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    Power Name: Snatch
    Power Type: Manipulative
    Power Description: An enigmatic power that enables the user to "rob" material objects without direct contact. "Robbing" objects seems to have the effect of stopping the particular object's motion, and also allows the wielder to grab and pull it; such an ability can be used to stop the usage of equipment during a battle. This ability is able to rob an item by even going through barriers or obstructions, may it be physical or magical.

    Further, it allows the user to rob their opponent of their physical abilities or powers, such as strength and speed. The stolen abilities are then added to the users own. With a special twist, the user may instead "give" abilities, or even "trade" abilities, or powers.

    Strengths: "Snatch" is an ability that allows the user to telekinetic-ally grab/pick up something that isn't within his grasp. This ability gives him an invisible, telekinetic hand, allowing him to do many things with it. The range of this ability depends on his rank/tier.
    Range on Snatch :
    Apprentice – 10 Meters
    Experienced – 20 Meters
    Expert – 30 Meters
    Master – 40 Meters
    Legendary – 50 Meters

    Though Snatch is practically an invisible telekinetic hand, it isn't able to snatch something out of someone's grasp, unless they let him do it willingly.(That's Fox hunt)

    Weaknesses: One weakness of Snatch is that it can be used at one person at a time. It cannot be used on a group, therefore it might be good in a 1v1 situation, but not as useful in a group fight.

    For all Snatch techniques, the user is required to maintain focus and concentration while executing the act. While under focus, he cannot perform extreme and complicated attacks. At most, he can only walk. No high-accuracy attacks. However, if the user has a lvl 3 Multitasking, he might be able to lessen this weakness and perform some attack moves.

    Snatch can only take something that he is aware of. He cannot just steal something out of the blue.

    Fighting Style: Snatch isn't something that Ares love using. He will only use it occasionally, and only when he has to. When he knows he cannot win an opponent with only his skills, he would start to use this ability of his. Maybe, when he wants to steal something important, he can use this ability too.

    Also, when performing Snatch, he'll try to disguise this ability, making sure that no one knows its true nature. He'll pretend to make it seem as if he has the ability to "animate" stuff, instead of making it seem like he has a telekinetic hand.

    Before performing steal, he'll try to gain range, since he needs to be safe during the period of time, and only close his range once he's sure the opponent is weakened(Like lost his weapons or something).


    Name: Physical Hunt
    Type: Support
    Rank: Legendary
    Description: A characteristic technique of Snatch that allows Ares to temporarily steal all of his opponents physical abilities; including both their strength and speed. These abilities are added to his own.

    While on the process of performing physical hunt, the user requires a lot of concentration, therefore requiring him to focus hard on it, therefore he cannot perform other Powers/Magic/Enchantment at all.

    Physical Hunt can not be negated or impeded by normal means such as magical barriers or debuffs.

    Also, Once the duration is over the user ends up extremely tired and weak, leaving him susceptible to attacks. He will have used all his power after Physical Hunt is over. He will need to rest for 10 post(which is his cooldown), to be completely resting to rejuvenate and refill his stamina and power.
    Rate of Snatching(Physical Hunt):
    1 Post : 10% power
    2 Posts : 25% power
    3 Posts : 40% power
    4 posts : 70% Power
    5 posts : 99% Power

    Duration: 10
    Cooldown: 10 post

    Name: Fox Hunt
    Type: Support
    Rank: Experienced
    Description:  Fox Hunt is a technique best used in conjunction with a far-reaching weapon. Boasting pinpoint accuracy, the technique allows Ares to swiftly grab hold of an object and pull it towards himself in high speed, seemingly bypassing any obstructions. Fox hunt's range is about 20 meters. People of equal rank as the user may be able to  follow Fox Hunt and act against it if it is used directly against them.

    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 3 post cooldown.

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    Re: Snatch

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