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    Competition [LB]


    The Announcer

    Competition [LB]

    Post by The Announcer on Tue Jan 06, 2015 12:59 am

    With no explanation, some people wake up in the town of Splendora, situated on an Earth-like world, with no idea how or why they ended up there. Allegedly, there is but one way off the planet. To return home, players must face one another in Competition, as well as complete an assortment of personal assignments, all dictated by the Announcer. They've heard tales, legends of players from long ago who managed to return home, but they don’t know how. Most say it is by winning enough games. Who knows? Will they ever get to go home? Or is this Announcer just a psychopath who is pitting Contestants against one another for his own amusement, intending never to release them?

    All character groups needed!

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