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    Lost Light Weyr


    Lost Light Weyr

    Post by LLWHallow on Mon Jan 05, 2015 3:53 pm

    A world plunged into darkness, and an old enemy on the horizon


    For over two millennia, Pern has been living in darkness, only guided by a planet-wide Aurora Borealis referred to as the "Last Dragon Song". For over two Millennia, dragons have been extinct, and now, in the present day on Pern, an old enemy has returned. The Red Star, the planet thought to have been moved away long ago returned to it's old position. And what do the Watchers do? Nothing. What can they do? With most of Pern's population gathered in Nerat Hold, and nothing to fight Thread with, they can only do what they know best.

    Blame the Free Folk.

    What our Pern has to offer:

    A dragon hatching, the first one in millennia, kindly delivered by Brown Orphath.
    A chance for Rebellion in Nerat Hold
    A Chance for Players to play one of the key members of the council
    A Dragon Equivalent Impressible Creature
    A brand new site, ready to welcome players who may or may NOT have experience with Pern
    A reclaim-the-Weyr plot, where actions and discoveries will change the place your characters live!

    And much, much more!

    We welcome new ideas! We welcome all kinds of characters, and everyone will have equal opportunities!

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