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    [Braxton, Lowferd – Cardinal Knight]


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    [Braxton, Lowferd – Cardinal Knight]

    Post by Braxton on Sat Jan 31, 2015 6:37 am

    General Information

    Race: Human

    Name: Braxton Lowferd
    Sex: Male
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Sexuality: Hetero
    Birthday: April 6


    Father: Unknown

    Faction: Kingdom of Liones
    Rank: Cardinal Knight
    Alignment: True Natural


    Height: 193cm
    Weight: 72.5kg
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair color/style: Black/Medium length hair
    Extra: One noticeable feature is that he has two black marks under his eyes, one under each. He also has multiple scars on his chest and his arms.

    Overall Appearance:
    Braxton likes to wear light clothes often even in battle. wearing a tight black outfit highlighted by metal plating on the shins, fore-arms, shoulders and chest. He is always seen wearing a red scarf. Braxton likes to feel light when he is fighting. It may be because of his ninja training but he just likes to feel light. When he needs to wear his regular armor he likes to go with something a little heavier. But even with his heavier armor on he still wears the red scarf. That scarf was made from materials that his master gathered before he was killed. The scarf is red because it was soaked in blood and a bit of red paint.

    The metal armor he likes to wear is made from a special metal that looks heavy and is very durable but is made from a very light metal. He would like to say he got this armor from his master he he doesn't know. He has no memory of ever getting this armor. He just woke up with his armor beside him. He got it examined by a blacksmith and he told him that it is rare metal. It lead to Braxton to think of who would give him such a special armor. It only left one person and that was his master. It would be the only possible answer. He never knew of his parents nor his brother or sister. But did they know of him? Anyways when he doing anything but battle he still wears his black clothing.

    The light black clothing he wears is from his master. His master had made one for him when he was a child, a young adult and a adult. His master was very good at predicting things so he knew what size Braxton was going to be when he grew up. That was one of the many thing Braxton respected about his master. The two markings under his eye is the markings of the ninja clan he was apart of. I say was because Braxton is the sole survivor of a clan killing.

    His hairstyle is also of his ninja clan. The liked to put their hair in ponytails when they fought. It made it easier for them to fight so they didn't have to worry about their hair. All the clan members have black medium length hair. If you didn't have black medium length hair you would be killed for not being like the rest of the clan.

    Face Claim: [Speed of sound Sonic] - (One punch Man)



    The color black: Braxton was made to like the color black because he likes the night and the slick and beauty of the color.

    The color red: Braxton was also made to like red because of his master and because it is the color of blood. A very precious liquid.

    People with power: He has loved great fights since he watched his master His master always provided great fights and he wished to at least watch one great battle from Braxton.

    Music: Braxton loved his masters music and even learned how to play like him. The songs his master played was soft and mellow and seemed to calm people down when they were angry. He used this many times on Braxton to calm him down.

    Adventuring: Giving him the ability to see and learn new things. But if his job calls for it he will postpone the adventure. On these adventures he likes to go to places where he knows he will see or learn from new people or things. But this of course gets in the way of his job seeing how if something attacks Liones while he is away he may no make it in time. Even though there may be other cardinals around.


    Gambling: Its not that he hate it its that its a sign of weakness to bet everything on the line. He was done this before and it almost costed him his life.

    Politics: Just because he is in a high political place doesn't mean he loves it. He doesn't want to be anywhere near the discussion of a new king.

    Alcohol: He was taught that alcohol ruins the body and he has come to realize this himself when he drank too much. He also doesn't like the taste of beer. It just doesn't taste right to him.

    Religion: He wont hate a person from being religious he just doesn't want to be tied down with preset rules. He isn't the type of person to be tied down like that. Kingdom rules on the other hand he has to follow.

    Bright Colors: It lets people who try to hide be found easier and being a ninja hiding is second nature.


    Survive: His master told him to do this and in order to do this he has to be strong. But seeing how he had his memories taken away the only thing he remembers is basic knowledge, his ninja trainings but with the people blurred out and the word SURVIVE.


    Losing his memories again: He would hate to forget the things he has learned uptil now. The people, the places, The things. He would hate to lose it all again. Also if he does lose them again how much would he lose this time? He had his memories taken away but he still has pieces. But the person in them is blurred. Which makes him fear if he truly forgets this person he will forget his old self. It must of been really bad for him to forget his own memories and leave him in the state he is in. He really doesn't want to see it again.

    Overall Personality:

    Since he was born Braxton had this never say die attitude towards everything. He was also the type of person to say look at the bright side. He was just that type of person. When he got a bit older he learned how hard it was to be a ninja. All the trainings all the allnighters he had to do. He had did his first kill when a serial rapist attempted to rape his mother. He had to decapitate the man. A few stab didn't seem to stop him. Was he on some type of drug? Anyways he also changed a bit. But he still wanted to keep the never say die attitude and look at the bright side of things. Braxton learned that the word was a somewhat harsh place when more intruders started showing up. Soon his father couldn't train him anymore and he got a sensei or master.

    This sensei taught him that the world wasn't  as a bad place he made it out to be. Yeah there is evil but with that evil there will be good. Braxton would learn how to love and how to be himself or be human from this man. He would still get the harsh ninja trainings but he went at it with a better look on it. He would learn patience from this man. He would also learn how to calm down very quickly from him. Braxton began to love this man. He thought of him as his second father. His sensei thought of Braxton as his son. Braxton would grow up little by little to love to world a little more. Even with the intruders even with taking their light.

    The sensei taught him that there may not be a lot of light in killing but there is some. He is protecting people from that person. He was indeed saving lives. This made Braxton to make new ways of killing people. Ways that would suit the killing himself. But he had gude lines and and things he couldn't break. Like taking drugs. He just made it seem like he was on drugs. Enough so that it made the killer believe he was on drugs.

    He would start to use poison on killers. it made it easier for him. They died without pain and Braxton could still train by dodging them. It was a win win. But then the incident where he lost his memories occurred and his personality changed dramatically.  Braxton now reveals himself, speaking in a distinctive, emotionless manner. His expression never changes, being perpetually blank. Despite his emotionless nature, Braxton does care about others, as shown when he protects Protected a fellow knight from an attack by a bandit.

    He is shown to be completely clueless and unaware of others' feelings, not understanding the meaning of friendship. He often states things factually, not understanding how what he says can upset people. He decides to assist Liones,  not because of a desire for justice, but because he felt obligated as it seems his unknown master placed him there. Since Braxton doesn't understand emotions, Braxton would go to full length to understand them for an as of yet unknown reason.

    However, despite his title of Cardinal, Braxton has not yet shown any signs of truly leading knights. He has, however, displayed a cold and rather cruel side when using his ninja techniques on another person, remarking how fragile humans are when confronted with their deepest fears. Despite Braxton's emotionless nature, he appears to enjoy sparing with his fellow knights whenever he has the chance or on a mission.

    Even though he is emotionless he does have hint of emotions when he gets a smirk when he finds a strong opponent. He also feels a bit of satisfactions when he helps Liones in a crisis. There was this one moment in time where he actually put on a smile when he found an opponent where he could go all out on. But soon found out that his powers were buffed by a drug and he was soon killed by Braxton. His emotionless personality comes from not having any memories of emotions. It seems it was taken somehow. He would like to know how this occurred.


    RP Sample:

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    Re: [Braxton, Lowferd – Cardinal Knight]

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