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    Post by Axel Rover on Fri Jan 30, 2015 2:18 am


    Equipment Name: Legalus
    Equipment Type: Sword
    Rank: Holy
    Treasure: No

    Description: Legalus is a double-edged sword that's blade is 91.44 cm long and weighs 8 kg. It's material, from the guard to the bottom of the blade is of the finest steel in Britannia. The guard looks a bit like an M, and on the sides of it are two small curved blades that go outward. The grip is 30.48 cm long and it is red, with three stripes of light-yellow across it. The pommel of the sword is large and is also light-yellow. The sheath is red with a dozen light-yellow stripes across it. If it is held in the right hands, Legalus could potentially cut through skin and multiple other objects with ease.  

    Legalus has been in the Rover family since it's beginnings, hundreds of years ago, when Cornelius Rover, Axel's ancestor, realized that he would not be happy with any sword already made in the world, and would instead learn how to smith, eventually gathering the materials to create Legalus. Once it was in his hands, he felt like a true knight and went on many adventures. from that point onward, Legalus began to be passed on from father to the eldest son once that son entered the kingdom's ranks as a full-fledged soldier, and once that son had children he would pass it onto his son, etc. Throughout the years it also needed to be re-crafted, but the the guard, grip and pommel remain unchanged. The stories about how this double-edged sword saved the lives of the Rover men have been recorded in journals since Axel's great great great grandfather, who thought it best to let his successors know of it's importance within the family line. Once his father died, Axel took the sword and the journals on his adventure, hoping they would be of some use. So far, they have, and the people who speak his name usually know the sword's name as well.

    Fighting Style: Axel likes to wield Legalus in one hand due to the fact that he is able to hold that much weight in a single without tiring for a long time. He also uses it as strategy, because once he begins clashing with an opponent, they might believe that the young man is not strong enough and will go on the offensive, but that is when Axel begins wielding the sword with both hands, quickly overpowering the once-cocky enemy with strong strikes, strong enough to even cause vacuum blades that could slice a numerous amount of trees.  

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    Re: Legalus

    Post by Britannia on Thu Feb 12, 2015 1:27 am

    Interesting weapon, it be approved ~

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