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    Clans of the Night [LB]


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    Clans of the Night [LB]

    Post by CotN Admin on Mon Jan 05, 2015 10:21 pm

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    [font size="1"]It came like the shadows out of a nightmare. Dark, ominous clouds that filled the skies, darkening everything beneath it. That's when the rains started. It began as a light shower before it all turned into a torrential downpour. Everything from the plains of Moonclan to the swamps of Fogclan were soaked to their core. The streams began to swell and grow well past their shorelines, making it difficult to find what was once land beneath the waters. Prey, which was very plentiful before, now dwindles due to this gloomy storm.
    To make the situation worse, many parts of the land are beginning to flood, blocking many clans from getting to certain areas of their lands. In a desperate attempt to get advice from Starclan, the leaders met at the Moonpool. When they all laid down to share dreams with their ancestors, there was no answer. There wasn't even a single breath from the cats above. The dark clouds had cut off any communication with Starclan. They were completely alone.
    Fearing what may happen to their clans, the leaders decided on holding an early gathering in hopes of finding a solution to their problems. Keeping Starclan's silence a secret, the leaders returned to their clans to prepare for the coming gathering.
    What shall they do? Will they be able to save themselves? Will they be able to unite or will they perish to the violent storm?[/font][/div]

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