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    Pervert Patrol

    Sword'n Shield

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    Pervert Patrol

    Post by Sword'n Shield on Tue Feb 17, 2015 5:41 pm


    Quest Name: Pervert Patrol
    Quest Type: Common
    Quest Rank: Apprentice
    Quest Requirements:
    1.4k words minimum. Must either help or defend.

    Quest Description:

    Darn it! They're at it again! The gang known as "Peeking People" are storming into Dalmary Town and stealing all of the woman's underwear! The Women aren't happy with this and are looking to hire someone or a group of people to help put an end to this! Will you join in with the Peeking People or will you help put an end to this matter? Beware tho, this gang is full of people who have had loads of battle experience and they have a trick or two hidden up their sleeves... and some panties.

    Quest Rewards:
    > If you help: You will gain 200 exp and some gold for your trouble
    > If you join in with the theft: You will get kicked out of the town but you will gain some panties for your hardwork! 200 exp aswell.
    Axel Rover

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    Re: Pervert Patrol

    Post by Axel Rover on Tue Feb 17, 2015 8:04 pm

    Approved. This quest will be added to the official quest board soon.


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