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    Iron Hammer WIP

    Amadeus Cypher

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    Iron Hammer WIP

    Post by Amadeus Cypher on Fri Feb 06, 2015 3:20 am


    Equipment Name: Iron Hammer
    Equipment Type: Weapon
    Rank: Starts out as Unrefined (So I can have something on me at least ;3; )
    Treasure: No

    Description: The hammer is a small, simple hammer, that has the ability to change its size or grow longer during different situations. It is normally carried on Lukes waist when not in use, and is in its smallest shape. When fighting, it can change and grow longer, increasing its fighting power. Luke however, tends to only use it in dire situations due to his size and not being able to carry the larger form. When not in flight or trying to hide his Fairy heritage, he will often use its extending ability to help get him to higher up places that're out of his "reach".

    Fighting Style: It acts as a normal hammer outside of battle. Its only ability is that it can grow or change its size to match a situation. It is mostly used for transportation.

    Empowered: Yes


    Name: Extend / Grow
    Type: Manipulative
    Description: The hammer can either grow larger for a larger radius or cause major damage, or it can be used to travel to higher places when not in flight.


    Fighting Style:


    (Delete this section if your Weapon is not empowered, or this Equipment is an Armor or an Item)



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