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    Blackmoon City


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    Blackmoon City

    Post by BMC's Ba'al on Sun Mar 15, 2015 3:37 am


    The City is Ours

    Blackmoon City takes place in current time, in the city of Los Angles, CA. Shifters and other supernatural species including their ancient counterparts the Ookami and Hellounds, and a mysterious race of women known as the Valkyrie, have lived on the planet for ages. Their identities are kept secret and their existence believed to be nothing more than mere myths. Within the last few decades, however, a group of meddling humans have found out about the shifters, and with the evolution of science, the were-animal virus is now an epidemic threatening to explode all over the world if it is not contained. No cure has been found, but attempts have been made to assist those who are afflicted. There is tension between shifters and weres, and humans are smack in the middle of it all, some unaware, some involved. Some shifters want to reveal themselves, others do not. Some humans want shifters and weres obliterated, some want to help them. And there are still others who wish to remain outside of the conflicts. Not only is their tension amongst the species,but within the three clans that run Los Angeles as well. There is conflict within every group and the struggle is real. Will you be a shifter, or will you be a were, or perhaps a human in this city of brewing madness? The future is ever changing, the outcome unpredictable. How will you proceed? On which side will you find yourself?

    Welcome to our haven, our inferno, our home. Enjoy your stay in Blackmoon City.

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