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    Ferr Gilgamesh - Adventurer


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    Ferr Gilgamesh - Adventurer

    Post by Myth on Mon Dec 01, 2014 4:09 am

    General Information

    Race: Human

    Name: Ferr "Myth Seeker" Gilgamesh
    Sex: Male
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Birthday: 8/8

    Relationships: Single

    Faction: Adventurer
    Title: Wanderer
    Alignment: Neutral Good


    Height: 1.8 m (6'0")
    Weight: 86 kg (190 lb)
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair color/style: With hair that stands on ends like a cornered black animal and staying above his ears. His hair is combed backwards with only a cowlick in the place of bangs. Rough and hard, his hair bunches together to give off a spiked hair style. With his hair wore the way it is, his face and forehead are exposed. His ears remain uncovered as his black hair stands up and does not go down past his neck. He keeps it this way to show all who he is and who they will be fighting. It gives off a strong and powerful feeling like a lions mane.
    Extra: Uncommon for men, he has a single silver earring on ear. He also has a single scar on his left jaw line. The mark of a major loss in his life.

    Overall Appearance:
    Ferr is a tall and well built man in his eyes, compared to most mean in Britannia. Standing in at six feet flat (1.8m), his back sways slightly and he leans most of the time on his right leg when standing. Weighing in at a solid one-hundred and ninety pounds (86kg). Eyes as blue as a pure as the cloudless azure sky. The out rims of his iris are icily blue while they grow more rich and vibrant towards the pupil. His skin is tough and grown thick from his years being trained by his mother. His once clean and childish skin has now become rough to the touch like a beaten and battered hide. He has a light tan that absorbs light and resembling the color of ripe wheat in the summer.

    His shoulders are squared back and powerful, emphasizing his broad chest and back. His detailed jawline, along with the former features broadcast his masculinity. His hips and abs support his built frame. Ferr's legs are as powerful as his arms, and being able to crush a man's bones under the weight of his foot.

    His attire greatly consists of hand-me-downs from his grandfathers adventure days. Mostly light weight articles of leather or cloth. Well on the road, he dons a black leather vest that has been reinforced with light weigh armor. A dark blue cloth shirt rests under the vest, padded around the shoulders and mid-section.

    Face Claim: [Zack Fair] - Final Fantasy



    Challenges: Being an adventurer, Ferr thrives on new obstetrical to face and over come. No matter the challenge, it is a learning opportunity and a chance to grow in strength and wisdom. Never the less, overcoming challenges is the building block of legends.

    New Scenery:The man can not stand staying in one place for too long. He can quickly become bored of a location he is staying in. It is part of the reason he is an adventurer after all. One of them anyway. You should die seeing all the human eye is allowed to see in this world.

    Peace: Though it might sound like a cliche, Ferr likes it when there is no wars being fought in the background. When disasters  are at a low, and people are just living life to the maximum that they can. He is willing to act as a peace keeper in a place he passes by if the law allowed it or is asked to assist in it.

    Sparring: Plan and simple. The best way to keep your moves as sharp as possible and train the body. Of course people might get hurt if it is done wrong but he knows how to keep things simple. It is also a great way to measure peoples strength.

    Nights: The one time of day, were people just shut up and sleep. Silence fills the air and the body is placed at rest. Where one is able to dream freely even if their body is not.


    Early Mornings: The worst time of they day. No matter how much you sleep, Ferr will never get enough of it. Plus it is just annoying in general. It is truly a curse placed on all mortals by the Gods.

    Criminals: Scum who have taken lives, sacked a village, or even worse. These filthy dirt bags need to be placed in a cage and thrown into a lake of fire.  If someone goes to such lengths in order to take things, than why can't they put that energy into making a living?

    Cheap Ale: He can not be fooled by those that try to place bad ale off as good beer. The most disgusting tasting thing on this planet is a beer that someone mad, ruined, and still tried to pass off as good drink.

    Brash Men: He doesn't know if it is because of his own personality or what, but meeting people that give off an arrogant aura and overly confident men bothers Ferr. He kinda reverts to and animal trying to keep his dominance established.

    Tyrannical Women: Oh yes, the pinnacle of his hatred is a woman, who is worse than a dictator. He loves confident women, strong women, smart women, powerful too. But damn does he hate it when a woman thinks she is the ruler of the world for no good reason.


    Legacy: When a man does, what happens to his body? It turns to dust. What happens when a man wins a war? Or uncovers lost truths, treasures and discovers so much more? He is written down in history. And this is Ferr's goal, is greatest wish. To be placed in history and pass on a legacy that will be known for generation to come until the end of times.

    Promise of Beauty: When Ferr was younger, he was told by someone close to him that if he stayed alive and able bodied long enough, he will see many things. Dark, dirty, and horrible things. But also if he could survive it all, he would see the most beautiful things that would make men cry and turn boys into men with pride.

    Disability: His legs breaking and never healing. His arms being removed from his body. Or his eyes stolen from him. Ferr's biggest fear is becoming disabled and never being able to venture out into the world.

    Dying as The Unknown Man: The worst possible way to die is without recognition. Without leaving anything behind nor a story to be told. A failure in the greater scheme of things. Ferr has nightmares about death before greatness.

    Overall Personality:
    A tough skinned with a heart made of silver would be an appropriate description if him. His will is unbreakable even if his body would be taken away from him. He can not be swayed by armies to turn back on his road to building his Legacy and determination is all he has to his name. His eyes are windows into his soul and everyone could see their that their depths are only equal to the highest of mountains. He believes one should act in public as they do in private. With their hearts on their sleeve in other words.

    Though he holds many values, this doesn't mean he is morally superior than others. When in conversation, he likes to talk loud to leave his impression on people. He can be nosy and investigates a persons personally life throughout the time are talking. Beating around the bush is his specialty. Though when it comes to things of urgent importance, he will be direct as a punch.  


    Ferr was born into a commoners house hold within the grand Kingdom of Liones. His father was a laborer who worked as a smithy in the local village, a respected member of the community. His mother however was an amazon of a woman and towered over all others. She had a rough personality and was called the Goblin Giant simply due to her said personality. Being raised by an odd couple, the people around the family worried for the boys mental health and safety. Though there was no doubt that those matters as he began growing into the young man he was.

    He grew stronger with each passing year as his mother taught him how to fight and trained her son to be a strong man. At same time, his father trying to install just morals into his son, hoping he would not become like is mother in ways other than strength and power. It came to be a norm in their household from the time he tuned ten for his parents to argue on who would be in charge of Ferr's daily routine.

    Unknowingly though, the boy was always visiting his grandfather whom lived close to them as his parents spent hours fighting. The old man, sun kissed and white haired man would fill his grandson's head with descriptions of his life long ago. Telling him all the adventures he had when he was young and able. The places he saw and people he visited and sometimes fought. Ferr's grandfather even told him of a place far away, where it is said men and women with the strength of Gods live. A scared mountain known as Spa'rto, where no mere outside may dare lay eyes on it unless they prove themselves worthy.

    Along with another tale of a giant beast that laid eggs of gold and silver. All of these simply tales to all that hear them, but it was real to Ferr. It was this that began the deep drive that motivated him seek out the world and it's most colorful vistas and people. He only dreamed of greetings from people outside the Kingdom, but he still thought of the Kingdom itself as a large place. After all the nights filled with nothing but dreams, Ferr slowly prepared for his own venture into the world.

    Against his father's arguments and mother's nagging, Ferr's grandfather loaned the boy a set of his old traveling gear. At the dawn of his fifteenth birthday, Ferr attempted to run away from home to go on an adventure but was stopped by his mother. She beat the boy for defying her word. In the end he was thrown back into his bed with bruises the size of small animals all over his body. With this punishment came a mental scar in the form of a dream. A mother's fear for the safety of her son, along with disciplinary action resulted in not only a broken body but mind as well. As he recovered, Ferr had nightmares of having broken legs so that he could not walk to distant places. With each dream it became worse as a new set of limbs or senses being lost forever.

    On the final night of these night horrors, Ferr dreamed that he was nothing but a stump of a man, blind and deaf. He had no legs nor arms. His life became a living hell, and than he died without even a tombstone over his grave. With such a vivid dream, Ferr woke sweating and frantic. For the next year he then began to train his body in varies ways to stand up against his mother. Who he faced on the eve of his sixteenth birthday.

    He stood at the path that led out of his village, dressed in the same gear his grandfather gave him one year ago. Standing in front of him was his mother, clad in armor forged by Ferr's father. The two squared off in a heated debate before resorting to fists. Even though it was his dream to leave, the young man still could not bring himself to go full strength against his own mother. In the middle of their scuffle, his mother threatened Ferr by, "Breaking off his right leg." This threw Ferr into a state of near panic and forced him to go all out against his mother. With one swing of his left fist, a power surged through him which he had never felt before. Leaning into his hit, the armor that surrounded his mother broke into thousands of fragments that littered the ground. Though she remained unharmed by the attack, she stood froze in surprise and shock. Without any more resistance, Ferr's parents granted him their permission to leave their village and go leave their home. Though only after another year of his mothers advanced training.

    During that year, Ferr trained to worked to understand and control the new power that had surfaced. It did not seem to be power to boost his strength. From many trials and errors, he discovered that he could shatter a number of objects with this power. He thought it was odd, but imagined it was the incarnation of his own will. Shattering obstacles that seek to get in his path. After the year was up, and Ferr was once again prepared, the young man left home on his seventeenth birthday. This time there was nothing to stop him on his path.

    RP Sample:
    The wind was picking up as small branches and bushes began to be lifted off the ground. A devastating storm was winding itself up to reach new heights of might as the wind chipped away at trees and the very earth. A caravan of merchants trying to return to their city of operations was unfortunately caught in the rain as it flew sideways from the power of the wind. The men led their horses away from the eye of the storm, confused regarding their location. One of the lighter wagons, packed with only herbs, was picked up into the air. The handler rushed to detach the animal from it's harness. The beasts hooves lost contact with the ground as it too was about to swept away. As the man panicked as his stallion was about to vanish into the thick storm, a greatsword came into view. The wagon destroyed, freeing the burdened animal from it's untimely end.

    After the greatsword came a man wrapped in a brown cloak. He ran over to his weapon and took hold of it. He wiped the mud off the edge and looked to the men and women. He pointed back to the way he came and yelled over the howling wind. "We need to get out of this mess! Follow my lead and you will live!"

    It was a risk they all thought, trusting a stranger in a situation like this, but it was going to get worse the longer they stayed put. Taking the risk they followed Ferr through the rain and a mountain came into view. A small tunnel appeared to have been carved into the side. It was deep enough to fit all the merchants and horses. The wagons however had to be released and left at the entrance due to their width. They just couldn't fit inside and were swept up by the wind. The men sat in the mud, resting from their horrifying experience. Ferr looked over to them, lowering his hood. "I am happy I found you all before I got to far ahead. But we can not stay in here too long."

    One of the men looked at Ferr in a confused manner. Before they could ask what he was talking about, Ferr began bashing his fists against the stone walls of the mountain. The rocks crumbled before his fists and the tunnel was slowly be extended.

    As time passed and the group moved farther into the depths of the mountain, they could no longer hear the rain nor wind. It was like they were in a dark haven where the elements could not touch them. Ferr on the other hand was just focusing on getting to the other side.

    Time seemed to have taken hours out of their lives before Ferr punched through to the other side of the mountain. His hand dangled out of the rock. With a smile, the adventurer bashed his way through the to see the light of fading day. His eyes fell upon a cloudy but calm sky  painted hues of pink and orange by the resting sun. It had appeared Ferr had lead the group to the edge of the storms reach. Scattered flora littered the cliff he stood on and all manner of critter began to appear from their hiding places.

    One of the merchants came up to Ferr and took his hand. "We thank you for saving us. I am sorry that we were as rude as to not ask your name young man."

    Ferr wore a large and happy smile across his face as he began to blush. "My name is Ferr. And don't you worry one bit Sir. I am just glad that everyone is safe and-" His mouth was interrupted when a piece of paper was shoved in front of it. It had tallies and numbers written on it. To Ferr's dismay, he asked what it was about. The man then told him it was the total worth of all their lost and damaged goods that he made them leave behind. With a deep breath, the goodhearted adventurer turned to the man and yelled, "Are you joking? I got you out of that storm and you charge me a small fortune? Never again!"  And with that he pulled his arm away and jumped down the cliff, sliding down the muddy surface away from the caravan. "I will pay you in hell! Cheap bastards!"

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    Re: Ferr Gilgamesh - Adventurer

    Post by Britannia on Sun Dec 14, 2014 4:07 am

    Alright, first off, decent app. I can see the character coming to life, but I CAN'T approve this for a Master Rank and a Legendary title. It is simply not a good enough app for that, in my opinion.

    I will have to ask you to expand on your personality, on your history, and even on your appearance. The rp sample was fine, honestly, but I simply don't see enough in the other three big departments. Your likes, dislikes, motivations and fears are fine, but I need some more detail where it is important, and perhaps some fluff to make it enjoyable to read.

    Another VERY big point is that the character itself is not enough to be a LEGENDARY Adventurer. The Legendary, high ranked Adventurer is supposed to have seen worlds, lived tales and slain dozens of beasts. I can't see enough in the character to approve him at Legendary Adventurer.

    I would rather see him as a Wanderer, but I can see an Explorer coming out of him. Either way, you do need to expand your app nonetheless, but there's this little something missing that makes me say "Hey, this is a character which Legends follow and people talk about."


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    Re: Ferr Gilgamesh - Adventurer

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    This app will be archived in the next week. Please state if you are still working on this.

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    Re: Ferr Gilgamesh - Adventurer

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