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    Public Enchantments List

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    Public Enchantments List

    Post by Axel Rover on Wed Feb 11, 2015 5:28 am

    Hello everyone! So you all should know that enchantments are basic spells that you can learn, and from reading the manga, I have seen that it is possible that some characters can have enchantments that others also can. In other words, they are like spells you find in RPGs that every member in your party could have, or kido from the anime Bleach. For that reason, I have decided to make a list of enchantments that anyone can buy and use! Don't worry, I discussed it with the owner Britannia and he said that it was a good idea, so now I am here!

    In order for there to be a large number of enchantments on this list, I ask that you, the members, think about the whole site when you make your enchantments(of course, I realize that there are those people that wish to keep their stuff secret, so there is no hate or anything). If you wish to make them public, just put the tag [LIST] on the title and I will add it to this list once it is approved. From there, anyone wanting to buy any enchantment on this list will copy and paste it to a combat application with the tag [ON THE LIST] so that the approval can be quick and easy.

    Note: DO NOT ask to have your enchantment put on the list if you are going to be an indian giver and take it from of the public and back into private. Once it is on this list, it stays public, since you knew what you were doing when you put the [LIST] tag on your enchantment.



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