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    Kaiser Knuckle [WIP]


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    Kaiser Knuckle [WIP]

    Post by Davy0 on Fri Dec 19, 2014 8:29 am


    Equipment Name: Kaiser Knuckle
    Equipment Type: Knuckle Duster
    Rank: ???
    Treasure: Not.

    An old pair of knuckle dusters his master used to fight with in combat. Inherited by Malin after his death, it has a great amount of wear but is completely usable for combat.

    Knuckle Duster:

    Fighting Style:
    Malin uses these to compliment his pugilist fighting style in combat. Thus this fighting style is the same as his normal one, except he usually employs it against weapon wielding opponents or opponents with higher durability to boost the force his punches produce.

    Empowered: Not.

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