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    [Character App WIP]


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    [Character App WIP]

    Post by Rara on Thu Dec 04, 2014 10:51 pm

    General Information

    Race: Giant

    Name: Rara
    Birthday: Jan. 10


    Faction: Kingdom of Danafor
    Title: The Harbringers of the Apocalypse-Destruction
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil


    Height: 11m
    Weight: 1 ton
    Eye Color: Red
    Hair color/style: Black

    Overall Appearance: Look at me

    And this one

    Rara is the giant usually seen wearing long black cape with a hood strewn over his head, this cape is connected to his Armor. Under the black cape his outfit consists of  black-plated Armour complete with dark pants and Armored boots. Rara is rarely seen without his helmet. The Helmet being a skull of a demon. But on those occasions he is seen without it one he has black hair fitted with constant, short pointy spikes already built from short hair itself. At the base of his hairline, he allows a few strands to hang just above his forehead. Even though he is not young his face is and is also wrinkle-less the only fault being a scar crossing the bridge of his nose that he received a long time ago. Usually it is a rare sight to see his face as he only removes his helmet for something extremely important or when all alone. It would be weird for someone to always wear such heavy armor all the time and it could also be very taxing on the body, even if you are a giant, to always be in it. So Rara actually does spends sometime out of his very heavy armor, but what he wears is extremely different. What he wears when alone and not in his armor is nothing at all. Why is because he sees no point in wearing anything but his armor that being the one he made for himself or his body, as this giant is comfortable with everything handing. While in the nude the many battle scars that plague his whole body can be seen, those alone showing he has been in many tough altercations.  

    Face Claim: Guts from Berserk  



    Being Challenged-





    Anyone who holds the title of Paladin


    Fears: Defeat-


    Overall Personality: Everything is better when you make it into a story, no matter what it is about. It can be filled with all lies or hold only the truth, but nothing really can separate the truth from the lies in Rara's opinion. As that is what he likes to make his life based upon, that and destruction. That is what most of his stories end with or mostly themed about, as that is what he loves. He doesn't truly know why that is but doesn't question it.


    Nothing truly is known about Rara other then what has been seen and made up about him, even his name is not his original one. Within the religion of the Barbarians of the north he is depicted as some type of god of war and destruction. And also a god that had turned his back on them for an unknown reason. While the Barbarians from the north saw Rara as an god the people of Danafor see him as nothing more then a monster that should be killed. Rara in truth is a monster and always was worshiped as a god by the barbarians; he also was the main cause of the barbarians religion being brutal and violent in nature. Rara usually would let everyone just roll with what they hear about him but has told a few in this world about his true origin in this world and the actions he has down. The most recent individuals told about his origin is the King and Paladin Holy Knight, the two people who made Rara become one of The Harbringers of the Apocalypse. What he first told them was that he was a Giant, something everyone would notice, but that he was a Giant exiled from his clan. Exiled for the murder of many of his brethren for the sick pleasure of being dubbed the strongest of the giants. He wasn't really certain about his current age nor did he care and told them that the act had to happen about four or three hundred years ago.

    The stories then continues with how he became part of the Barbarians of the north's religion. He says that one day he would be approached by an fearless human that would ask for the assistance in conquering all of the land in the North.
    How the stories of this goes:

    As told to all the children of the the Barbarians of the North their ancestors one day stumbled upon a power creature that appeared to be an massive man, a giant, that stood all alone with the corpses of other massive beings. They had been seeking a way to get more power over the other tribes in the north and when they say that a giant had made the blood other giants make an barren land a place of death, a lake of blood, they thought they found that power. But they felt fear of being killed if they approached the giant. But one man would break this spell of fear and approach the giant, who he called Rara. Both were covered in the blood of the fallen giants Rara from killing them and the man after he covered himself in it. It says that the man would get on top of one of the dead giant's bodies and speak loudly to Rara to get his attention.  And once he had Rara's attention would kneel down and pledge all loyalty to him, and also ask if he could help his people gain more.

    "O great creature I beg of you teach me and my people! We want power and seeing that you are something that can grant it to us! You see I have covered myself in the blood of the ones you have killed and will do every time to show that I want to share in the battles you undergo! I pledge not just my self but my whole tribe to you!"

    Those words had made the giant laugh and promise that he would teach them and help them seek what they desire, but they would first have to seek out the best materials within the land. And that they did. They returned with a strange black mineral and black metal and gave it to Rara. Rara would then take what they would give them and return a week later the massive naked giant now wearing black armored pants; he not only used the materials he was given but the skin and bones of the giants he had killed to make these pants. Now with with his armor pants the giant, Rara, would teach them by having them conquer and conquer. This was to make them strong and also to teach them how to truly destroy their opponents in the most brutal of fashion to take what they wanted. Rara had helped them conquer more and more and that small tribe that had come to seek power had grown to be a major force in the North to other tribes. Though as time passed Rara would not help them in battle, being there to do battle with them, but tell them to pray to him and then go out and use what they have learned. This caused them to begin creating places of worship for this giant Rara who the believed was their god. It says that one day Rara would talk with the chieftain of the barbarians and say he must return home, but will be back to aid them in two hundred years.

    Rara would return in two hundred years like he had said and began to tell the people of his family and home. It would tell them about the first god, his father, and how he was the one to create everything in this world out of boredom. The seas, lakes, rivers, all form of water being formed from the tears he shed from not having anything to do. The trees being his hair and the earth being his flesh.  Rara would then go on to tell them that his father who he would given the name Guda still felt boredom after creating the world and felt he should make beings like him, but not in power, inhabit it. And he did just that by first creating his wife and them having three children with her.

    The first child being Flemith the second being Rara and finally the third being Floki. Only Flemith and Floki were able to create. Flemith creating all of the animals that roam the world while Floki created the all of the humans.  But Guda would grow angry at Floki for creating humans as they looked to alike to them, so he assigned Rara to destroy them. And that he did but to the help of Floki a few survived and were kept away from the eyes of Guda and Rara. Time passed and Floki would ask if he could create humans once more to make the world his father created more lively, and Guda would for some reason let his son do this. Even though this would make Floki happy Rara would be angry as this would mean he wouldn't have anything to destroy, and finding out that Floki had already kept some humans from long ago alive made him even more enraged.  Long story short Rara and Floki would clash and Rara would kill his brother, causing his father to strip Rara of most of his power. This made Rara not as tall as the others of his family and only a little stronger then regular humans, which he described to be giants at first but grew smaller as time passed.

    From that base the the barbarian tribe would add more things to the the story and soon make it into their religion the other stories they tell explain almost everything that any other religion would. Though only a few things changed and they became a bit more violent to those other tribes that mocked their religion that they spread throughout the North, destroying all who didn't convert to it.

    Give or take that most of what he told them was the truth he had told.  Due to the tribe still being primitive in ways it was extremely easy for the lies Rara would give to be believable to them. The most recent thing he had down would be three years ago, at the last clash of the Norther barbarians and the Danafor Kingdom. Rara would admit he was part of the destruction of the Danafor Kingdom and ask that he not be forgiven but allowed to repay them for what he was done with servitude to the King. The King actually denied Rara at this request, he saying

    "From that story and you admitting to be apart of destroying my Kingdom...HOW DARE YOU ASKED TO BE SPARED! HOW FOOLISH OF YOU..." A long speech about how angry and many foul words would be said by the King, and Rara wouldn't stop him but let him vent. Though once the King would order Rara to be imprisoned the Paladin Holy Knight would step in. He would ask of the King to actually let Rara work for them, as he would be of better use to them alive and under their servitude. The King would ask why of his Paladin Holy Knight, truly shocked. His Paladin Holy Knight a man who he has known or many years for not having mercy on the wicked wanted to show mercy on this monster and use it. And when he asked on why the Paladin Holy Knight would tell him about a godly message he had received the night before about an giant coming to see them; and that he was supposed to save this giant and have it be on their side for an upcoming Holy War. The King would agree with letting Rara join their ranks. Though Rara is forced to stay in an dungeon designed for him, only allowed to leave for tasks he was assigned.

    RP Sample:

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