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    Lilinette Salamancer - Kingdom of Camelot (WIP)


    Lilinette Salamancer - Kingdom of Camelot (WIP)

    Post by Lilinette Salamancer on Tue Dec 30, 2014 4:34 pm

    General Information

    Race: Elf

    Name: Lilinette Salamancer
    Sex: Female
    Gender: Women
    Age: Twenty-three years old
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Birthday: July Seventeenth  


    Faction: Kingdom of Camelot
    Title: Knight of the Round Table
    Rank: Master
    Alignment: Lawful Good


    Height: 1.67m (5'5")
    Weight: 58kg (127lbs)
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Hair color/style: Long, silk-like strands of brunette hair fall down from her scalp, stretching down to far below her waist. Her hair is pulled back, no hair in her face as a crown like gold structure holds it back. Lilinette's hair stays together, traveling together as a pack, reaching her mid back before being twisted and turned separately, forming a beautiful braid which reaches all the way to her thighs, being tied off at the end with a white wrapping and then being ended with a gold, diamond shaped structure which is no longer then an inch. There are, however, two, small, symmetrical groups of hair which are separated from the rest of the group. They fall over her ears, gently resting on her shoulders. Majority of these groups of brunette silk-like hair is covered by white wrappings. This hair style gives Lilinette an elegant, yet powerful aspect. It makes her appear as if she is royalty, and makes sure that everyone understands that she is to be taken seriously. Very, seriously. This is the only way her hair will be worn. If it is not done up in this way, then something wrong is happening.
    Extra: Appearing right over her hair line, looming over her forehead with a radiant sapphire. The sapphire is placed in the center, appearing to be coming out of a gold, blooming flower. The rest of the crown has leaf like structures trailing around it, forming the rest of the crown. 
    Overall Appearance: 
    The face of a true princess, Lilinette's facial features only make her seem as elegant, and pure as royalty. A face as geometric as possible, sharp lines draw out her features, intersecting at the chin. Smoothing them selves out t the cheeks and lips, two features which all ways seem to be pulled back, forming a smile which permanently rests on her face. Of course, with narrow eyes and thin, dark drawn out eye brows, the upper half of her face seems to give off a constant look of superiority, and seriousness. As either side of these eyes, are long, slim, pointed ears pierced with small, silver hoops. Ears quite common for an elf of Lilinette's stature. As for her nose, the slim, fragile thing falls in the direct center of her face, curving ever so slightly at the base. 

    Leading down to her body is a slim, yet firm neck. Standing at an almost below average height of five foot five, Lilinette's beige, Caucasian skin doesn't have to stretch out too much in order to cover her fairly short, and average sized body. This body consists of legs which are fairly long, despite her lack of height, and slim, narrow arms which fall elegantly below the waist. Her hands are small, with long, skinny fingers sporing out from them, the type of fingers you would expect to see on an artist or musician. As for the torso, Lilinette is at an averaged size for her waste, and a fairly below average breast size. Her body is not covered in muscle like most of the other people who walk around the earth, however, it isn't tarnished by that of too much fat. 

    As for her attire, it is almost always the same. The young lady coveres most of her skin, leaving almost nothing but her face, neck, and a small section of her arms visible to the world. A pair of silk white gloves move up from her finger tips, past her elbows, and end just a few inches short of her shoulder. Almost white, violet designs crawl throughout the gloves, and completely cover the ending trim. Her shoulders are covered with gold, armor like plates. As for her torso, a dark violet vest coats the surface, separating around the mid torso and trailing off behind Lilinette's body, ending just below her butt. A silk white dress can then be seen, matching her gloves, the dress goes al the way down to her feel, the trimming of it also coated in the same, violet designs. A thin, gold, belt-like chain wraps around her waist, being pulled down by the rectangular piece of grey cloth which falls from her thighs to about half a foot above her feet, etched with various designs in red, gold, and violet colors. Unnoticeable by most are a pair of brown boots, covered by the dress. 

    Face Claim: [Princess Zelda] - (Zelda)






    Overall Personality:


    Lilinette was born into a household in which she could truly see all that the world had to offer. Whether it be the various races and species of creatures which roamed the earth, or even watching knights and sorcerers battle it out in the arena, Lilinette had the right to see it all. Of course, the very thing which made Lilinettes life so interesting was the same thing which made it dull. The fact that she could only see such things occur. 

    Lilinette was the only daughter of Zethora, the king of an elf kingdom in distant lands. Being the only daughter, Lilinette was taught how a lady was supposed to act. As her three elder brothers went off to learn how to duel with swordsmanship and battle with magic, Lilinette was taught how to be polite, how to be courteous, and her least favorite, how to be stern. Day after day from practically the time she could speak, she was fitted in elegant gowns, and forced to go through lessons. The lessons, however, were not that bad. Some times they consisted of traveling outside the confines of the castle walls, able to see the world around her. Seeing diplomats of all sorts of shapes, sizes, and species, not to mention getting to view the various arena fights. 

    The arena frightened her, however, it also intrigued her. She loved watching the fights take place, especially those which involved magic. this concept of magic fascinated her. By the age of ten, she realized that she wanted to learn all she could about magic, and there was no better time then when she turned twelve, and told her parents. She thought they would be on her side, Lilinette was filled with so much joy and excitement, her little mind couldn't possibly comprehend any logical reasoning for why her parents would say no. But they did. "Princess do not dabble is sorcery, Lilinette." they told her. Lilinette was crushed. 

    Refusing to take no as an answer, the obedient princess decided it was time to break at least one rule. Going into the library of the castle, Lilinette snatched up any book on magic she could find. Hiding them all in various places in her room when she wasn't using them, Lilinette began to teach herself how to use such magic. She came to discover that she had an extreme amount of mana. By the age of 16, Lilinette had learned how to use such magic power. 

    Lilinette knew that she had to conceal such a power. She concealed it for years, letting no one know about it. Her life, even as a princess, became... uneventful. More so then usual. She continued her lessons with her mother, and continued to watch the arena battles take place. Of course, such an uneventful life can only last for so long. 

    At the age of eighteen, Lilinette fell in love. A human man, just a few years older then she. He lived in the kingdom, and worked as a blacksmith. It was on one faithful day that Lilinette was traveling with one of her elder brothers that she stumbled across his shop. It was not, however, love at first site. Referring to Lilinette as "A spoiled royal concoction," Lilinette became enraged. She snuck out of her palace, using her self taught "abilities" to sneak past the guards, making it towards the mans shop. 

    Surprisingly, he was still there. An argument struck out, both sides arguing with each other about the simplest things. Lilinettes money, The mans attitude, in the end, it ended with a kiss. Lilinette was quite confused, it was, after all, her first kiss. 

    She then made a habbit of sneaking out almost every knight, meeting up with him just so they could talk, usually kiss. She was in love, and as for as she knew, he was too. Lilinette knew her parents would never approve but frankly, she didn't care. The heart wants what the heart wants, and her heart desperately wanted him. It wanted him so much, that on one faithful night, just five months after this started, she fell asleep in his bed, on his chest, clothing bare from both their bodies. She woke up to a startle, knights breaking down the mans door, a group of knights snatching up Lilinette, and a group of knights violently beating the man she loved. She kicked and screamed, in such a vexed state of mind, forgetting that she could use magic. 

    She was brought to her parents, both of them sitting high in their thrones, looking down at Lilinette with disgust in their eyes. "Where did I go wrong." Her father spoke, watching as the knights threw her naked body to the ground. Water soiled her face as it lept from her tears, "Clean her." The king spoke, raising his hand, and watching as  group of chamber maidens dragged his daughter away.

    Lilinette did not try to escape again. Doors locked, windows bound shut, and the look of disappointment branded on her mind. Tears constantly seeping through her face as she laid in her bed, unwilling to move. She wouldn't eat, nor would she sleep. It was until the next week that more chamber maidens came into her room. Bathing her, brushing her hair, clothing her. No matter how many times Lilinette asked what was going on, no one would answer. No one would look her in the eye. 

    She was brought to the arena. 

    Sittign down next to her father and mother, Lilinette looked down at the ground. She could see her eldest brother there, sword raised high as the crowed cheered. She pleaded with her father, wanted to know what was going on, But he too refused to speak with her. It was then it began. Her eyes opened wide as she watched the gates open, a man stumbling out. Nothing covering his body but a cloth around his waist, and a blade in his hand. It was the man she loved. 

    Before she knew it, Lilinettes own hands were around her mouth, stopping herself from screaming in shock. She held back the tears, using every force in her body to stop from crying. As the king stood, he raised his hand. The crowd cheered, and the fight began. 

    Both her brother and her lover appeared to be on equal footing, no blood shed as there blades continuously clashed together. Lilinette had convinced herself that it was just his punishment, to be put to shame in front of the kingdom. But she was wrong. As her brother landed a hit, the man hit the ground, and her father, the king, stood up. 

    "As punishment for betraying the kingdom by Soiling The princess's body, taking her by the force of your wretched strength, i sentence you to death." 

    Lilinettes eyes widened as her brother raised his blade. Panicing, Lilinette vanished. In the blink of an eye she was standing between the man she loved, and her brother. the blade stopped just as her neck, her brother just as confused as anyone else. "It was not by force! I was willing! I love him!' Tears poured form her eyes as she looked at the look on her fathers face. 

    "My virdict stays the same, and you, Lilinette X," That struck her. Stripping her of the family name only meant one thing, "Are forced into exile."

    Lilinette was horrified. her entire life had just come crashing down upon her. She was allowed one more night in the kingdom. one night to rest, and pack. No one in the household spoke to her, they were appalled that she fell in love with a commoner, and even more appalled that she had learned magic.

    It took her hours of laying in bed to fall asleep. Her mind wouldn't stop turning and twisting as she thought about what was going to happen. The man she loved was killed, the only place she could call home was no longer her home. Falling asleep on tear stained sheets, Lilinette began to slumber. 

    Hours passed, and a knock fell upon her door. Eyes open, she looked outside her now unbound window. The moon was still up. "I still have time," She spoke, "I have till sun up." The knocking continued. Shaking her head, she put on her robe and walked towards the door. "What is it?" She asked, opening the door. She then took a step back as men flooded her room. Mean in armor and various other materials, none of which looked like those of her kingdom. The kingdom was being raided. As the men attacked, she fought back. Using her magic, the men fell, and she charged out of the room. Lilinette had to find her parents. 

    Rushing to her room, she watched as a man stood there, her father on his knees, and her mothers head in the arms of the man before them. "Look who arrived," The man spoke, "Lilinette, Please, forgi-" Before her father could finish his sentence, an axe slammed through his skull, cutting his body in half right down the middle. Lilinette panicked, Lilinette ran. 

    Out of the room, out of the castle, out into the streets. they were everywhere. A whole army from god knows what kingdom had attacked the city in their slumber. Both guards and civilians laid dead in the streets, fire attacking almost every building. The city was filled with the sounds of screams and foot steps, yet all Lilinette could do was run. Hands over her ears, she fled the city. 

    Years past. She became a wanderer, an "adventurer" as some people called. Traveling from city to city, finding means of making money. It wasn't until she turned twenty two that things started to look up. Stumbling upon Camelot, she was welcomed with open arms. Displaying her powers, she was placed at a spot on the round table. 

    RP Sample:



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    Re: Lilinette Salamancer - Kingdom of Camelot (WIP)

    Post by Britannia on Sat Jan 10, 2015 7:02 pm

    I'm gonna emphasize right away, if you want Elves as a playalbe race, you will need to create a Clan for them, give them a story, get it approved, and THEN I will accept your character as an Elf.

    Before none of that has happened, this app will be put on hold.

    There is a section precisely for these reasons.

    Additionally, before Harleen doesn't have at least 10 IC posts, you won't be making an alt.

    Re: Lilinette Salamancer - Kingdom of Camelot (WIP)

    Post by Lilinette Salamancer on Sun Jan 11, 2015 2:21 am

    i can still work on the app.

    I'll be happy to make the application for Elves has a playable race, Along with getting Harleen 10 IC posts ( I am already at 6)
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    Re: Lilinette Salamancer - Kingdom of Camelot (WIP)

    Post by Axel Rover on Tue Feb 17, 2015 12:26 am

    Please state that you are still working on this app within the next week, or it will be archived.


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    Re: Lilinette Salamancer - Kingdom of Camelot (WIP)

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