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    HTML Enablement

    Post by Coder on Mon Jan 05, 2015 9:19 pm

    HTML support has now been turned on in Admin Panel allowing the site as a whole to use and view HTML code in posts. Due to how forumotion has designed their sites this doesn't mean you can automatically view html code. To do so you must go into your personal settings on your accounts and allow it on an individual bases. The instructions for how to enable HTML for your account will be below in a spoiler.

    The primary reason for it being enabled was due to a advertisement inquiring from another site. As such the primary use of HTML on this site will be in the advertisement section. While not strictly forbidden HTML code in roleplay posts is frowned upon. Not everyone will have HTML enabled for their accounts and with out it on any post with HTML in it will look like computer software vomit. Be considerate in your use of HTML, and only use it if you know how too.

    How to enable HTML:

    Enabling HTML via Profile

    Profile tab (found on Navigation Bar); or My Profile (found on the Log-In widget) >

    Preferences tab >

    From that page, scroll down a bit to where Always allow HTML : is keyed on the page, and select Yes next to it.
    Be sure that you Save the settings afterwards.

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