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    Enchantment: "Overlord"


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    Enchantment: "Overlord"

    Post by Mari on Sat Dec 06, 2014 10:17 pm


    Name: "Overlord"
    Type: Passive/Supportive
    Rank: Experienced
    Description: A rare enchantment that cannot be obtained through training. The enchantment grants the user the ability to dominate the wills of others. This power is something similar to the ability to manipulate ones or others own emotions, where the user is able to affect their feelings, moods and experience of things.

    Overlord itself grants the user the ability to augment or empower their allies emotions within battle. Where their emotions are used at the top of their standards to keep themselves alive. With their emotions literally open for the taking, the user can simply augment their anger to push them to their limits and extend their battle prowess and strength. Or their fear of death, removed completely and pushed toward into battle, or even strengthened so that she can cause them to run away. She can only augment one emotion per person, in which one person can be increased in anger while another in fear.  

    Depending on the strength of those she's attempting to augment, she can actually be unable to increase their emotions to their fullest extent. Their will as a whole is more stronger then Mari's ability to increase their emotions, like being overpowered by her own game. The effectiveness of this ability increases with the less amount of people she needs to use it on. The largest amount of people she's attempted to use this on was 4. Whereas the radius she can use it is within 40 meters.  

    There are a few limitations to this power that was founded through it's use and one is where the user cannot augment their own emotions. To increase or decrease their fear, anger or sadness is unavailable through its use but they are able to help others overcome their fears. Another limitation is that the emotions have to be there already before she can actually use them, which is why she uses them within battle rather then just anywhere. It's not the ability to manipulate emotions but to augment.

    It can affect a maximum number of 4 people per thread, but the effect would be lost once you move out of the range 40 meters, from their physical position. She can use her ability twice on those she chooses before their own mind becomes "immune" to the effect for that time, as well as being unable to effect them if they are unavailable. The effect would be lost once she is rendered unable to fight/pass out or receive severe damage.

    Duration: Active as long as targets stay in range (Of 40m)
    CoolDown: Can only be used 4 times per thread, and twice on the same person, effects gets lost once a target moves out of range or the user is incapitated

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    Re: Enchantment: "Overlord"

    Post by Britannia on Tue Jan 20, 2015 5:52 pm


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