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    The Armor of Belphegor

    Harleen Quinzel

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    The Armor of Belphegor

    Post by Harleen Quinzel on Sun Dec 14, 2014 5:15 am


    Equipment Name: The Armor of Belphegor
    Equipment Type: Armor
    Rank: Holy
    Treasure: No

    Description: Threads spun from the wool of Belphegor, a goat-like demon slain by an adventurer long ago. The wool was given to the king as a gift, and the when Harley was chosen to become the Goats sin of sloth, it was decided that the wool would be turned into battle armor for the newest addition to the kings personal army.  The cloth is lined with thin, thick layers of gold which coat practically her entire body, except for the chest and core. With the exception for those two parts, The entire body is covered, along with the top of the head, which gets the help from a gold headdress, black, goat like horns intruding from the sides. 

    Fighting Style: Harley rarely ever feels the need to use the armor, of course, she will wear it if she is sent on a mission specially by the king. The armor is sort of a plan B if her typical fighting style goes south, which typically involves Harley projecting Illusions from the side, and using long ranged weaponry to fight off her attackers. Of course, having this plan B be an armor of the holy tier is especially helpful, even more so when it is factored in that Harley suffers from terribly low endurance due to being a fairy. When wearing The Armor of Belphegor, Harley must always be floating.  The tips of the feet are too long and pointed for her to be able to stand on her own. 

    Empowered: Yes


    Name: Belphegor's Wool
    Type: Defense 
    Description: Being taken from a powerful demon like Belphegor, the wool from which the threads are spun from has a strong, magical bond with not only the user, but the world around the user. When an attack of an equal or less tier then the wearer, physical or otherwise, comes with in a meter of Harley, a large patch of golden wool forms around that section of her body, lessening the damage from that attack. The wool is as hard as steel. This wool appears as thick tails, popping out and swerving around in order to defend the user from attacks.

    Strengths: The Armors ability requires no activation on the users part, activating once an attack gets within distance, meaning that the wool is very helpful when the wearer has to come to terms with surprise attacks, or when facing multiple opponents. This wool is self aware, meaning that that user does not have to be aware of the attacks, of course, the user can activate the wool using her own will as well. 

    Weaknesses: This wool is not effective against fire based attacks, nor is it effective against attacks of a higher tier. The wool can be effective against water attacks, absorbing the liquid, however, any attacks of a hier tier then the user will result in the wool getting heavy, and weighing down the user. (-1 speed tier for the next 3 posts) Although, the wool will still deploy even if it will have no effect. The wool moves at level 2 speeds. This wool does not protect well against explosions, and other forms of AoE attacks. Despite this ability, it is not a self-repairing armor. 

    Fighting Style: Harley has a hands off style of fighting, especially with this armor. She tends to stay in the background, trying to not cause attention to herself as she spams the target with allusions, and offensive spells and attacks from a distance. Of course, that takes a lot of concentration, leaving Harley wide open for attacks. She uses this armor as a plan A for defense, using the deployment of wool as more of an alarm to try and dodge a surprise attack last minute. Plan B is if she doesn't have enough time to dodge, for which hopefully the wool would be able to protect her from the advancing attack. The user is able to spin small defensive structures such as a wall or a cocoon for her and up to two other people as part of the ability. (this cocoon can be done for one post, with a 3 post cool down)

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    Re: The Armor of Belphegor

    Post by Britannia on Sun Jan 11, 2015 11:39 am

    Alriiiiiight, we've come to an end!


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