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    Padelma's Legs


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    Padelma's Legs

    Post by Sasakure on Wed Jan 07, 2015 2:42 am


    Equipment Name: Padelma's Legs
    Equipment Type: Weapon
    Rank: Holy
    Treasure: No

    Description: Though the creation appears as armor although it certainly is not. Padelma's Legs are created from an unknown material, it has the shine of silver and its sturdiness is stronger than steel though it is strong, the weapons can only endure so many hits before growing flimsy. Many nuts and bolts circle the weapon, making it easy for the user to bend their knees and joints, however its weight does take a toll since their weight is about 20kg, however users with higher strength are able to endure the weight of it, speed is only decreased slightly. Those who are inexperienced with the weapon itself tend to waddle due to the weight, but once one gets used to it they are able to waltz about.
    The joints are its weakest spot since it does require thin material in those areas to ease the bending of the knees. Since the weapon was built to conduct Sasakure's power, it has a high heat endurance and does not burn the user, though gradually it will if the user consistently uses Boom.

    Fighting Style: Her style is brutish and angry, she mostly uses her legs in combat due to how skillfully strong they are alone. Occasionally she does block with her fists, but her legs are her real asset... Those glutes though

    Empowered: No

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    Re: Padelma's Legs

    Post by Britannia on Sun Jan 11, 2015 2:42 pm

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