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    Pay Your Dues!

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    Pay Your Dues!

    Post by Axel Rover on Wed Feb 11, 2015 10:00 pm


    Quest Name: Pay Your Dues!
    Quest Type: Common
    Quest Rank: Experienced
    Quest Location: Anywhere in Britannia
    Quest Requirements: Only Apprentice-ranked players and higher may do this quest, though there must be at least 1 Experienced-ranked player doing it. 4 players maximum. 5,000 words minimum.

    Quest Description: Recently, large groups of bandits have been going into small towns and surrounding them, forcing anyone wanting to go out or into it to pay a large fee. If they cannot do that, then they are not allowed to pass, and if they are being difficult to deal with, they get killed by the bandits. Instead of just blocking one town however, these bandits pick two towns that have a simple road leading to eachother, block them, and have a various amount of bandits placed on the path so they may also collect the debts of travelers that got out of the towns before they arrived, or just hopped on the path from another town. In order to make sure they don't tax the same person twice, since they are kind of moral, they hand the person a note with large red letters that say 'HE/SHE HAS PAYED HIS/HER DUE.'

    To initiate the quest, your character can either be in a town and try to leave it, with the bandits just deciding to block the town before you planned to leave, or try to get into the town, and bandits block you. After taking out the bandits of that town, you will find out from the town's people that other bandits have blocked the path to another town a few miles away from the one you are currently in and have blocked that town as well. Knowing this, you follow the path, defeat the bandits blocking it, and attempt to save the second town as well.

    Bandits x30 - Novice(10 surrounding each town; 10 along the path between the 2 towns)

    Advanced Bandits x5 - Apprentice(2 surrounding each town; 1 in the middle of the path between the 2 towns)

    Elite Bandits x2 - Experienced(1 surrounding each town)

    Mysterious Knight x1 - Expert(optional: a man in knight armor will randomly appear along the path as you are going to the last town, killing anyone in his path. Why he is doing it, and if you want to add him to the rest of the story as a major asset is your choice. Again, you don't have to add him in the story at all if you do not want to, but you need him to get the last reward, whether it be by killing him and taking it, or reasoning with him, ending up in him giving it to you)

    Quest Rewards: 400 Exp, and 1 spell book is found on the mysterious knight that allows you to learn one apprentice enchantment for free. You have to been seen reading it in character, so you can read it or you can pass it to another player. Only 1 of these spell books are in the quest each time it is taken, and each player can only ever obtain 1(must have level 1 wizardry to read it).


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