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    Cassandra Heart [Villain]

    Cassandra Heart

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    Cassandra Heart [Villain]

    Post by Cassandra Heart on Sat Jan 31, 2015 11:07 pm

    General Information

    Race: Human

    Name: Cassandra Heart
    Sex: Female
    Gender:  Female
    Age: 23
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Birthday: October 12th


    Army - On very good terms with them, treats like family.

    Village Council - Hates them.

    Faction: Criminal
    Title: Villain
    Rank: 2
    Alignment: Lawful Evil


    Height: 1.6764 meters
    Weight: 81 kg
    Eye Color: Green
    Hair color/style: Red
    Extra: Nose piercing on the right nostril, ear piercings.

    Overall Appearance: Her red hair is a bit messy, going an inch past her neck. Cassandra's yellow skin is smooth and soft to the touch. Her piercing green eyes have a similar shade to the leaves of a tree. Her fingernails and toenails are trimmed perfectly. Along with that, her body is what most women dream of.

    Cassandra has a few habits that she finds hard to stop. For example, you can constantly find her playing with her hair, or whistling. She usually has very good posture when walking.

    Next, her clothes. She is a big fan of piercings, but usually only wears her nose and ear piercings. Cassandra also wears a golden necklace, given to her from her grandmother that she wears every day, even when sleeping or showering. Often, when she is out adventuring she wears purple socks with black, leather boots that nearly reach her knees. Next, she wears a black trenchcoat with red highlights at the very bottom, with a simple, white shirt underneath. On her head, she wears a rather extravagant hat used to protect her from when the sun's rays get too hot and she doesn't have her sunglasses on. It matches the black colors she is associated with. Near the middle of her hat, a red feather pops up. Sometimes, she wears black sunglasses made to aid her less than average eyesight, but she prefers contacts.
    Face Claim: Karin Uzumaki: Naruto - Karin


    Likes: Fighting - She enjoys the thrill of battle because of the warlike environment she grew up in. It's like a hobby to her.

    Seafood - Shrimp, Fish, if it comes from the sea then she's guaranteed to love it.

    Winning - From fighting, to a game of cards, if she wins, Cassandra becomes ecstatic.

    Sweets- They taste good!

    Chicken - Her absolute favorite meat.
    Dislikes: Losing - Makes her feel inadequate and weak.

    Softies- People who cry when they get poked in the arm or when you throw a few cuss words at them. She hates those type of people.

    Carrots- She once ate a frozen carrot and puked in disgust at how bad it was

    Bitter tastes- No one likes them, they're nasty.

    Mangos- Overrated trash.

    Motivation: Cassandra is motivated in her quest for the blood of her elders because of the death of her husband. Her reasoning for fighting and wanting to rule the world is because her village placed a heavy emphasis on power. It practically determined the social chain, and if you were weak enough you were like a second rate citizen. So, seeing firsthand what having enough power could get you, she wanted that for herself.

    Death - If she's dead, she wouldn't be doing what she loves best, and fears that if she dies too early that she won't be able to avenge her husband's death.

    Being weak- Because Cassandra grew up in a society where power was everything, if someone somehow took her power, it would break her, physically and mentally.

    Losing her "family" - Cassandra has a very close bond with the people in the army, even calling them her family, since the real one is dead. If she were to lose most of them in a catastrophic event, it would cause great suffering.

    Overall Personality: Cassandra is a brave young girl. At an early ages, she was doing things that even the boys were scared of trying. And, it didn't matter if she was speaking to an adult or not. She has no problem with speaking what's on her mind, and while most would view it as disrespect, it was quite natural where Cassandra was from. If you were stronger, you were better then the oth

    Cassandra also craves after money, but not only for herself, but to strengthen her army so she can take control of the world. This lust for money makes her do things that many would find deplorable, such as destroying an orphanage. She even has a job as a bounty hunter for extra money.

    Thirdly, Cassandra can be very sarcastic and mischievous at times. It simply amuses her when people get annoyed by her sarcastic nature. Plus, when she's in the mood for it, she believes that pranking is very efficient for brightening up people's moods.

    Cassandra has a very tough exterior and interior. She views most people as pawns in her plan for world dominance except those that pledge allegiance to her. Once that happens, she'll make sure you live as long as possible and will actually care about your safety. But, don't EVER make the mistake of betraying her. Somehow, and someway, she will find you and kill you, even if it meant destroying the world. Her sensitivity to being betrayed comes with the environment she lived in. Traitors got no second chances, and were executed as soon as they were caught. But, for her to even accept your pledge, or even respect you, she usually focuses on power, having an immense respect for those capable of besting her in battle. However, it's very hard for her to recognize people with other strengths that matter outside of battle, this being another cause of the environment she lived in.

    Cassandra is also very arrogant and prideful, especially when it comes to proving herself better then other men. After all, she has beaten most of her opponents without trouble. Besides her army, she doesn't have many friends, scarred emotionally by the death of her husband.

    Cassandra's goal is to take control of the world and become the strongest fighter ever. While it may sound cliché, this is for good reason. Her people were extremely warlike, and being raised in that village since birth, she obviously took the conquering mentality many of the soldiers had. She wants to become strong so she could avenge the death of her husband, and show the council that women aren't weak.

    In battle, as mentioned early she is quite prone to underestimating her opponent's abilities, and perhaps overestimating hers even a little. She uses taunting and various psychological techniques to break down the opponent mentally when she fights in a direct confrontation, however Cassandra prefers using sneak attacks, similar to the ones her people used during times of war. Unlike most other females, Cassandra has no problem with using her body to get what she wants.


    History: Cassandra Heart was born in a small village, to Lionel Heart and Erika Heart. Even when she was little, she was acted much more like you would expect a boy to act. Cassandra also despised wearing girly things, such as dresses. She also rarely ever played with the other girls. Sometimes, she even wished that she was a boy, because that way you weren't supposed to depend on the men to rescue you whenever you were in danger.

    At the young age of four, she was trained in her father's martial art, Tai Chi. Although it was usually the son that learned this martial art in his family, Cassandra had no brother and her father was disgusted at what the art had devolved into. By training Cassandra hard enough, he hoped she would show the world that Taichi wasn't just an exercise, but a tool used for battle. So, the training was even more rigorous then usual, although Cassandra caught on quite quickly.

    Her dream was to become the strongest solider in the village, using her skills at Tai Chi to help her do this. At the age of six, she worked tirelessly to achieve this goal, already a good deal better than her male peers. However, even though Cassandra was a decent chunk above her friends, a new rule in the village was put in by the time she was twelve; No women could join the army, and were stuck as the medics. Of  course, Cassandra felt like her whole life so far went to waste, and even after begging the elders, she still wasn't allowed into the army. But, she didn't just give up. Fighting was the only thing she knew how to do, and promised herself that she would manage to find a way in the army. Along with her best friend, Edward, a boy with the same fiery passion to get as strong as possible like. Cassandra, they trained as hard as they could.

    She heard various rumors that were going around the village about the soldiers going out to conquer. Edward helped Cassandra come up with a very intelligent idea; Cassandra could simply dress like a boy and manage to get in the academy that way.

    With the disguise ready, she entered the academy, graduating much quicker then the other recruits because of her learning ability, easily able to replicate the fighting styles and techniques taught. Also, she learned a lot about the art of disguises and acting, which aided her in keeping her secret for a much longer period of time. However, Edward managed to keep up with her, graduating at the same time she did.

    At around the same time, her father declared that Cassandra knew all she needed to know about the martial art, impressed by her progress. She caught on far more quicker then her father did, started at a younger age, and easily blended in the martial arts she learned in the academy into her fighting style. Cassandra's final lesson seemed like it would be rather simple. All she needed to do was kill a bandit blindfolded, using all her knowledge and senses to beat him.

    Cassandra was led to a field and blindfolded by her father, who walked away. About half an hour later, she felt a rather malicious presence, and knew that this was the person she was assigned to kill. The martial artist could tell that this thief was more skilled and physically stronger, but used her smaller, more agile body, plus her knowledge of other arts to keep up with him. Cassandra had a feeling that luck would be the deciding factor in this fight, and it turned out it was, as with a single blow to the lungs, Cassandra felt his life force fade away, and unravelled the blindfolds.

    She was shocked to find the dying body of her father, who explained to her that the advanced arts could only have a single matter how much Cassandra called his name, it didn't stop him from dying right in her arms.

    At that same spot, Cassandra buried his body and returned home. Erika, distraught by her husband's death, began to abuse Cassandra and treated her like a slave. But, the girl soon became fed up with this, running off in the middle of the night and deciding to live with her best friend, Edward. But, his parents found her sleeping in the barn quickly, and were horrified by the stories she told them, especially the stories of her abuse. Cassandra, being full of pride didn't want them to get involved. But, Edward's mother didn't care, and soon, the two mother's were fighting. Edward's mother won easily, allowing Cassandra to be in her family, and her mother left in shame. Together, the two children trained there hardest to become the strongest, and grew more closer with each passing day..

    At the age of fourteen, Cassandra was thrust into her first war. No matter how tough she acted on the outside, Cassandra couldn't lie to herself. She was scared that, despite all her training she would die on the battlefield, disappointing her general and leaving her parents without a child. The target of the conquest was a rival village. They struck in the night, taking out all the soldiers, leaving most of the children and women alive as slaves, taking them back to the village to work on expansion.

    About a year later, Cassandra had become a bit too content with the peace. Her training slowed down, causing her to stagnate a bit.  During the year, Edward and Cassandra decided to marry and move in together. The couple had a pretty happy life together

    But all that peace vanished one day while Cassandra was going to the market to buy some food. Screams began to erupt from the streets, as civilians ran from..something. A swarm of people wearing rags with nothing on there feet, carrying some of the villages best weapons began to slash through civilians, making there way to the grand elder's house. Somehow, a massive prison break occurred, and Cassandra, always lusting for battle, was more than happy to step in and fight. Her weapon already on her, she, along with the other soldiers stopped the attack before it got too damaging for the village. However, unknown to Cassandra and the villagers, it was simply a diversion.

    Soldiers wearing strange armor that Cassandra had never seen before descended from rooftops, taking down the soldiers with the element of surprise. Cassandra knew that she was probably outmatched, and wasted no time trying to run away. But, it seemed that her luck was against her. She tripped over a rock, her dagger sliding out of her reach and allowing one of the invaders to catch up to her. He fired a sphere of water, threatening to cut Cassandra into pieces with the attack.

    Cassandra would NOT be a coward anymore, and would not run away from these issues. With that declaration, suddenly, she felt invigorated, leaping out of the path of the sphere of water and began  charging the soldier head on. With a single cry, she summoned a wooden thorn that went right through the water sphere, piercing his heart and turning the sphere into a puddle.

    Now that he was dead, Cassandra grabbed her dagger and headed back to where the prisoners had ran off too hoping she could find some soldiers to kill. Eventually, the soldiers were repelled, but the prisoners escaped. The city's reputation as fierce warriors was put in question, and Cassandra's home was destroyed, forcing her and her boyfriend to stay in the barracks until a new home was built. It was very hard not being able to show any affection to her lover because there was someone always watching. Cassandra was promised that her home would be rebuilt in a year by the council, however it took three times that because the builders were too busy helping the soldiers from frequent bandit attacks from others who felt like the city wasn't as strong as it used to be.

    One day, while undressing in her private little room, the general of the army walked in by accident, as Cassandra hadn't locked the door. The General was quite surprised, but what he would do next would never be known, as just as quickly, a decapitating air wave sliced through his neck, ending his life.

    At the age of eighteen, Cassandra was made general of the army. Under her rule, the village prospered and the elders favored her. She felt like that it would eventually be the time to tell them about her true identity, but wanted to get even more favor from them.

    However, at the age of twenty life was beginning to get more difficult. An informant told Cassandra that someone had leaked her secret to the council. Later that day, her husband's corpse was delivered to her doorstep, his whole body skinned with nothing but his face with a picture of Cassandra's mom...she picked the picture up, crumpling it with streams of tears going down her face.

    In that moment, her whole life had been destroyed, replaced with nothing but unbounded rage. In that moment, she considered slaughtering everyone in the city, even though she would most likely be stopped by the council. In that moment, she wanted to kill herself and be with Edward. In that moment, she was near her breaking point. But Cassandra knew that wouldn't bring him back, and decided to focus her rage on her mother, asking around the city about her whereabouts, eventually leading Cassandra to the graveyard of her father, where she found her mother. Without any words, the women clashed.

    The frailer, slower woman was no match for Cassandra, who was faster, stronger, and more skilled. Plunging her fist through Erika's left breast, she left her mother to die. But, in her final moments, she began to reveal her plans. It was sad, and brought a tear to Cassandra's eyes at how much her own mother hated her. She could understand the hatred...after all, Cassandra caused her shame and stole her husband. But the words still chilled her spine to this day..

    "After you killed my beloved I broke...I wanted to see you after you lose everything too! With the council on you, you won't be able to live in peace. "

    With the death of her mother, she saw no reason to stay in the village, and began wandering the world with a few things in mind. First, she would come back to the village once she was stronger and destroy the council. Secondly, she wanted complete control of the world, and thirdly she wanted to prove to the world Tai Chi wasn't just an exercise.

    As the years passed by, she began to gather criminals from all over to join her army, pillaging villages for resources. Her destruction and enslavement has earned Cassandra her infamy, although most have no clue who her real identity is besides the ones in her army. Because of her disguise, her army has been nicknamed the Phantom Troop. Cassandra and her army currently stay in one of the villages they've captured.
    RP Sample: Itome woke up in his house, the nightmares continuing to plague him about his failure to bring back his friend to the village. Despite awakening the next level of Sharingan, he had no hope against the Senju/Uzumaki hybrid. Although he DID want to achieve the next level of Sharingan, he needed to remind himself that he couldn't fall into the same hole that the other Uchihas did..relying on your Dojutsu was a horrible thing to do, and he would need to instead work on his fundamentals. In particular, his Genjutsu, which was supposed to be the specialty of the Uchiha. While it certainly wasn't horrible, it was lagging behind when compared to his other skills. While he could be considered a master with his Ninjutsu and Weaponry skills, he could only be considered adept with his Genjutsu.

    I need to become the strongest matter what, nothing will stand in my way. Power is all that matters in this world...that's why no matter how strong our bonds were, he was able to beat me and threw me around like I was a child.

    He threw the beige covers off of his body, landing on his slippers. Currently, he was only in his boxers, which were a plain red. The next step was making sure that his teeth contained not a single speck of yellow on them, even if he could make a genjutsu that could disguise it's appearance. He headed into the bathroom, picked up his blue toothbrush, and took the tube of toothpaste that was on the counter, squeezing out a dime size of paste on the brush. Then, he began to start brushing his teeth while observing himself im the mirror.

    I look like shit..but then again, who the hell am I trying to impress? Then again, I suppose it couldn't hurt to tidy myself up every now and then. You never know when I need to woo a lady for whatever reason..

    Once finished brushing his teeth and taking a shower, he exited the bathroom and dried himself off with his towel. Then, he rummaged through his drawers so he could find some clothing, and once he found some(a green tracksuit with white stripes, a white t-shirt, and some boxers), he quickly slid them on and decided that he would be wearing some sandals today, and then exited his house.

    It was the afternoon, although Itome didn't know the exact time, as he didn't bother to check to the clock. Today, he didn't feel like putting up with the snickers and glances he would get from his clan members. Even though he was the former Raikage, they still felt the need to diss him behind his back, and it was annoying. At times, he felt like annihilating them all. But, he didn't feel like he was ready for the massive inconvenience that came with becoming a Missing Ninja, especially since he was such a high ranking individual that knew many secrets about the village. They would hunt him down with maximum priority.

    After a brief ten minute walk, he found himself at one of the less populated training fields. Today, instead of focusing on his chakra quantity, he would be focusing on the quality of his chakra. After a hour of that, he would move on to using his Genjutsu against a Shadow Clone.

    He found a suitable rock about twice his size that he could sit on. Leaping on it, he went into the lotus position, focusing his mind, body, and spirit. Yes, he could hear a few noises in the background, but he didn't let them conquer him. Instead, he went with the flow.

    Truly, he was someone that was one with nature. If you were looking for him, it would be easy to overlook him as he seemed to blend in with his surroundings without using any type of jutsu or trick. He stood still for about a hour, thinking about molding a statue, refining each and every inch of it. Itome also thought about using his jutsu, and with each progressive use, it would get less and less tiring. Once this hour passed, he leaped off of the rock, landing on the ground without much problem.

    "Now time to see how effective my Genjutsu is without the use of a Sharingan...!"

    He began weaving a few handseals, channeling his chakra and unleashing a clone five meters away from him. The clone already knew his purpose and had no problems with it, although even if it did, it wasn't like it could do anything about it, as Itome had absolute control.

    Itome would use his strongest Genjutsu, one that would send a foe to sleep should they see even one of the feathers. He performed a single handseal, and a shower of feathers that covered fifty meters rained down upon the clone. He was knocked out in an instant, not able to use the Genjutsu Kai technique to escape. Itome was sure his abilities leveled up from this training session. Once he knocked out the clone three more times, he dispelled the clone, and officially declared himself finished with his training. Perhaps he would go do a few missions so he could learn one of the various forbidden techniques that only a select few were privileged with learning. Or maybe he would go out on a dangerous journey, finding ways to go to the next level with his Sharingan. Whatever route he took, it would lead to him becoming even stronger, and he obviously welcomed the change.

    A small part of me wants a Genin team..after all, I won't be here forever. I could die tomorrow. I just want too pass on my knowledge to the next much as I want to say I hate this village, perhaps deep down I do have a small spot where I care about it. That's why I couldn't bare with the position..I knew I wasn't strong enough.

    He sighed, looking at a flower that was a meter to the right of him.

    "I suppose before I go and do anything it wouldn't hurt to buy a couple of weapons..perhaps some hidden wrists blades so I can go assassinate people much more easily."

    With those thoughts in mind, he headed to the nearest blacksmith.

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    Re: Cassandra Heart [Villain]

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    PRE-APPROVED at [Expert] Rank, Tier [2-4] at [5700] exp.

    You may reply with your skill purchases.

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    Skill Template : 5700

    • Speed - 3
    • Strength - 3
    • Stealth - 3
    • Hand to Hand - 3
    • Multitasking - 2
    • Mapping - 2
    • Power Suppression - 1
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    Alright, your purchase adds up to [5100] exp, leaving you with [600] exp, not including the exp you got from posting.

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    Wrong account lol. Moving now.


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