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    Quest Name: Were-Bears
    Quest Type: Common
    Quest Rank: Experienced
    Quest Requirements: Experienced or higher, or have an experienced present if lower. 6k WC or more for completion

    Quest Description:There are some rumors going on about a strange disease that has been  affecting the bears at night, you hear the rumor from a hunter that is also a part time lumberjack. He speaks of his fellow comrades that have been missing ever since and wants you to go on a hunting trip with him in order to find out the source of the problem.  In your travels, you guys come across a purple bees nest with a strange kind of black honey oozing from within. The hive of bees attack and you fend them off, After more investigation of the honey, the hunter informs you that the honey of these bees causes  temporary mutations that follow the lunar cycle.

    Its around that time that you hear a scream and you guys quickly head to the side of the road. Strange looking werewolf like bears come to attack the caravan and you rush to their aid. You will engage the were bears and defeat them, but then find out that the caravan contained an animal doctor. You have the choice going along with the thrill of the hunt, the game, and revenge for the fallen lumberjacks with the hunter Or you could take a more compassionate route and leave the bears in the care of the doctor, who claims to have a cure for these creatures and states that the bees were at fault.

    Mutagen Bees x1 Swarm-Experienced
    Were Bears x3- Experienced

    Quest Rewards: 300 Exp and a choice of a Fancy bear rug or head trophy for your house if you choose to kill them

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