents were both reduced to malformed corpses.

    "Boss, this one is young and able-bodied, how much do you think we could sell her for?" A fat man chimed. He yanked the girl forward and dragged her to the ground.
    "Hm... I think she's a good price, she's a young one after all," The leader had replied.

    And so, they took her, taking her across the land to a kingdom where she would be sold off as a lowly slave. Her trust, and her sanity were both low, and being a child didn't aid in her survival.

    During her time as a slave, she had met a shady looking fellow, most likely in his mid-30s. He had offered to help her escape, and even give her a place to stay and warm food to eat. Oh how tempting it had sounded, freedom and a place to stay? As untrustworthy as he had appeared, Sasakure accepted his help and together they escaped soundly at night.

    It had turned out that the man who helped her had desired her flesh, not to rape, but to consume. When he had gazed upon the child he found her skin so healthy looking, and thought that maybe if he were to escape with the child, he would have the bonus of freedom as well as a meal to keep him full at night. Although his plan was well thought out, the young Sasakure had managed to turn the tables and kill the man with the knife he so planned on using to skin her.

    Now a free girl she traveled for what seemed to be years, her past making her grow hardier and stronger in a way. She had seen many things, traveled far, and destroyed creatures that were assumed to be legend. Sasakure trained herself, and grew more experienced with each passing year.

    RP Sample:
    RP sample:
    Ah, so this man has known the pain of the Plague before? Padma herself had imagined what it would be like, but to experience it first hand was out of the question. Wander, that was his name, wasn't it... He had such an interesting life, one that people would dream of having. Training under what could be considered the most intelligent race in the land... How envious Padma was. "I see," The young woman nodded her head and leaned forward. Her chin rested on her clasped hands as she had imagined what life would be like through the eyes of the young man. How could someone forget such a figure? The witch had never heard of him during her own travels, but he has done many things. He's completed merits in such a short timeframe it would seem.

    "You must have been lucky... To survive I mean." She commented as he had seemingly finished his tall tale, "Life is short, of course we all know that, especially those who have almost felt the cold hand of death caress their cheek... Yet, you are willing to pursue what had almost killed you the first time?" The red-haired girl chuckled lightly and shook her head. "What an admirable trait, Wander." Padma let out a small sigh and blinked slowly, acknowledging his intent on catching a glimpse of the Black Angel. "What if she does come? What then?"

    Ah yes, the Black Angel. She who cured the Plague and ate those who were no longer considered humanoid. If she was to ever be captured by the mage, would she listen to their words? This... This was practically slavery to a certain degree. Sure, these people wanted to change the world and end the Plague to benefit everyone, but they were manipulating a form of life in order to complete their goal... Sacrifice one to satisfy millions. The Black Angel was a rare creature... Some had mentioned that she was beautiful and elegant in a way, yet others say that she is frightening and fowl. There was a slim chance of this elusive creature to even show up, but if she did, would their trap really work in the end? And if she were to manage breaking away... They all might make her fill up on wrath and revenge for their actions.

    Source: Gaia RP I'm Goddess Skaia with the character Padma

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    Re: Sasakure Alma - Adventurer

    Post by Britannia on Sat Jan 03, 2015 8:29 pm

    Kitty's got claws ~ I like her.

    Pre-approved for [Experienced] Rank-Tier [3-2] at [3600] Exp

    All Beta bonuses apply.

    - All approved characters will receive an additional 15% starting experience (= 540 Exp)
    - All approved characters start with a Holy-Ranked equipment of their choice
    - When first buying skills with Exp, you will receive a 10% cost reduction!

    You may reply with your skill purchase.

    Name : Sasakure Alma
    Rank : 3-2
    Title : Wanderer
    EXP : 14881
    Posts : 19

    Re: Sasakure Alma - Adventurer

    Post by Sasakure on Wed Jan 07, 2015 1:38 am

    Skill Template : 4338(Hopefully the numbers are right)

    • Strength Enhancement - Level 3
    • Speed Enhancement - Level 2
    • Damage Recovery - Level 2
    • Pain Resistance - Level 1
    • Hand to Hand - Level 3
    • Power Suppression - Level 2
    • Power Sensory - Level 1
    • Battle Readiness - Level 2

    I can't even math


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    Name : Great Britain
    Rank : Country
    Title : Island
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    Re: Sasakure Alma - Adventurer

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    Your purchase rounds off at 4200 Exp. After applying the Beta Bonus it ends up at [3780] Exp.

    This leaves you at [599] Exp.

    You still get your free Holy Ranked Equipment to apply.


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    Re: Sasakure Alma - Adventurer

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