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    Shinobi Seken RP


    Shinobi Seken RP

    Post by ssrp on Tue Jan 06, 2015 1:47 am


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    [i]Welcome, to [b]Shinobi Seken Roleplay[/b], a board that values good roleplay above everything else. We have found a balance between an exciting system and simple procedures, ensuring that your roleplaying experience here will be a time well spent. We've got a vast archive of jutsu, a recently updated clan archive, a friendly staff-team, and the whole shinobi world waiting for someone to change it.
    The core of our community is in the stories and small-scale events that players create themselves, ultimatevely creating a plot and a timeline for everyone to follow. Our board, hosted on Zetaboards, is deeply modified, and it offers a semi-automized system. You're able to choose your jutsu from the post area itself, and we've done everything to provide the member-base more fun, and less worrying about coding and errors.
    Choose to put your character in one of 5 major countries, lead him to be a village leader, a loyal warrior, or a misfit who finds happiness in roaming the free world, it's your call. Come on, join us at Shinobi Gaiden Roleplay![/i]

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