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    Name : Ares
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    General Information

    Race: Human

    Name: Ares
    Sex: Love to
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Sexuality: Straight
    Birthday: 19 January

    Relationships: None

    Faction: Adventurer
    Title: Legend
    Rank: Master
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


    Height: 1.8m
    Weight: 68kg
    Eye Color: HeteroChromia, right side blue, left side red.
    Hair color/style: Blonde, Spiky
    Extra: -

    Overall Appearance:

    Ares has a charming face. His violet eyes shows compassion whenever someone looks into it. It gives out a vibe of sincerity,  which really works well with his charismatic ability. His hair, which is ebony, has a long fringe. This fringe would usually appear to be split and sharp, making him look really cool. One thing unique about his face is that he can make a very sincere face when he wants to, and his normal face would be one of pure expressionless, making him hard to read. He can also make a very cynical face, that would give the creeps to anyone, since his eyes would show nothing but pure murderous intent.

    Though Ares trains alot, he doesn't have the really bulky muscles. He is, in fact, very light. The heavier one is, yes, the more power they should possess in their core. However, one need not weigh much to swing a blade at their target. Ares only weighs a mere 68kg which leads to his slim build. Some call him rather skinny but he is actually pretty fit for his size. His body is rather toned and his light weight does not take much away from his strength. Although his build does not bother him in the slightest, he detests when others call him skinny or refer to him as slim and will often take offense to it. He does not believe himself to be 'thin' and he is not. Though his light weight and the form of his robe is rather misleading with regards to this fact.Instead, he looks like an average person. He has slender legs, which allows him to run and dodge with ease, like an acrobat.

    One characteristic that makes Ares stand out is his heterochromia syndrome, which gives Ares a different color for each of his eyes. Most people that look at Ares would be surprise at his eyes, but Ares had grown accustom to people's weird faces when they see him. Other than the eye, Ares has a huge tattoo of the dragon Igneel on his back. He got it after killing Igneel, the first and the last tattoo that he'll ever put on his body. He was so happy and thrilled when he killed Igneel that he decided to get a tattoo of it. Many of the times when he goes off topless in bar fights, his tattoo will be shown and be engraved on the minds of the people he had defeated.

    Face Claim: Zenkichi - Medaka Box



    • Adventuring
    • Fighting
    • Peace
    • Beer
    • Winning
    • Women
    • Tea


    • Losing a fight
    • Arrogant people
    • Being weaker than someone else
    • Being in prison/having his freedom snatched
    • Fish

    Motivation: Ares biggest motivation to live is travelling. He had spent a long time in the arena as almost a slave, and the moment he was free, he felt that he no longer wants to stay at a single place. On the other hand, Ares wants to go on and about everywhere, travelling and exploring every nook and cranny of Britannia. Since he spent a long time in the arena, being given freedom scared him for a while. He was confined in the arena, and it was the world to him. He was like a frog under the well, and the thought of the huge world scared him, indeed.

    Due to spending such a long time in the arena, Ares grew an interest for fighting and winning. In fact, it became an obsession, and together in his travels, he would always seek for a strong person, or beast to fight. This became a part of his routine when travelling. His motivation is to be the strongest person on the planet. Though it seems impossible, Ares will not give up hope and will strive to be number one.

    Fears: Ares fears losing his freedom. Being a guy that has an unquenchable thirst for adventure, losing his freedom is one thing Ares fears. The years that he spent as a gladiator was horrible, and it taught him to treasure his freedom.
    Ares also hates dying. Ares also hates wasting time for a reason; he wants to achieve his goal before dying. This is why Ares fears death. He doesn't want to die before he achieves his goal, since if that were to happen, all this time he is alive, it would end up being for naught.
    The last thing Ares fears is losing someone precious to him. This feeling of lost is something Ares fears, since he had felt it before, and it wasn't pleasant at all. Ares doesn't want to lose anyone anymore that is why he wants to be strong; strong enough to protect his loved ones and those he places close to his heart.

    Overall Personality: Ares is a highly intelligent individual who is also calm, sophisticated, and brave due to his experience while adventuring all these years. Whenever he arrives at a new area or village, he would conduct himself as a sociable, likable, and often easy going person-however, this was a mask to hide his true feelings. Only during a battle will his true feelings be expressed, his charisma would easily gain him the trust and respect of many people. While Ares considered himself to be righteous and noble by nature he would be more than willing to do acts that go against his morality; this due to his belief that he must commit evil to destroy disorder.

    Ares can be ruthless and often merciless in battle and even off of the battlefield. He shows no compassion to anyone, regardless of how close they attempt to get to him. He only chooses his friends, only choosing those that have earned his trust. He would kill absolutely anyone that goes against his way, and to protect whatever believes he holds greatly. He would show no mercy to those that betrays his trust, or that is brave enough to point their swords at him.

    Due to his good looks and sweet mouth, Ares is quite popular with girls and even other guys; however, it doesn't bother him too much because he doesn't like being too close to another person.Though he acts tough, Ares hates to say good bye. He has seen many of his friends die or betray him, and he hates that feeling. This is one reason why Ares isolates himself from others, and rarely forms a bond with another person.

    Due to the prejudice and loneliness he suffered in his childhood, Ares developed a craving for acknowledgment. In order to achieve this, Ares decided to go forth exploring the whole land of Britannia. The best and fastest way to gain this acknowledgement is to show the world what he can do. He goes around the world, helping the villages with their troubles, and defeat the vile beasts that threatens humanity. Even after defeating Igneel the Dragon, Ares was still determined to be recognized. This soon affected Ares so much that he decided to spend his whole life on the road.

    Ares is a fervent believer in the belief that the will to do something is all one needs to do it, that if the will is strong enough, it is capable in shattering the forth wall, leading him to coming up with many gung-ho ideas and strategies that would normally fail ,but actually work out in his favor, despite the odds. Ares' unstoppable determination and drive strongly impacts the lives around him, even his friends had sometimes been changed by the aura released by his determination. Many of his friends will even refer to Ares' amazing charisma as a "unique power" to change the beliefs of others, an ability that was detrimental to the sake of society. He often uses his charisma to convince and motivate his comrades when the odds are totally against them.

    Ares learns through his body. Overall, Ares responds best to competition and possesses a great degree of confidence in himself, believing that he can easily master any technique that he so pleases. This has led to him quickly becoming famous in taverns as the adventurer that would take up any quest given to him. This was mainly due to him constantly believing in his own capability and power to overcome obstacles. If he fails, he will not give up. Instead, he would train and train until he is finally able to complete the challenge.

    Ares, surprisingly, is also something of a pervert, something that leads to him constantly teasing and flirting with members of the opposite gender and sex. He even goes as far as acting overtly sexual to his comrades and even enemies. He smirks constantly and rarely gives a genuine smile to those around him and even if he were to smile it would be to mask his true intentions behind his actions. No one is able to recognize whether the smile is truly genuine or not as he does a remarkable job at utilizing the fake smile. Despite his occasional genuine smile, it is rare that it is the real.

    Ares is a stubborn, happy-go-lucky, occasionally confrontational, spontaneous, determined, outspoken, strong-willed, impulsive young man. Another thing that highly distinguishes Roxas from anyone else is his extremely analytic way of viewing things; his primary belief is that the big things would not exist without the little details, in which he finds focusing on the minor or minuscule details will always bring forth the 'big picture'.

    Due to his constant fights with unintelligent passers and his seemingly emotionless look, many bandits are rather afraid of him. This trait makes him extremely unlikable to children and younger people. As such, he has been well known to be one to threaten and yell at even his supposed 'friends'. However, for those who knows his true self, they view him as a total different person. However, he has some trouble with authority and traditional respect, and is often quite rude and disrespectful when talking to those older than him, as he treats everyone equally.


    History: It was a cold winter night in the Liones, all was silent, and all was peaceful. Not for long though, for a scream filled the area with a piercing cry. The source of this noise came from a home not to far from the main hospital in Liones. "Hold on!" shouted a man as he held his wife's hand. The man then told his wife soothingly. "We'll get you to the hospital!" He then picked her up gently, and ran out the door towards the hospital as fast as he could. He then body flickered into the room in front of the receptionist. "My wife is giving birth, please help us!" he shouted, as another piercing scream echoed through the building. The receptionist seemed to hesitate with fear before she lead them down the half way. As she walked down the hallway hastily, she shouted, "A baby is coming! Any doctors available, please come right now! The mother is in great pain!" A man dressed in a white suit then came in with cot, placing the woman on it, and rolled her through the emergency doors. The man, Darius, followed his wife Liliana, as the medical ninjas rolled her away. He prayed silently to himself as they prepared to remove the baby by applying anesthetics and soothing the mother.

    "We're losing her!" a doctor shouted, now becoming nervous as a drop of sweat swelled up and dropped from his forehead. "We can only save one and kill the other!" another shouted, looking towards Darius. "Save...Lily..." he began, but his wife gripped his hand with strength. "Save...our son..." she told him, her eyes watering as she let out another piercing cry. "I-I Ca-a-an't..." he told her, beginning to cry as well. "Save...him" she told him, now demanding before her grip grew weak and she screamed once more, now gripping the blanket. "We need an answer now!" the doctor shouted. "Save...the child..." Darius told them, forcing out the last two words like raw meat. "Save...the" he repeated as he crouched down taking his wife's hand as he caressed it gently. "Please. Take care of Ar..." she tried to say but it was too late. Her eyes sat emotionless and her face expressionless. She was now dead and the cries of a baby filled the room as the doctor wrapped it in a blanket and handed it to Darius.

    He looked at the baby with loving eyes as it cried. He began to softly rub the baby's head as it stopped crying and looked back at it's father with curious eyes. "I love you..." he said, looking towards his wife as tears streamed down his face. He didn't care about anyone else's opinion. He would cry if he wanted to, and he needed to. He walked out of the hospital back home and placed the baby in the crib they had bought in advance. After covering up the baby and giving him a warm bottle of milk Darius went upstairs to his room where he lay sprayed out on the bed ready to be overcome by sleep. That day had been the worst day of his life. He lost his wife. But not only that, although he has lost a life he had also received a new one. 'His name is...Ares ...' he thought, drifting off into the empty void of sleep. He knew that he had long days ahead of him and a bigger job. He was now a single father and he would probably have to live in an apartment unless he was able to take on mroe jobs.

    "Da-da?" Ares said, adorably. "That's right..." Darius told him lovingly as he picked up his infant son in his arms and cradled him gently. "I'm Da-da." he told his son, as he tickled his exposed belly. Ares was only one and a half years old and wore only a diaper as he lay in his father's arms. "Ma-ma in hee-aaven?" Ares asked, his eyes goggling as he looked past his fathers gentle and encouraging face to the pattern of the roof. "Yes. Mama in heaven." he reassured his son as he carried him outside. Many of Darius' friends passed by as they waved at Ares. Some stopped to hold him or play with him, or even introduce him to their pets or own children. Ares seemed to never be interested in any of it though. He would normally pay attention to everything around people, like nature, the sky, and everything that wasn't man made. He loved nature and the sweet scents of flowers and the colors of the different petals that were like sugar for his eyes. Although he yet to knew what any of this meant he was a pretty smart baby.

    At the age of two he began to develop a liking for fruit. He loved how fruit could be eaten without drink because of how much moisture was in it. He especially loved cherries, tomatoes, and sometimes he could eat parts of watermelon if it wasn't too rough or hard. He was still interested in God and Heaven and about his mother and constantly asked his dead what his mother was doing. The same reply came every time "She's watching over us from heaven. She's with God." Ares loved to learn and mostly enjoyed his father reading him stories about heroes and sometimes even make believe legends that never even really existed. He loved the stories a lot none the less. He always asked his dad if he was ever an adventurer and Darius felt a low wave of despair as he answered. "I gave that up a while ago." Darius told his son. "Why?" Ares asked, in that broken tone that only babies had. "Because I wanted to spend more time with you." Darius said, picking up his son and tossing him into the air before catching him skillfully in his arms. This always made Ares giggle because he enjoyed the thrill of flying.

    These happy days continued. Darius went out working whenever possible, but still tried to allocate as much time he could spare to be next to his son. Darius succeeded in becoming a good single father. When Ares was 4, he told his dad that he want to be part of the royal guards, to serve and protect Liones' just like the heroes in the books. His father agreed to help him out by teaching him the art of swordsmanship. By the time he was 7, Ares was a skilled fighter. He passed the entrance exam to the Royal Guard Academy and received scholarship. He bid his father farewell as he entered the capital. That was the saddest moment of both Ares' and Darius' life. They both never thought that that would be the last time each of them would ever meet.

    Each day he spent in the academy was thorough and tiring. Ares never spared a second of his life to rest. All he did was train and train, as he wants to graduate as the best student, and also to complete the course faster, to be able to meet his father once again. He didn't take the holidays either, despite how much he missed his dad. For one, he doesn't have enough cash for the trip back. And also, he couldn't afford to waste his time on holidays. He stayed back when the others went for their holidays. He would always attend the holiday classes to graduate faster. By the time he was 12, he finally graduated at the top of his year. He received a promising opportunity to train under one of the Royal Guards, but he refused and instead, decided to join a training camp in his village just so that he could be close to his dad.

    Upon reaching his village, Ares received the worst news he ever had. His father had just been recently killed by a group of bandits while delivering goods from their village to another. This news struck Ares greatly. Ares realized that he had spend these 5 years too focused on power and training that he forsook his own father. In anger, he resigned from the training camp and mourned for his dad for 3 days. After that 3rd day, Ares appeared as a changed man. He had made up his mind and fixated it on only one thing, and that is, to avenge his father.

    After that day, Ares left his village and went to seek the bandits that killed his dad. The only clue he had was that the bandits all had one symbol in common, the symbol of a panther. As he travelled around looking for clues, he took up missions as training. If his father, who was like the strongest man he ever knew, was defeated by these bandits, it must mean the enemies are indeed strong. After travelling for a few months, Ares found those bandits in the most unexpected way; he was captured by them. He had his guard down. He was supposed to look for this wanted man as a mission, and this “wanted man” found him instead, and knocked him out.

    When he regained his senses, Ares found himself in shackles, and that was the beginning of his life as a gladiator. His captors sold him to an illegal underground arena, and he was forced to be a gladiator. Everyday, he was put into the arena with 49 other people, and they fought for dear life. Day after day, Ares had to fight. The captors did not made it easy for him either; his food were horrible, and it barely gave him enough energy. Ares won every fight he was put in. He was known throughout the arena, and people labeled him the God of Death. His swordsmanship was superior to all those amateurs.  

    After 3 years as a gladiator, Ares was saved when the Knights of Camelot discovered about this arena, and immediately, it was raided. The ringleader was captured, and all of them were freed, including Ares. When he was freed, Ares decided to spend his whole life travelling. Being stuck in the arena made Ares afraid of ever staying at one place for to long. He decided that he will no longer confine himself at one place anymore.

    RP Sample: After asking the girl the question, Lelouch waited and looked at her. She then turned, as her green hair fluttered, revealing her beautiful face. The way she spun together with such a pretty face, with a splash of the sun's view in the background made her looks even mesmerizing. Lelouch wasn't impressed by her beauty; through his eternal life, he's seen much more prettier girls out there. But this girl, she had the face of someone he knows, someone he held dear to his heart. She resembled his mother, who is one of the prettiest woman is his life. Trying to shrug the thought off, he looked and analyzed the girl.

    Suddenly, as the girl gracefully turned, her expression changed into a shocked one. He was curious, since her eyes clearly showed her emotions; it was apparent that she was shocked. It's true that Lelouch's clothings would attract people's eyes, but no one had ever acted so surprise to see him. She had already known about his presence. Well, there was two things that would surprise her; his face, meaning she has seen him before, but Lelouch never remembered seeing her. Well, he might have forgotten, since living so long, he tend to forget people's faces and names. The second thing that might surprise them is his appearance. I mean, anyone might be surprise seeing him, since his clothings aren't of this era, plus, he has a huge tattoo on Lelouch then touched his forehead, and he remembered it. She might be surprise because of his clothings, or something else. "Why are you acting so surprise? First time seeing a guy?" Asked Lelouch, as he placed on a confused face. He wanted answers, and he wants them now.

    He then listens as she explains that she is supposedly older than she look. This increased his suspicious about her. It's a habit of Lelouch to doubt people, and it was doing its thing now. As she explained about her reason for being there, Lelouch then smiled, answering, "Oh please, I know girls love hiding their age, but you're taking it too far. Shouldn't you be proud that you look young, shouldn't you take it as a compliment? Well, I come here every morning for the view too. However, your beauty shines brighter than the sun; the view is nothing compared to your beauty."

    As The girl asked about his rank, his attention was caught by the words "old home village". She was wearing a Suna headband around her neck, yet she claims to be an ex-Kirigakure member? Surely she isn't a missing nin? Hearing this, Lelouch answered, "What do you mean old home village? I'm pretty sure there isn't such a rule that permits transfer of village. Even if something like this exist, I should at least be informed. Are you a missing nin? You have 5 seconds to answer me, or find out my rank through my next attack."

    Of course, Lelouch knew he couldn't attack. He was just saying this for a quick answer. He knew through his perfect arrangement of words, it would cause some ninja to immediately answer. But Lelouch doesn't know if it will work. All he have to do is wait for her next move. Similar to chess, you have to wait for your opponent to make a move. You can make a move when it's their turn. All you can do is to think and prepare for what is coming ahead.

    Source: Google

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    Stop nagging me! Forrealzies.

    Pre-approved as Legend at [Master] Rank-Tier [1-5] at [8800] Exp

    All Beta Bonuses apply.

    - All approved characters will receive an additional 15% starting experience (= 1320 Exp)
    - All approved characters start with a Holy-Ranked equipment of their choice
    - When first buying skills with Exp, you will receive a 10% cost reduction!

    You may reply with your skill purchase.

    Name : Ares
    Rank : 1-5
    Title : Legend
    EXP : 13766
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    Skill Template : 10137

    • [Strength Enhancement] - [Lv 3]
    • [Speed Enhancement] - [Lv 3]
    • [Damage Resistance] - [Lv 2]
    • [Pain Resistance] - [Lv 2]
    • [Damage Recovery] - [Lv 3]
    • [Weapon Mastery] - [Lv 3]
    • [Wizardry] - [Lv 3]
    • [Power Suppression] - [Lv 2]
    • [Power Sensory] - [Lv 2]
    • [Illusion Resistance] - [Lv 2]
    • [Battle Readiness] - [Lv 2]

    Normal cost : 8k exp. After discount, 7.2k.


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    As you said, the purchase rounds off at 8000 Exp. After applying the Beta Bonus at [7200] Exp. That leaves you at [2941] Exp.

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