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    Welcome To My Site!

    Post by Britannia on Wed Dec 03, 2014 8:25 pm

    Since Saiichi did this, I thought why not me. Since I'm the owner. Hello all, I'm the owner. And currently your only staff. So you better put up with me ;D

    But to be honest, I'll be pretty lax with things as far as the Beta is concerned. Nanatsu no Taizai is a completely superpowered franchise, and that's what I love it for. One thing I should probably mention though is that I will NEVER be introducing stats! Not because I don't think Nanatsu no Taizai would work with numbers, but because I am of the opinion that numbers don't work with roleplay. Not in the sense of levels or ranks. But with putting a number to some arbitrary stat. So for you all who worried (or hoped) that this site might get a system similar to the numbers shown in the franchise: I WONT DO THAT!

    Next to that. Welcome! To me, to my site. And I hope that I can get a warm welcome from you guys. This is the first NNT site on the web, and I hope it'll be that way for a while. Because NNT is awesome, and I want to create a universe full of fable and story in the style of the Manga. Because that's what we all came here for, isn't it? SO LETS DO THIS!

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