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    Post by Lilinette Salamancer on Sun Jan 11, 2015 3:05 am

    Race Clan Name: Elves
    Biology: Elves have almost the exact same structure as Humans. Ranging in the same sizes and shapes, it would be very easy to confuse an elf for a human or the other way around, well, if it weren't for the slim, geometric facial features and slim, elongated ears. Elves are considered intellectual equals, sometimes even intellectual superiors to human beings, along with being good at both melee combat and sorcery.

    Advantage: Due to being savvy in both physical combat and magicaal combat, Elves are able to learn magic and combat easier then most other races (a 25% exp cost decrease for Weapon mastery, Hand to hand combat, and wizardry). Due to their great intellect, Elves start off with Multitasking (lv 1) and Illusion resistance (Lv 1).
    Disadvantage: Despite their intellectual advantages, elves are very cocky creatures, and have terrible defensive abilities because of it. Even though they can pack a punch, exterior damage can still cause them more damage then that of a human, (but not nearly as much as that of a fairy). Things such as Damage resistance, Pain resistance, and damage recovery will be maxed out at level 2, along with being 50% more expensive to obtain.

    Origin: Long ago, it was not considered such a taboo for humans and fairies to fall in love. Due to such breeding, Elves were born. Giving the humans knack for fighting, and the fairies knack for magic.

    Habitats: They typically live in Elven ruled kingdoms, much like humans. Of course, a few are known to live in human kingdoms.

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    Re: Elves

    Post by FieryNyan on Sun Jan 11, 2015 7:38 am

    Ok First off, You posted it on the template, but I took the liberty to move it out for you. Please do not do it again, Thank you!

    On to the app!!

    1. Due to their great intellect, Elves start off with Multitasking (lv 1) and Illusion resistance (Lv 1).

    Do they have to spend their points on these two, or do they get them for free?

    2. Since they're frail, I think you should include "Strength" under the lvl 2 maxed out weakness.

    3. Maybe, if possible, can you expand on the Origin section? Maybe talk about what happened to them after their birth(Were they loved or hated?), and maybe even talk about some famous deeds by them, etc.

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