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    Alberdeen's ax - Guillotine.


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    Alberdeen's ax - Guillotine.

    Post by Alberdeen on Sun Jan 11, 2015 1:21 am


    Equipment Name: Guillotine.
    Equipment Type: Doubled sided bearded long ax.
    Rank: Sacred.
    Treasure: Not yet.

    Description: Guillotine is the massive double sided bearded long ax wielded by Alberdeen and has been wielded by his forefathers for centuries. 1.5 meters (Five and a half feet) in length and weighing in at 15.87 kgs (35 pounds), it is a monstrous weapon in size and application. While double sided, the two edges are not equal in length. The main cutting edge, the longer of the two beards is roughly twice the side of the smaller edge. The main edge is 76.2 centimeters in length (2.5 feet) and the smaller edge is roughly 30.48 centimeters (1 foot). Between the two bladed edges is a stylized skull, an edition made to the weapon by Alberdeen years after he inherited from his deceased father. At the end of the ax shaft rests a large metal ring. While many believe this ring to be nothing more than decoration, the ring servers the purpose of giving Alberdeen an extended reach. By grabbing the ring and spinning with his weapon or spinning it by the ring, he is capable of extending the ax's already incredible reach by a few more inches.

    Fighting Style: Guillotine is Alberdeen's go to weapon and main means of combat. He has trained with the ax from a young age and has come so proficient in his use that the weight is almost nothing and he is capable of rapid and successive strikes on unsuspecting opponents. So great is his skill with this ax that it has become an extension of his body that he is capable of manipulating it in combat like one would their fingers or arms. The ax is at it's deadliest however when used in conjunction with Alberdeen's power of gravity manipulation. Through increasing the ax's weight during combat or his own weight as he free-falls from the sky, the ax is capable of penetrating even the greatest of defenses.

    Empowered: Yes; Nectar of Life


    Name: Nectar of Life
    Type: Physical, Healing
    Description: As Guillotine is a Sacred item and the heirloom of Alberdeen's family that has been used in battle, the empowered ability of the item is a potent one. The potency of "Nectar of Life" stems from the fact that it allows for the ax, Guillotine, to absorb the blood it has caused it's victims to spill. By doing so, the life force of the blood absorbed allows Alberdeen to heal himself during combat.

    Strengths: As stated previously, "NoL" allows for Alberdeen to heal his wounds during heated exchanges with his enemy simply by dealing damage to them. Every laceration servers as the suture to tend to Al's wounds. Muscle and flesh wounds are easily sealed up. The bleeding of previous wounds sealed up by the potent healing ability of his beloved ax. Sprains and torn ligaments mended in moments allowing for Al to keep on the good fight. Absorbing the blood also allows for Alberdeen to replenish the blood he lost in combat helping him fend off anemia and passing out.
    Weaknesses: Guillotine's ability is not without weakness, as Alberdeen is not capable of mending broken bones,bone deep wounds, or severed limbs and ligaments. It should also be noted that Guillotine cannot differentiate between Alberdeen and strangers, meaning whoever has the ax in their hands is capable of utilizing the healing abilities - even if they are using it against Alberdeen. It should be noted that while he is essentially stealing their "life energies", meaning that he does not re-energize or any sort of special abilities other than mended wounds.  

    Fighting Style: Not applicable.


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    Re: Alberdeen's ax - Guillotine.

    Post by Britannia on Sun Jan 11, 2015 9:03 pm


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