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    Event Quests!


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    Event Quests!

    Post by Mari on Thu Dec 04, 2014 10:56 pm

    Name: Event Quests also known as Event Decisive Quests
    Description: Let the people choose! Is just the basic understanding of this suggestion, where we the players get to choose how the event unravels IC. Not the event themselves, but which side whether good or bad has the bigger foot in this case. Within every event there are smaller plot events where players RP and increase it's moral. Each one has to have been completed 5 times (once per player) before the other. And the winner gains the "upper" hand where NPCs can also have higher positions too within the Event.

    Example: Quest: Let the King Rise!?
    - The king of whothehellcares doesn't fit to rule and the people of the king feel the same way.

    Quest one - Find out what are the reasons for this unfit king to resign his throne and if they deem worthy, help them or come to an understanding.

    Quest two - Ally with the king and his knights to bring back order within the kingdom, whether you find him an ally or not is up to you.

    Now who ever is first gets the upper hand, quest one, gets an enlarged angry mob and quest two, gets to beat these peasants up to a pulp or get them to see things in the kings eyes.

    I put suggestions within the quests themselves, cause I can't control the character and if they want to overrule the king or have the citizens understand peacefully is their choice.

    It's a little something to get the event going and stay alive, while giving everyone a chance to participate and be awesome, on either side~

    *The example wasn't that great cause this was on the fly > 3>


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    Re: Event Quests!

    Post by Britannia on Sat Jan 03, 2015 5:16 pm

    Before we do Event Quests, I would assume that we'd first need regular Quests and test out the waters xD 

    I'll be putting up a Quest Creation Contest to have some of those before we jump into the creation of more complex Quest Lines. However, I'll leave this application here for now until we can actually make it reality. This ain't denied, this is just on hold.

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    Re: Event Quests!

    Post by dordur on Thu Jan 08, 2015 8:38 pm

    Wouldn't we need a damage chart before we start creating quests and stuff like that?

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    Re: Event Quests!

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