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    Lot's Powers (WIP)

    Lot Winslice

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    Lot's Powers (WIP)

    Post by Lot Winslice on Wed Feb 04, 2015 12:59 am


    Power Name: Martyr's Judgement
    Power Type: Blade Based Damage
    Power Description: Those who are born with the ability of Martyr's Judgement typically don't have any sense that they're able to use it until much later in their life. The ability itself is awakened when they've suffered such a great emotional tragedy that there is no true way to recover. This ability causes them to have an innate urge to rectify that tragedy, typically through revenge. Once this has occurred a person is able to use the power freely. The other thing is that the reason they exact the rectification must be by their own will, judgement, and value systems, thus the "Martyr" part stems from both this and the fact that they have felt "death."


    Fighting Style:


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    Magic Power

    Magic Name: Form Fit
    Magic Type: Support/Misc.
    Magic Description: An interesting power of the Winslice family, this ability allows them to fight unhindered by size. What this means is that any clothes they don will fit their size, so long as they are reasonably within range (i.e. the clothes made for a giant will not be able to change vastly enough to fit him in either form). For things like human sized armor or gauntlet and such, this ability is perfect. This is what allows him to fight to his fullest potential in Ualcos Magesos while also maintaining his anonymity of race amongst his fellow knights. That is the reason this ability is so valuable to someone like Lot. This magic power also does not work with armors or clothes with magic properties that are bonded to a certain person, only those that belong to him. This limits it's usage, but doesn't take away from it's ability to do what Lot needs it to do.

    Strengths: Form Fit has one very notable strength. Any armor, clothing, or other accessory worn by the user will grow and shrink with them as they come in and out of their fairy form and human form. This allows for a very smooth combat style.

    Weaknesses: Form Fit doesn't work with giant clothing or "Registered Items" that do not belong to Lot or were not given to him by the owner when he uses this power. This power also will not work if the user is mentally unsound when using it, such as when they are confronting a great fear or particularly intimidating enemy.

    Fighting Style: Form Fit doesn't have it's own fighting style per say, but it instead grants Lot boosts to his normal fighting style. As always, he relies on fast hits and little effort to damage ratio, but Form Fit allows him to take advantage of his items in both of his forms, allowing the transition from form to form to be smoother, as well as allowing him to utilize the abilities of his items at almost all times.

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