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    Lot Winslice

    Post by Lot Winslice on Thu Dec 04, 2014 4:57 am

    General Information

    Race: Fairy

    Name: Lot Winslice
    Sex: Male
    Gender: Male
    Age: 712
    Sexuality: Straight
    Birthday: 11/11

    Relationships: Single

    Faction: Kingdom of Camelot
    Title: Knight of the Round
    Rank: Master
    Alignment: Neutral Good


    Height: 1.83 m (actually 1.3 meters)
    Weight: 80.6 kg
    Eye Color: Green
    Hair color/style:
    He tends to keep his hair braided back in a long ponytail that reaches the tops of his thighs. It's created from three strands of hair neatly every day by his maid, and held together by a sapphire jewel, a symbol of the Winslice family lineage. He doesn't tie it all back however, and the front of his hair falls into a gentle mess around his face. When he isn't afraid to get messy, however, he'll let it down, but this rarely happens as he tends to wear full body armor into battle anyways. He was born with beautiful locks of blonde hair and his careful care of it has lead to it being very lush and having a beautiful sheen. Of course, much of this care comes from his maid, but he knows how to do it himself should he have to. There are times when he'll wear his hair differently, for example, during important formal events like the announcing of the king, the meeting between himself and another important figure, or a wedding of a noble, he will don multiple braids, held together by brass rings, and tie them together with a golden, silver, or bronze silk bow. The  more strands in his braid, the more important the event. At a coronation, he may wear up to 10 braids, and pull all of his hair back, including his bangs.

    He is a large fan of jewelry. Apart from the sapphire gem holding his braid together, he also has matching aquamarine teardrop earrings that dangle from silver chains on both of his earlobes. His third and final accessory would be the gold necklace he wears beneath his jabot and his dress shirt. It has the insignia of the Winslice family, which is two swords crossing over an axe.

    Overall Appearance:

    Lot is an attractive man to be blunt. Ignoring what has been said about his hair, he dresses very stylishly, in expensive suits of green and white and ruffled Jabots of the finest silk. His vast collection of costly clothing comes from his family and his own purchases with the Winslice family's wealth. He tends to stick to his favorite color green, but will occasionally wear other colors depending on the situation. This is, of course, most of the time whenever he is not wearing armor. When he's in a large war, before he dons the shell of metal, he'll wear a simple dress shirt and comfortable corduroy pants. Should the weather be particularly cold, he'll wear dark scarves of cloth, but not much else changes about his garb.

    As far as his body goes. he's actually quite muscular under those fancy garments. After all, how else do you think he's managed to become a holy knight? Training from the Winslice family is tough, and after undergoing their regimen, he's become quite well toned, but still slim enough to move effectively and preform graceful swordplay. Considering he typically wears lavish clothing or armor, there's not many times when a person could see his actual muscular structure however, so it doesn't play that much of a factor in his physical appeal.

    His facial features, as is custom with many of the men of his family, are quite feminine. Some people would probably think that he was a woman, were it not for his physical build. Even then, his clothes hide his body's definition, and this causes some people to mistake him for a girl, a mistake which leads them down a path of pain. Although one of his technical titles is "The Maiden's Knight" there are many who have never seen him that misheard this as "The Maiden Knight," which causes even more confusion. On the other hand, Lot's face is still quite handsome because of it's feminine nature. His appearance is soft and kind, which is very appealing to some people

    Fairy Form:

    Secretly he has the appearance of a typical fairy. Childish and innocent, despite his considerable age compared to humans, he hides this body behind his human guise whenever he isn't wearing armor. When his body is concealed by metal he will change into this form should he want to use his fairy powers instead of relying on human strength. He normally will wear the same clothing as he did when he's full size. Sometimes he'll wander around his house in this form, considering all of the others in his home are fairies anyways, but he's pretty good at swiftly changing into his human form when he hears a guest enter the home. Of course, we have the question of what people say when Lot is in armor and somehow is a good foot shorter than normal. Well, the simple answer is that they don't say anything. They know not to or else face the wrath of a Knight of the Round. Those who do not know this are in for a good punishment should they question him about it.

    Face Claim:
    [Jack Vessalius] - (Pandora Hearts)
    [Len Kagamine] - (Vocaloids)



    Women: Lot isn't called "The Maiden's Knight" for nothing. He's a huge ladies man, a fact that is greatly encouraged by his good looks. It's not uncommon to find him charming women in bars at night or having a soiree with a beautiful young girl. He has a way with words that weaves it's way into women's hearts, and he talks with a tone that carries tremendous amounts of weight and substance. Thus he is relatively unhindered in his indulgence of maidens. Then again, he's not just a lady hunter. He also is more likely to protect a woman in danger than a man, for various inexplicable tendencies. He just outright enjoys women's company more, as he finds most of the male knights to be to rough and not sensitive enough to appreciate life.

    Wealth: It's not so much that he's greedy, but he takes tremendous wealth for granted. Coming from a long line of rich Knights of the Round, he was already trained in advanced language and etiquette, part of the latter involving the use and meaning of wealth. He doesn't care much however. He has money to spare and will spare it, whether it's at his own expense or of those who he believe need something. This has lead to him earning significant trust and approval amongst the citizens of Camelot, as he is proud to share his wealth with them. In actuality, however, were he to loose too much of his riches, he would despair in his inability to partake in a lavish life, and would realize how spoiled he truly was. This is why it's important he keep his wealth and power.

    Power: Speaking of which, another thing Lot enjoys is power of any sort. This means physical strength, magical strength, high ability in smithery, impressive skills in speech and persuasion, military power, impressive knowledge, and talents in the arts. Because of this wide description of power, he often finds something to look up to in most every person, and thus is able to bond with them well. He also could view them as a challenge or target, in which case he'll become a ferocious rival to his superior.

    The King: He has his reasons, but Lot is fiercely devoted to the King of Camelot. The Winslice is probably one of, if not the most loyal knight to his majesty. Although this is uncommon for others in his family who were Knights of the Round, he would gladly put his life at stack for the King's whims, and would even attempt to insist that he dealt with challengers so the King wouldn't have to waste his time. Because they are somewhat close in age, Lot thinks of the King as a brother, and treats him this way when they aren't in public. He is determined that this king's wishes for Camelot come true.

    Family: Similarly, Lot is extremely devoted to his family. They are the most important treasures to him next to the King. He never had any siblings, which may be why he replaced them with the King, but his elderly mother and father are his most favorite things in the family household of gold, silver, and silk. His cousins and several young second nieces and nephews are also residents of the house, and similarly are people he'd guard with his life. Were anything to happen to his family, he'd seek endless vengeance upon the person who did them wrong, regardless of previous relations. The bubbly ladies man would become his own Judge, Jury, and executioner who convicts people only based on personal grudge. He would treat his wife the same way if he ever settled down.


    Superiority: He doesn't dislike superiority as in those who are above him, but rather those who gloat in their superiority to others, regardless of whether that gloating is directed at him or not. He'll go out of his way to prove people like this wrong, and will even end up going all out should the need arrive. This is especially true of people who consider themselves above Camelot, its people, its king, or its rules. Since Camelot's system of government is based off of people overpowering others, he takes power very seriously and treats it as something to be thankful for, not to rub in people's faces. That's most likely why he reacts this way no matter where he is. This also extends to his fellow Knights of the Round Table.

    Threats to Camelot: He's very faithful to Camelot. If you were to harm or threaten it in any way, Lot would not hesitate to charge off by himself to punish you, regardless of whether or not the King or the other knights approve of his actions. He's even willing to break the law and become an enemy of the kingdom if he thinks it would help protect Camelot in some way. The Winslice Wolf (his family's sword) is something he'd only ever use when Camelot is in direct harm from an incredibly  powerful enemy, which further enforces the idea that he holds the protection of his kingdom to be one of the most important values in his life.

    Those Who Claim that They Want to be Holy Knights in Camelot: He doesn't dislike them per say, but rather is skeptical of them. He wants to make sure that Camelot is one hundred percent safe from harm, and that their top line of defense is fit for being able to fight against people like the Seven Deadly Sins of Liones and the Harbingers of the Apocalypse of Danafor. He'll even go to extreme lengths such as assigning ridiculous tasks to new members or personally going through the trouble of fighting them one on one. It's said that this is one of few times he can be unnecessarily mean. People claim that if a knight had a problem controlling himself with women, he would force him to stay 7 days in an all woman spa without trying to do anything, or if a new knight utilized fire, he would make them fight in a dry field without burning any plants.

    People Knowing He's a Fairy: Although he's not ashamed of who he is, it irks him that some people know he's a fairy, or at least acknowledge it. He worked hard to fit in with the rest of society after rumors spread of a fairy chosen among Britannia's warriors to be a Knight of the Round, as most people thought the former king would choose humans and people in his own kingdom of Camelot for that job. He doesn't want to lose the respect he earned by pretending to be human and so he doesn't reveal it to many. After all, after all these years the reaction could be completely devastating by the people, and that's the last thing he wants. Thus, he does his best to hide his fairy identity, claiming that the people in his house are his adoptive family and random maids and servants.

    Cheese: For whatever reason Lot hates the taste, smell, texture, and anything that reminds him of cheese. He likes milk and other dairy products, but not cheese. He detests it completely, and will carry around nose plugs in case the smell of cheese happens to be in the area. Legend says he once stepped in cheese and immediately hid in his home, washing himself for several days before finally returning to the world, completely purged of any particle of cheese that had previously been in his clothes or on his skin.


    Defend What's Important to Him: It all really boils down to this: Lot's life consists of the things he wants to protect. His family, his status, his privilege, his status, his kingdom, his king, his fellow knights. It's all important to him, and he believes that his life's purpose is to make sure no harm comes to these things. It is his one true motivation in life and it would shatter him every time he failed in his mission. Then again, for every thing he loses, he becomes more motivated to protect what's left, to the point where if there was only one thing left that he cared about, he would refuse to guard it less than 24/7, staying by it's side for the rest of his life.


    Losing What's Important to Him: Conversely, his biggest fear is losing those things that he's trying to protect. Because he has physical things that make up his stability and drive, it's theoretically easy to break him by triggering his greatest fear. Then again, the more you push this fear, the greater the response will be against you. Although Lot is noble, he's not above holding grudges and taking revenge on those that have harmed him or those close to him.

    Bats: Lot has a petrifying fear of bats. Ever since he was a child being around bats has effected him irrationally on a mental level. It's his only physical phobia. Over the years it's improved from being absolutely petrified when he sees one to merely being extremely nervous and tripping up from time to time due to this agitation. Recently however, it's gotten worse due to "the event" (discussed in history). When he sees a bat he is unable to progress anywhere closer to it and will try to get away the best he can. If he's touched by one or even if they get too close he gets extremely nauseous and there's a high chance he'll vomit. Even when people talk about them he get's queasy.

    Heights: As a fairy he never had a problem with things like heights. As a human... that's a different story. For whatever reason when he's up high and in his non flying form he becomes extremely paranoid. To sum it up, only in his human form does he have acrophobia. This is why he'll avoid going up high when he's not in his armored disguise. He also is extremely terrified at the thought of changing into his human form while he's flying in his fairy form, and doesn't like when people bring up the idea of falling.

    Overall Personality:

    As you might have gathered, Lot is a very protective person. Grow close with him and earn his allegiance, you As you might have gathered, Lot is a very protective person. Grow close with him and earn his allegiance, you will always have a "human shield" per say to rely on. He is proud of this fact and won't let his skill as a guardian go unnoticed or let it be undermined. If you insult something this core in his moral belief then you deserve whatever punishment he ends up dealing upon you. He enjoys being recognized for protecting people, and it's actually one of the major joys of his life as a Knight of the Round, but the greatest pleasure to him is his determination to keep Camelot safe, regardless of the reward.

    A second aspect of this royal knight is his familial bonding. Along with his birth family, the Winslices, he treats the king in a brotherly manner. Oddly enough, Lot is very much the older brother figure. He's the one who is a voice of reason in the king's boldness and also the voice of wisdom behind the king's contemplation. Despite this he is also the first person who would jump into a fight alongside the king, or set off on a dangerous adventure no matter how difficult the road looks. His loyalty to the king is the same as it is to his own family, perhaps even more so according to some people. This is debatable however, as his parents are well past the age to get into battles or go on quests anyways. Thus his loyalty to them is shown in a different way, which is his constant pampering of them and willingness to do whatever it is that they are unable to due to their geriatric state.

    Lot is of course quite the ladies man. It's said he has tried to, and succeeded in, seduce nearly 87% percent of all women in Camelot. It's suspected by some that this is a rumor he made up however, which is probably true, but only in the aspect that he succeeded. In fact, he probably tried to seduce about 95% of women in Camelot. Keep in mind we're only talking about those of legal age of course, it's not like he's the sort of weirdo that goes around trying to woo children and babies. Ironically enough, however, his true form is that of a child. That tends to not go over well with human women, which is another reason he keeps his true identity a secret. Secretly, his favorite type of woman is one who's shorter than average, has long red hair, green eyes, and can hold her own in a battle against him. He likes it when he's able to make even a powerful lady swoon.

    I wouldn't go so far as to call him cruel. More like curious. I'm speaking of course about his tendencies around new recruits and the "unique" trials he puts him through. He's cold and manipulating to fresh meat, but only because of the high expectations and intense worry he has for their and the kingdom's safety. Once they have proven themselves to Lot, he becomes much warmer to them, and has a habit of treating them to their favorite meal once they've survived the tortu--- I mean--- passed their test. He does have enough wealth to do this after all, and he is always happy to see that Camelot will be in good hands should he fail to fulfill his duties or pass away. He's curious in another sense as well. He doesn't recall ever meeting any fairy other than those inside Camelot. In fact, he hasn't been to the Fairy King's Forest since he was born there, as his family stayed in Camelot under human guises to allow their son to have a good life in that country (topic further discussed in history). Because of this, he longs to one day go there and see what the rest of his people are like in the kingdom his race calls it's own. He is worried however, how it might effect his loyalty to Camelot, and whether they'll expect him to come back and live there.

    In battle Lot is an odd character. He of course prefers to stay in his human form, but his unique abilities allow him to use the same weaponry in either form. It's just awkward when people ask why he's shorter and can suddenly fly. He now tries to say it's just an odd ability of his armor however (despite the fact that this is entirely false) which he refuses to ever remove. This does mean he's become skilled in fighting as a human, using their durability to his advantage. This does not mean, however, that he's lost his edge as a fairy. His flight speed is on par like any other of his race that is at the level he is. His power "The Martyr's Judgement" allows him to fully utilize both skill sets equally. That's not the oddest thing however. He has a name for almost every attack he uses. Sometimes he'll come up with several names for the same movement. He'll always shout one of them out loud however, that's for sure. This leads to more serious fighters who are his ally being potentially embarrassed during battle, especially since some of these names, such as "Bunny Leaps Towards Destiny!" and "Fist of the North Star!" seem cheesy or silly.

    Lot's drive to protect the kingdom is extremely strong, which is actually reflected in his arsenal. Every skill and item he has reflects part of Camelot he wishes to protect or a method by which he wishes to protect it. In fact, he's gone so far that he's planned something known as the "Seven Heavenly Virtues." These are seven conceptual items with which Lot plans to use alongside the Knights of the Round to make Camelot unstoppable. Unfortunately none of these actually exist as of yet.



    Lot was born in to the head of the Winslice family and his wife, Gawain and Morgouse Winslice. They moved to a village just outside Camelot for reason's unknown and worked for 5 years with their good friend and "maid" Anna as jewel peddlers. These three all had incredible prowess with their transformation as well as years of adventuring experience. The amazing stones and treasure they uncovered with their archaeological skills allowed them to become extremely wealthy extremely fast, and their constant transformation was enough to convince all of whatever village they stayed in to believe they were humans and treat them as such. In order to avoid the questions of age, they moved from city to city, village to village, as hundreds of years passed by. The budding boy Lot however was never allowed to be show his face, as they knew well he wouldn't be able to keep from showing his powers to everyone. They trained him without mercy for 710 years, creating a warrior of nearly unparalleled prowess, loyalty, and kindness. He was able to master his human form as well as become a better fighter than either of his parents ever had ever been, even in their prime years (since they were almost triple his age and the last fight they got in was quite a while before Lot's birth).

    Now that the family assumed it was time to move off, they went to Camelot at long last. On Lot's first day in the real world, he was flushed with stimuli. New challengers to fight in a rough and tough town filled with only the best and strongest battlers. New food to taste, the greasy, sloppy, sweet, and spicy flavors, as well as all those meats drenched in thick sauces. He didn't much care for any of this food called "cheese" but that was fine. There were enough options there that he didn't require cheese to still have an amazing meal every day. Oh but most of all there was one new thing that he loved. See, in his seven hundred ten years as essentially a high security prisoner, he had felt empty. Keep in mind this is the equivalent, of keeping a person in solitary confinement for twenty six years where he can only see his mother, father, and a maid, all of whom are approaching age eighty. That's right, he had felt like he was longing for something ever since he was 340. He had gone through puberty without ever meeting a girl his age. Now that he could gaze upon all these beauties, experiencing the sight of a woman's curves for the first time, he finally felt whole. Living in the city truly was a great life.

    How did he come to become a royal knight then if he was so exuberant? Well, the story goes like this: He had his favorite meat shop that he liked to go to and he knew all the servers there by name. The fairy at least went once every three days, if not more, and so he cane to treat them all as his best friends, almost even to the point of family. One time when he went there however, he noticed a young new server. A woman that held his attention more than any other both in physical form and in her words and thoughts. He had experienced infatuation plenty of times, but now he, a hardened fighter (albeit an eccentric one) was blushing and stuttering around a random woman. What was this feeling. Upon asking this to his maid, she merely laughed, and called it by the name of love. Lot understood that he wanted more of this love, and so he went to the shop more and more often , sometimes without even buying anything, just so he could talk with the woman. Her name was Morcades, and she would be the bowstring that launched the arrow of the despair into Lot's fast paced life. The arrow that would stop his world dead in it's tracks.

    The blonde boy ran as fast as he could. All he heard were the words tragedy and Azregal Meat Shop and he knew there had to be something wrong. Lot couldn't  bare to imagine what horrors had happened. Little did he know that what had transpired was far worse than anything he could imagine. He dropped to his knees as he entered. People with awful looks on their faces gazed on at the horror before any of the Holy Knights arrived on the scene. Blood was splattered every where. In every crevice, every cupboard, every oven, on every chopping block, every stove, every table chair and countertop there was a pile of remains. Not a body. A lump of flesh barely recognizable as human, let alone as a specific person. At that time Lot let out the second most pained scream he would know up to this date. His friends were slaughtered. The people who he had developed the closes bonds with since he was allowed to venture out into the open; they were all gone forever and there was nothing lot could have done about it. In a moment he froze. Running to the back room he tore through the doors searching for her. He needed to make sure Morcades was at least alright. He finally heard some sniffling coming from a barrel in the room where they kept the ale. The fairy lifted the lid, only to find the girl, slightly hurt, but otherwise very much alive. They embraced for what felt like ages as they mourned their losses. Morcades wished in her thoughts that she'd never have to witness someone being killed like that again, while Lot vowed to take revenge. Unfortunately only one of their wishes would end up coming true.

    For the next year, the two worked together to try and recuperate from the traumatizing experience they had. The Holy Knights were unable to find any leads on who the murderer could have been, and Morcades only described them as "cloaked" and "men" which she had inferred based on their voices. Lot meanwhile attempted to train himself to harness something known as a power. He had heard that powers were inherent in everyone, and gave the user a huge upper hand in battle. If he could discover his power, there was a better chance of him taking that revenge he sword to. Lot joined the Holy Knights, and fought for glory and power alongside the others. Although Morcades feared for his safety, he would always promise to return to her safely, she promised to always await him patiently, and they always delivered on those promises. It was around this time when Lot moved in with Morcades and they began sleeping in the same bed. They were happy at this time.

    It was July 18th, The day before Morcades's birthday. Lot finally felt like it was time. He would propose to her that night when he got home. Their fates would finally become intertwined in the tightest way possible and their love would become unshakable. With a red blush on his cheeks and a sparkle in his eye, he came home with a ring hidden in his armor. Morcades was nowhere to be found. There was a piece of paper however. It read: "We are the Chiropto Cult, the ones who committed the mass murder a year ago today. If you wish to see this girl alive again, meet us by the forest outside of the kingdom (Coor.: 434.66, 687.66). Be prepared to exchange your life for hers." Lot's spirit burned red hot with anger. His blood rushed and pumped faster then ever. He was still red, but not with blush, now with fury. How dare they come back to the man who wished for their demise more than anyone and steal away what matters to him most?! It's the duty of a Holy Knight to show this cult what happens when they break the law this severely. Even without a power, he was confident in his fighting ability. He could take them on easily.

    Arriving at the designated spot, Lot was armed with only his trusty Camelot issued sword for Holy Knights. He entered a cave where the coordinates were listed on the sheet. Once again, his spirit shattered. A corpse lay on the floor, being devoured bit by bit by none other than his worst nightmare. A colony of bats. each one plucking a bit of flesh off of that soft body. The body of Morcades. The scream he let out was not just pain. It was pain, fury, heartbreak, misery, and nothingness in one simple sound. He would not let this go unpunished. Suddenly heard people laugh at him from above. Looking up he saw the members of the cult greedily looking at the feasting bats and Lot himself. He rose to his feet as the supposed leader spoke.

    "Greetings Lot Winslice. I am Drake van Drake, as you can see, my power is to control bats. Indeed I am a powered fighter, and thus there is no way for you to beat me. That's how it was so easy to kill all of those people in the meat shop. Of course, when I heard there were survivors I knew we had to wipe them o--- well, I just thought about how dreadful it must be to know that your friends had died. Let me tell you something knight. If you can't protect the things you care about, you don't deserve to live," he swung his hand "So go ahead and accept your death!" he shouted as a storm of bats flew off of Morcades's body towards his own.

    He glared up and gracefully swayed his arm this way and that. In a split second all of the leathery creatures fell apart into quarters and halves. Not a single one remained in one piece. Lot glared at the now frightened cult leader as he walked forward, "To deal with pain, one must know pain. I now know what true pain feels like. I now know what it's like to die," he said getting closer and closer as the cult backed away at the same pace, "Have you ever died? The answer is no, and so you shouldn't commit these meaningless murders. And yet you have. Thus I have no choice. I, the Martyr of fate itself, will judge your pain. In the name of Camelot, I have deemed that the punishment for your sin of mass murder and mutilation can only be..." he paused and then spun around in a swift circle, "death." The cave fell into two pieces as the top half crumbled. Meanwhile, the cultists bodies began to separate across their midsections, each one of them bisected in one fell swoop. His power had awakened from the sheer intensity of emotion in that moment. For his power, The Martyr's Judgement could only be used by someone who has suffered a fate worse than death for something they believe in. At the cost of this awakened power, he now had to carry the body of his one true beloved back to Camelot and explain what happened to everyone. He kneeled down and brushed his lover's face, closing her eyes. Her head was one thing the bats had left untouched. Gently stroking her cheek tears fell as he whispered to her unconscious body, "I'll return to you safe and sound as always one day. Just promise me you'll wait for me this one last time." He then lifted her up and took her back to Camelot.

    Another Year passed. Lot now lived in his parent's mansion once more. He turned the lot where his old house with Morcades was into a memorial for those that died in the murders of the Chiropto Cult, and only left the house to tend to the flowers and other plants there, as well as to pray and give gifts at Morcades's grave. No one ever managed to catch sight of him there however. Then one day his life would change for the better once more when a letter came in the door. The king requested help from him for his elite group of Holy Knights: The Knights of the Round. Lot decided it was about time he did something with his life, and finally he found joy again. The fairy was a guardian once more. Soon he returned to his old self, chipper and playful, so much so that many people forgot his involvement in the events that led to the death of Morcades. The knight himself will never forget however. That dark shadow will always loom over his head, and will always drive him to protect the things he cares about most. That is why he is a knight.

    RP Sample:

    The world he was in was soft, pink, and fluffy. No doubt about it, this was a dream. He had these often. When he would be floating in a world of nothingness. These are the times when she would appear. Feeling a soft presence hovering over his lips, he blinked an there she was. Morcades was floating with him, the two of them in a tight embrace, lips pressed together the way it had been before that incident happened. This was not a dream however. Lot knew what happened next. Her body changed shape and color until she took the form of an enormous bat. He was then swallowed by the creature. He would futilely swim around inside the beast, but there was no escape, only darkness.

    He heard a knock on the door, "Master Lot, are you alright? I heard what sounded like thrashing coming from your room and was concerned for your safety. Would you like something to drink? Something to eat? Would you like to go on a walk for some fresh air?" the kindly maid of the Winslice family asked. Lot opened his eyes and sat up; his hair, unbraided  flopped around wildly and nearly touched the floor as he stood up.

    "Thank you Anna, but I'm fine as of now, it was just a bad dream,"
    he explained as he walked past and headed for the door, "I think I'll just get some fresh air now like you said," he lied as he walked down the streets to the memorial. He kneeled at the tombstone of the woman he loved. To think it had only been a year since her death. It seemed so much longer than that. Tommorrow was an important day. There were new recruits for the Holy Knights, and Lot felt in the mood for battle. It seemed that those recruits were not in luck, for anyone who joined tomorrow would have to face him in an all out battle. That being said, the Winslice would probably hold back, but for them they would need to go all out for sure.  Lot smiled as he got up and walked back to the mansion. As I live there are things to enjoy. When I die I will get to be with Morcades again. I should accept what comes here and do my best to protect the things I care about. Either way, I don't think there's any such thing as a bad ending from this point, he thought to himself.

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    Post by Lot Winslice on Thu Jan 15, 2015 4:55 am

    Gasp! Who are you supposed to buuuuh?!

    Skill Template : [10120 (8800+1320)]

    • [Strength Enhancement] - [Lv 2]
    • [Speed Enhancement] - [Lv 3]
    • [Damage Resistance] - [Lv 1]
    • [Pain Resistance] - [Lv 2]
    • [Damage Recovery] - [Lv 2]
    • [Weapon Mastery] - [Lv 3]
    • [Hand to Hand] - [Lv 2]
    • [Mapping] - [Lv 1]
    • [Wizardry] - [Lv 4] (free from race bonus)
    • [Human Transformation] - [Lv 4] (free from race bonus)
    • [Power Sensory] - [Lv 2]
    • [Illusion Resistance] - [Lv 1]
    • [Battle Readiness] - [Lv 2]
    • [Multitasking] - [Lv 2]

    That comes in at 8300, with the discount it's 7470 exp. I believe that leaves me with 2650 exp.

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    Re: Lot Winslice

    Post by FieryNyan on Thu Jan 15, 2015 8:40 am

    Brit, Please deduct his EXP, which is 7470 after the discount(originally 8300)

    You're approved. Enjoy your benefits. Now shoo.

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    Re: Lot Winslice

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